Sixth Generation (4)
31   ALFRED FOULGER, (James5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 6 November 1848 Holborn London,baptised 11 February 1849 Queen Square Camden
    died 17 February 1924 St George Hanover Square London buried 27 February Hanwell Cemetery Middlesex
married ELIZABETH WILSON daughter of SAMUEL WILSON and SARAH ANN SMITH 19 December 1870 St George Hanover Square
    ELIZABETH was born 6 August 1850 Doncaster Yorkshire died October 1920 St George Hanover Square buried 21 October Hanwell Cemetery Middlesex
    ALFRED and ELIZABETH shown as FOULGAR 1871 census
Children of ALFRED  and ELIZABETH  are:
i CAROLINE RHODA FOULGER, born 29 November baptised 25 December 1877 St Matthew's Church Leeds Yorkshire died 7 March 1953 Wood Green Middlesex
    married CHARLIE GUY son of FRANK GUY and ELLEN PAY 27 September 1905 St George Hanover Square Middlesex.
    CHARLIE was baptised 26 December 1873 Harting Sussex died after 1911 and before 5 September 1939
ii ALFRED JAMES FOULGER, born 3 January baptised 21 March 1879 Woodhouse Leeds buried 26 March 1879 Leeds
61 iii ALBERT SAMUEL FOULGER, born 1881 London,died 1954 Essex
  iv ADA MARY FOULGER, born 30 May baptised 20 July 1883 Holy Trinity Chelsea with her brother ALBERT SAMUEL buried 9 November 1885 Hanwell Cemetery Middlesex
  v JAMES HENRY FOULGER, born M/1885 Kingston baptised 23 October 1885 Wandsworth died D/1885 Wandsworth
32   FREDERICK WILLIAM FOULGER, (James5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 18 August 1850  Holborn London, baptised 16 February 1851 Camden died 5 February 1935 West Ashford Kent
married EMMA HAYLINGS daughter of WILLIAM HAYLINGS and DIANA ISLES 16 February 1889.Christchurch Folkestone Kent  
    Wedding witness EMMA's sister ESTHER HAYLINGS
EMMA was born M/1855 Cradley Herefordshire died 2 November buried 6 November 1901 West Ashford.
Children of FREDERICK and EMMA  are:
i FRANCES ANNIE FOULGER, born 12 October 1890 Folkestone Kent died 12 January 1976 Ashford Kent
ii FREDERICK JAMES FOULGER, born 24 August baptised 16 October 1892 West Ashford died M/1975 Worthing Sussex
iii ALFRED FOULGER, born 30 April  baptised 23 May 1894 West Ashford died S/1937 Chelsea London
iv GEORGE FOULGER, baptised 15 September 1897 Ashford St Mary buried 3 November 1898 West Ashford
33   MARIA FOULGER, (Robert5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born July 1840 Bedingham baptised  6 September 1840 St Andrew's Church Bedingham died S/1900 Norwich Norfolk 
married JAMES FEEK son of JOHN FEEK and MARY FEEK S/1863 Depwade Norfolk. 
JAMES was born 1835 Tharston Norfolk died D/1917 Loddon Norfolk.
  Child of MARIA FOULGER is:
  i MARY ANN FOULGER, born J/1863 Tharston died D/1912 Caister Norfolk shown as MARY A FOULGER FEEK 1881 census
  married CHARLES KING 11 September 1890 St Margaret's Church Topcroft Norfolk
  CHARLES was born 1857 Woodton Norfolk died after 3 April 1911
  Child of MARY ANN is:
  i ALBERT BENJAMIN FOULGER, born M/1881 Topcroft Norfolk died 9 August 1918 buried Morlancourt British Cemetery Number 2 France
  shown as ALBERT B FOULGER FEEK 1881 census and as ALBERT KING 1901 census
  Enlisted 27 March 1916 as ALBERT BENJAMIN FOULGER from Caister on sea, Next of Kin shown as OSCAR WILLIAM FEEK (Uncle)
34   ROBERT FOULGER, (Robert5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    baptised 24 April 1842 St Andrew's Church Bedingham died at Woodton buried 28 March 1877 St Andrew's Church Bedingham
married CAROLINE FLEGG daughter of ALFRED FLEGG and DINAH ANGER J/1866  Loddon Norfolk,    
CAROLINE was born J/1846  Woodton buried 14 May 1876 All Saints Church Woodton Norfolk
Children of ROBERT and CAROLINE are:
i AGNES CLARA FOULGER, born J/1866 Bedingham buried 20 April 1881 St Andrew's Church Bedingham
Residence:1881 census, staying with CHARLES and MARY ANN KERRY (Grandmother) Bedingham Norfolk
ii HANNAH FOULGER, born 10 October baptised 10 November 1867 St Andrew's Church Bedingham died S/1885 Norwich Norfolk
Residence 1881 census Chapel Field Orphans Home for Girls Norwich St Peter Mancroft Norfolk
iii ROBERT ALFRED FOULGER, baptised 26 September 1869 St Andrew's Church Bedingham died 5 January 1957 Townsville Herbert Queensland
Residence: 9 April 1877- 6 November 1882  in Loddon and Clavering workhouse.
