Seventh Generation (2)

49   GEORGE FREDERICK FOULGER,(George6,Joseph5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) baptised 28 March 1866 Kensington London died M/1944 Wycombe Buckinghamshire
  married MARGARET WALES daughter of JAMES and HARRIET WALES 31 July 1886 Registry Office Camberwell London
  MARGARET was born M/1862 Walworth London died M/1927 Greenwich London
    Children of GEORGE and MARGARET are:
  i FLORENCE MARY FOULGER, born 2 October 1887 Camberwell London died M/1948 Dartford Kent
  SYDNEY was born 17 August 1886 South Belgravia London died J/1951 Dartford Kent
92 ii HAROLD GEORGE FOULGER, born 1902 London died 1964 Middlesex
50 HENRY JAMES FOULGER, (George6,Joseph5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 23 September 1879 Peckham London baptised 24 January 1880 Camberwell died 12 February 1947 Lewisham London
  married MAY DEWING RUSSELL daughter of WALTER THOMAS RUSSELL and EMMA ELIZABETH DEWING  S/1911 Camberwell London
  MAY was born 12 August 1886 Camberwell died 21 August 1980 Preston Lancashire
  Child of HENRY and MAY is:
93 i ALAN HENRY FOULGER, born 1912 London died 1997 London
51 ARTHUR WILLIAM FOULGER, (William John6,William5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)    
  born M/1865 Bungay Suffolk baptised 16 May 1869 Bungay Holy Trinity died after 17 October 1898 (shown as deceased on his daughters marriage certificate)
  married EDITH ADELAIDE UTTING daughter of SAMUEL UTTING and SUSANNA SMITH 21 September 1889 Kirkley Suffolk
  EDITH was born J/1870 Corton Suffolk died after 3 November 1894
  Children of ARTHUR and EDITH are:
  i WILLIAM FOULGER, born and died M/1890 Mutford Suffolk buried 1 March 1890 Lowestoft Cemetery Suffolk aged 19 days
  ii ADELAIDE EDITH FOULGER, born 4 November 1894 Wandsworth London died D/1961 Portsea Hampshire
  married CHARLES EDWARD BROWN son of HARRY BROWN 19 August 1916 St Michael's Church Portsea Portsmouth
  Residence:1901 and 1911 censuses 23 Edinburgh Road Lowestoft Suffolk with her Aunt EMMA SAUNDERS (nee UTTING) and family.
52 HERBERT ROBERT FOULGER, (William John6,William5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 24 February 1875 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk died between 1919-1921
  married ALICE JOLLY daughter of ALFRED JOLLY and FANNY MATILDA BURROWS 4 February 1903 Ilketshall St Lawrence Suffolk
  ALICE was born 30 October 1881 Ilketshall St Lawrence died D/1958 Lothingland Suffolk
  married (2) ALFRED MAYHEW S/1921 Wangford
  Children of HERBERT and ALICE are:
94 i HERBERT WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1904 Suffolk died 1965 Norfolk
  ii ALICE ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 7 July 1905 Wangford died J/1983 Norwich married WILLIAM J READ D/1927 Wangford
95 iii ARTHUR ROBERT FOULGER, born 1906 Suffolk died 1975 Norfolk
  iv ROSIE AMELIA FOULGER, born D/1908 Wangford died D/1909 Wangford
96 v BERTIE LEONARD FOULGER, born 1911 Suffolk died 1984 Norfolk
  vi JESSIE AMELIA FOULGER, born 6 October 1916 Wangford died J/1980 Bracknell Berkshire married ROBERT D SAFFIN D/1937 Windsor Berkshire
  vii FLORENCE I FOULGER, born D/1918 Wangford
  viii ERNEST R M FOULGER, born 27 May 1920 Wangford (shown as MAYHEW 1939)
53 GEORGE EDWARD FOULGER, (William John6,William5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born J/1879 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk died 22 March 1958 Norwich Norfolk  
  married MARIA KILLINGTON daughter of SAMUEL KILLINGTON and MARIA GOODRUM 28 November 1903 Loddon Norfolk
  MARIA was born J/1881 Buckingham Norfolk died M/1963 Norwich Outer Norfolk
  Children of GEORGE and MARIA are:
97 i ERNEST GORDON FOULGER, born 1907 Norfolk died 1997 Norfolk
98 ii ERIC VICTOR FOULGER, born 1909 Norfolk died 1984 Suffolk
54   ROBERT JAMES FOULGER, (William John6,William5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born S/1882 Bungay Suffolk died after 3 April 1911. 
