Sixth Generation (3)
29   WILLIAM JOHN FOULGER, (William5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)  baptised 1 September 1840 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk died M/1906 Bungay Suffolk 
married (1) EMMA PORTER daughter of ROBERT and ELIZA PORTER 1 November 1863  Beccles Suffolk
EMMA was born 1841 Bungay Holy Trinity  buried 25 October 1879 Bungay Holy Trinity
married (2) MARY ANN PITCHERS daughter of JAMES PITCHERS 13 November 1881 Independent Chapel Beccles Suffolk
MARY was born 1841 Ringsfield Suffolk died S/1919 Wangford Suffolk
More about EMMA PORTER:
EMMA  her three children and brother ROBERT all baptised 16 May 1869 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk.
Widow of GEORGE WHAYMAN,1822-1874, living in Bungay with her children GEORGE, OWEN and EMILY 1881 census,
Children of WILLIAM  and EMMA  are:
i EMMA FOULGER, born D/1863 Bungay baptised 16 May 1869 Bungay Holy Trinity died after 3 April 1911.
    married WILLIAM HENRY BROWN J/1886 Mutford Suffolk.
    WILLIAM was born 1865 Brixton London died after 3 April 1911
51 ii ARTHUR WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1865 Suffolk died after 1898 London
iii WILLIAM ROBERT FOULGER, born S/1866 baptised 16 May 1869 Bungay died 14 buried 17 March 1870 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk.
iv WILLIAM THOMAS FOULGER, born M/1871 Bungay Holy Trinity died 18 May 1940  Blyth Suffolk buried Kirkley Cemetery Lowestoft Suffolk.
v ALICE ELIZA FOULGER, born M/1873 Bungay Holy Trinity,died D/1956 Lothingland Suffolk
    married CHARLES WILLIAM REDGRAVE son of WILLIAM REDGRAVE and MARY ANN WOOLNER 10 June 1905 Mutford Suffolk
    CHARLES was born M/1879 Lowestoft Suffolk died J/1953 Deben Suffolk
52 vi HERBERT ROBERT FOULGER, born 1875 Suffolk, died after 1919.
vii HARRIET ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 12 December 1876 Bungay Holy Trinity died 10 April 1943 Desborough Northamptonshire
    married GEORGE SAMUEL MUMFORD son of  ALBERT GEORGE MUMFORD and MARY ELIZABETH REED 17 September 1899 Church of St.John Lowestoft Suffolk
    GEORGE was born D/1871 Rotherhithe London died 4 September 1922 Walthamstow Essex
53 viii GEORGE EDWARD FOULGER, born 1879 Suffolk died 1958 Norfolk
Children of WILLIAM  and MARY are:
54 i ROBERT JAMES FOULGER, born 1882 Bungay Suffolk died after 3 April 1911.
55 ii JOSEPH EDGAR FOULGER, born 1884 Suffolk died after 1928
30   JAMES FOULGER, (James5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 2 May 1844  Bloomsbury London, baptised 1 September 1844 Camden London died 16 June 1901 Kensington London.
married (1) DARINA ANN BRYAN daughter of JOHN and DARINA BRYAN  4 July 1863 Bethnal Green London, (JAMES states he is of full age) 
DARINA was born 1844 Weston Middlesex,died 15 November 1902 Union Infirmary Wandsworth London.
    married (2) HARRIET BENNETT (Widow) daughter of THOMAS COOMBER  30 June 1891 Kensington Registry Office London
    FOULGER family shown in the 1881 census of Lambeth London as FULGER
Children of JAMES and DARINA are:
i ALICE MARIA FOULGER, born 3 July baptised 8 July 1864 Lambeth London died 19 February 1937 Islington
    as ALICE FOULGAR married WILLIAM GEORGE HUDSON son of JOHN HUDSON and HARRIETT HARRISON 31 December 1882 St Mark's Church Kensington Lambeth
    WILLIAM was born 1 December 1857 baptised 31 January 1858 Vauxhall London died 1 June 1915 Kennington London
    as ALICE HUDSON married WILLIAM ROBERT POND son of WILLIAM and SARAH ANN POND  M/1904 Rotherhithe (both shown as widows)
    WILLIAM was born  D/1875  Islington died 18 January 1954 Southend on Sea Essex
    WILLIAM married (1) LILIAN HILDA BRIGDEN J/1899 Rotherhithe London
    LILIAN was born M/1877 Camberwell died J/1902 Islington
ii JAMES JOHN FOULGER, born 14 April 1866 Westminster died J/1866 Westminster London.
56 iii EMMA DARINA FOULGER, born 1868 London died 1940 London.
iv WILLIAM JOHN FOULGER, born 31 July baptised 26 August 1870 Tolhill Street Westminster London died 22 April 1886 Lambeth.
v HENRIETTA FOULGER, born 10 March baptised 23 April 1873 Lambeth died 8 November 1951 Dartford Kent
married JACOB WILHELM VISSER son of DIRK GERARDUS VISSER and MARIA ELISABETH GILTJES 26 January 1896 All Saints Church Kensington London.
    wedding witness her father JAMES
JACOB was born M/1875 City of London died 13 November 1959 Greenwich London
    VISSER family shown in the 1901 census of London as WILHELMVISSER
vi KATE CAROLINE FOULGER, born 29 November 1874 Lambeth died M/1875 Lambeth .
57 vii HARRIET ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 1875 London died 1941 London.
58 vii FREDERICK JOSEPH FOULGER, born 1878  London died 1943 London
59 ix ALFRED FOULGER, born 1881 London died 1958.London
  x HENRY FOULGER, baptised 26 March 1884 Lambeth died S/1895 Paddington
60 xi ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1888  London died 1969 London.