Sixth Generation (2)

25   JOSEPH FOULGER, (Joseph5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) baptised 27 December 1826  Bungay Holy Trinity buried 2 January 1858 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk.
    married HARRIET SMITH daughter of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH SMITH 27 September 1853  Bungay St Mary Suffolk.
    HARRIET was baptised 16 May 1828  St. Mary’s Bungay, died M/1891 Suffolk.
HARRIET married (2) WILLIAM NUNN (Widower) son of JAMES NUNN 4 March 1860 Beccles Suffolk.
Child of JOSEPH and HARRIET is:
i EMMA MARIA FOULGER, baptised 27 November 1853 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk died M/1942 Blything Suffolk
    married JOHN SAWYER son of THOMAS and ELIZABETH SAWYER S/1891 Lincoln Lincolnshire
    JOHN was baptised 23 April 1845 Halesworth Suffolk died M/1913 Lincoln
26   HARRIET FOULGER, (Joseph5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) baptised 5 July 1829  Bungay Holy Trinity died D/1880 Loddon Norfolk.
married THOMAS WISKEN son of HENRY WISKEN and ELIZABETH COVELL 28 September 1851 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk.
    THOMAS was born 1828 Bungay Suffolk, died J/1909 Wangford Suffolk
27   ROBERT FOULGER, (Joseph5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) baptised 15 January 1837 Bungay Suffolk died 27 April 1915 Wangford Suffolk buried Bungay Cemetery
married MARTHA KNIGHT daughter of ROBERT KNIGHT 1 January 1864 Denton Norfolk 
MARTHA was born c1840 Denton Norfolk died J/1921 Wangford Suffolk
Children of ROBERT and MARTHA are:
i HARRIET MARIA  FOULGER, born M/1865 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk died 23 February 1961 Bournemouth Dorset
married FREDERICK PARKER PEGG son of  WILLIAM PEGG and SUSAN PARKER 14 February 1888 Bungay Suffolk.
FREDERICK was born J/1864 Starston Norfolk died 13 November 1937 Bournemouth
ii MARTHA FOULGER, born D/1866 London baptised 26 January 1867 St Barnabus Church South Kensington died 6 December 1920 Loddon Norfolk buried Bungay Cemetery
iii ELIZABETH FOULGER, born D/1868 Bungay Holy Trinity died 9 December 1930 Wangford Suffolk buried Bungay Cemetery
iv EMMA FOULGER, born J/1870 Bungay Holy Trinity died 26 June 1911 buried Bungay Cemetery
v ROBERT FOULGER, born 31 May 1872 Bungay buried 1 July 1872 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk.
vi JOSEPH FOULGER, born M/1876 Bungay Holy Trinity died 7 June 1962 Bournemouth Dorset
28   GEORGE FOULGER, (Joseph5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) baptised 14 April 1839 Bungay Holy Trinity died J/1907 Camberwell London
married KATE BALCOMB daughter of JAMES BALCOMB and MARY DEAN D/1861 Lambeth London.
KATE was baptised 12 March 1839 Gillingham Kent died 23 December 1927 Lewisham London
Children of GEORGE  and KATE are:
  I ELIZA MARY FOULGER, born 26 August 1862 Lambeth baptised 13 January 1863 Lambeth London died after 1946
    married ALFRED WILLIAM EYRE son of FREDERICK JAMES EYRE and DINAH ROLES 30 January 1882 Camberwell
    wedding witnesses GEORGE and ANNIE KATE FOULGER
    ALFRED was born M/1859 West Ham died M/1924 West Ham
ii ANNIE KATE FOULGER, born 8 December 1863 Wandsworth baptised 27 November 1864 Lambeth died J/1949 Lewisham
  married THOMAS MORGAN (Widower) son of THOMAS MORGAN 21 December 1901 Registry Office Camberwell London. .
    wedding witnessess HENRY JAMES and ALICE REBECCA FOULGER
THOMAS was born 1845 died after 3 April 1911
49 iii GEORGE FREDERICK FOULGER, born 1866 London died 1944 Buckinghamshire
  iv WILLIAM JOHN FOULGER, baptised 7 August 1867 Lambeth died M/1868 Lambeth
  v EMMA HARRIETT FOULGER, baptised 21 July 1869 St Mark's Kensington London died S/1955 Hackney London
  married WILLIAM JONES son of GEORGE JONES  25 December 1891 Church of St. John Camberwell London
    wedding witness GEORGE FOULGER
    WILLIAM was born 1865 Strand London died after 1920
  vi CLARA DEAN FOULGER, baptised 6 September 1871 Kensington died S/1872 Lambeth
  vii ALICE REBECCA FOULGER, born 24 July 1874 Bungay Suffolk died M/1955 Lewisham London
viii FANNY MATILDA FOULGER, born 15 January 1877 Peckham London died M/1963 Lewisham London.
  Arrived at Ellis Island in America aboard the SS Cedric 27 June 1913 with the family of  a WILLIAM ROBERTSON
50 ix HENRY JAMES FOULGER, born 1879 London died 1947 London
x LYDIA JANE FOULGER, born 12 March baptised 13 May 1881 Camberwell died D/1881 Camberwell London.