  married ALICE ELLEN JONES J/1905 Fulham London
  ALICE was born 1873 Fulham London died S/1945 Huntingdonshire
  Children of ROBERT and ALICE are:
  i MARY ANN FOULGER, baptised 4 December 1905 Fulham London died after 3 April 1911
99 ii ROBERT WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1907 London died 1964 London
  iii ALICE HILDA FOULGER, born 25 June 1909 Kensington died M/1936 Huntingdonshire
  EDWARD was born  8 December 1906 Kensington died M/1982 Surrey
55 JOSEPH EDGAR FOULGER, (William John6,William5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 22 January 1884 Bungay Suffolk died before 1958 
  married VICTORIA MAY BUNN daughter of JOHN BUNN 30 May 1925 The Register Office Beccles Suffolk
  VICTORIA was born 27 June 1902 St Lawrence Suffolk died July 1988 Norwich Outer Norfolk
  Children of JOSEPH and VICTORIA are:
  i MARGARET EDNA FOULGER, born 9 October 1925 Wangford Suffolk married LESLIE E BECKETT J/1949 Lothingland Suffolk
100 ii BERNARD JOHN FOULGER, born 1929 Suffolk died 1994 Norfolk
101 iii JOHN EDGAR FOULGER, born 1937 Norfolk,
102 iv MICHAEL ROBERT FOULGER, born 1942 Norfolk
  v MARIE JOSEPHINE FOULGER, born 1942 Wainford Norfolk married DEREK SMITH M/1971 Lothingland Suffolk
56 EMMA DARINA FOULGER, (James6, James5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 12 July 1868 Tolhill Street Westminster baptised 8 July 1870 died D/1940 Islington London
  married WILLIAM PENNYFATHER PARKINS son of THOMAS PARKINS 5 March 1887 All Saints Church Lambeth London.
  wedding witnesses her sister ALICE and her husband WILLIAM
  WILLIAM was born M/1859 Welwyn Hertfordshire died after 3 April 1911.(Emma shown as a widow 1939)
57 HARRIET ELIZABETH FOULGER, (James6, James5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 6 December 1875 Lambeth London died J/1941 Wandsworth London
  married JAMES CHARLES DAVIS (Widower) son of JOHN DAVIS and AMELIA JANE LAKE 24 May 1896 St Andrews Church Battersea London
  wedding witness her sister ALICE
  JAMES was born 1868 St. John's Battersea London died D/1938 Wandsworth.
58 FREDERICK JOSEPH FOULGER, (James6, James5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) 
  born 12 June 1878  Lambeth London died 27 December 1943 Battersea London buried Streatham Cemetery London
  married (1) AMELIA JANE DAVIS daughter of JOHN DAVIS and AMELIA JANE LAKE 5 August 1900 St Paul's Clapham London.
  AMELIA was born 1878 Camberwell London died 16 March 1919 Wandsworth
  married (2) LOUISA AGNES JOHNSON (Widow) daughter of WILLIAM JEFFRIES 25 August 1924 Wandsworth Register Office
  LOUISA was born 16 February 1889 Faringdon Oxfordshire died M/1973 Wandsworth
  Children of FREDERICK  and AMELIA are:
  i DORENA AMELIA FOULGER, born and died 1903 Lambeth
  ii AMELIA JANE FOULGER, born M/1905 Lambeth died M/1906 Lambeth London
  iii FREDERICK JOSEPH FOULGER, born 11 May 1907 Lambeth London died 18 February 1984 Wandsworth
  married MAY TREVELYAN ROSE  daughter of THOMAS ROSE D/1930 Wandsworth
  MAY was born 14 May 1908 died March 1996 Wandsworth
103 iv ARTHUR ERNEST FOULGER, born 1909 London died 1970 London
  v JAMES CHARLES FOULGER S/1910 Lambeth died S/1911 Lambeth
  vi HARRIETT EMMA FOULGER, born 7 February 1912 Lambeth London died 19 December 1991 Surrey.
  married WILLIAM GEORGE PARRY J/1936 Battersea London
  Children of FREDERICK and LOUISA are:
  i VIOLET FOULGER, born 13 July 1922 Wandsworth died November 2002 Denbign North Wales,
  married THOMAS FRANK TAYLOR S/1942 Wandsworth
  ii HENRIETTA FOULGER, born 1 December 1924 Wandsworth died 20 January 2009 London, married JOHN FRANCIS RICE S/1947 Wandsworth
  iii MAISIE FOULGER, born 29 December 1927 Wandsworth died 10 July 1991 London,
  married PATRICK HUGHES S/1948 Battersea London
104 iv WILLIAM HENRY FOULGER, born 1932 London died 2003 Essex
59 ALFRED FOULGER, (James6, James5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 22 January baptised 13 February 1881 Lambeth London died D/1958 Battersea London
  married (1) HARRIET EMMA DAVIS daughter of JOHN DAVIS and AMELIA JANE LAKE 4 September 1898 St Paul's Clapham London
  HARRIET was born M/1880 Camberwell London died S/1921 Marylebone London
  married (2) MAUD ELIZA BEMI daughter of EDWARD LAWRENCE BEMI and ELLEN MARIA LAVER 11 October 1930 Wandsworth Register Office
  MAUD was born 27 December 1888 Lambeth London died M/1959 Wandsworth
  Children of ALFRED  and HARRIET  are:
  i ALFRED JAMES FOULGER, baptised 13 December 1899 Wandsworth buried 24 July 1900 Morden
  ii HENRIETTA  FOULGER, baptised as HETTY 12 June 1901 Wandsworth married ALFRED HAYES S/1925 Wandsworth
  iii HARRIET AMELIA FOULGER, born 30 August baptised 5 October 1902 Chelsea died M/1925 Wandsworth
  iv ALFRED JAMES FOULGER, born 7 November 1904 baptised 19 April 1905 Wandsworth died M/1906 Wandsworth
  v LILIAN VICTORIA FOULGER, baptised 2 September 1906 Wandsworth married FREDERICK G CATLING D/1927 Wandsworth
105 vi ROBERT ALFRED FOULGER, born 1908 London died 1977 London
  vii IVY SOPHIA FOULGER, born  S/1910 Wandsworth died M/1927 St Georges Hanover Square
106 viii HENRY ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1912 London died 1978 Yorkshire.
  ix CONSTANCE N FOULGER, born D/1913 Wandsworth died S/1930 St George's Hanover Square London
  x IRENE VIOLET FOULGER, born 4 August 1916 Wandsworth died 24 September 1940 Earlsfield London.
  married SIDNEY JOHN PAVIS son of THOMAS HENRY PAVIS and EVA RIMMER 22 July 1933 Wandsworth
  SIDNEY was born 12 August 1910 Wandsworth died M/1979 Maidstone Kent
  Child of ALFRED and MAUD is:
  i FREDA CONSTANCE FOULGER, born D/1931 Wandsworth married WILLIAM CHARLES MacKENZIE D/1949 Wandsworth
  WILLIAM was born 24 January 1926 Wandsworth died M/1978 Luton