    Herbert Electoral records between 1912-1930 show ROBERT shares a house with a ANNIE no marriage record or death record for ANNIE found
    Sailed from London to Bowen Queensland Australia on SS JUMMA 27 March arrived 2 May 1890 (Free passage given to Farm Labourers)
iv WILLIAM FOULGER, born M/1871 baptised 7 May 1871 St Andrew's Church Bedingham died after 3 April 1891.
    Residence 9 April 1877- 8 April Loddon and Clavering workhouse
v ELLEN FOULGER, baptised 3 May 1874 All Saints Church Woodton died D/1875 Woodton Norfolk
vi FREDERICK JAMES FOULGER, born 11 April baptised 14 April 1876 Woodton buried 27 April 1876 All Saints Church Woodton
35 HORACE WILLIAM FOULGER, (William5, Joseph4,Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)  
    born 10 September 1865 Great Yarmouth Norfolk died 18 May 1941 Aberdeen buried Springbank Cemetery Aberdeen Scotland
  married MARY ANN SNELL daughter of JOHN HENRY SNELL and MARY ANN REVELL 23 October 1889 Brunswich Chapel Yarmouth Norfolk
  MARY was born 1866 Great Yarmouth died 9 July 1958 Aberdeen buried Springbank Cemetery Aberdeen
  Children of HORACE and MARY are:
  i GRACE MARION FOULGER, born 19 0ctober 1890 Great Yarmouth died 3 January 1969 Aberdeen buried Springbank Cemetery Aberdeen
62 ii HORACE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1892 Norfolk died 1968 Scotland
36   JOHN FREDERICK FOULGER, (John5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born D/1866 Great Yarmouth died M/1891 Yarmouth Norfolk.   
married AMELIA SUSANNAH MONSON daughter of NELSON PETER MONSON and ELIZABETH AMELIA CHALSFORD 20 May 1888 St.Nicholas Church Great Yarmouth .
AMELIA was born J/1868 Yarmouth died D/1890 Yarmouth.
Child of JOHN and AMELIA is:
i FREDERICK NELSON FOULGER, born 14 March 1889 Fulham London baptised 17 April 1891 St.Nicholas Church Great Yarmouth died J/1894 Yarmouth
37   JOHN ROUSE, born 16 March 1847 Heckingham Lane Workhouse Heckingham Norfolk died 12 October 1935 Long Stratton Norfolk 
married EMMA FOLGATE daughter of ARTHUR FARROW 10 October 1871 St Margaret's Church Topcroft Norfolk                    
    EMMA was born 1852 Topcroft Norfolk died D/1935 Depwade Norfolk
More about JOHN ROUSE: Shown in the 1851 census as wife’s son, 1871-1911 censuses shown as JOHN FOULGER
    as JOHN FOULGER is mentioned in "The Long Stratton Poem"
Child of JOHN and EMMA is:
i OLIVE MILDRED ROUSE FOULGER, born 24 July 1892 Stratton St Mary, died 8 November 1971 Harleston Norfolk
  MONTAGUE was born D/1881 Islington London died 9 August 1965 Norwich Norfolk
38   WILLIAM GEORGE FOULGER, (George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 18 April  baptised 19 May 1850  All Saints Church Woodton died 11 December 1931 Long Stratton Norfolk
married ELIZABETH DARBY daughter of JAMES DARBY and ANN BITTON  29 October 1872 in Swanton Morley Norfolk.
ELIZABETH was born 21 April 1848 Great Melton Norfolk, died 8 January 1923 Long Stratton buried St Mary Churchyard Long Stratton
Children of WILLIAM  and ELIZABETH  are:
  i EDITH ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 14 April 1874 East Dereham Norfolk died 4 August 1925 Ipswich Suffolk
ii ANNA ELIZA FOULGER, born 14 April 1874 East Dereham died 1 March 1960 Ditchingham Norfolk
married FRED CHENEY son of FREDERICK CHENEY and ELIZABETH FOREMAN 17 October 1900 Stratton St Mary Norfolk
FRED was born 8 August 1873 Carleton Rode Norfolk died 20 September 1941 Earsham Norfolk
63 iii GEORGE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1875 Norfolk died 1954 Norfolk
iv MABEL ALICE FOULGER, born 8 December 1877 Stratton St Michael Norfolk died 3 April 1960 Norwich Norfolk
    married EDGAR WILLIAM PAGE son of JOHN PAGE and ELIZABETH SCARCE 18 February 1903 Stratton St. Mary
    EDGAR was born 20 February 1871 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, died 24 September 1936 Long Stratton Norfolk
    MABEL and EDGAR are buried at Stratton St Mary Norfolk.
64 v HUBERT JAMES FOULGER, born 1880  Norfolk died 1947 Norfolk.
vi CLEMENT EDWARD FOULGER, born 19 October 1881 Stratton St Michael died 6 July buried 11 July 1891 Stratton St Mary Norfolk. 
65 vii CLARE FOULGER, born 1884 Norfolk died 1917 Hampshire.
viii MAUD DARBY FOULGER, born 8 April 1889 Stratton St Mary died 1 July 1959 Norwich Norfolk
ix FAITH MARIE FOULGER, born 31 July 1890 Stratton Norfolk died 7 October 1948 Norwich Norfolk.
married FREDERICK HENRY BOWDEN son of HENRY PALMER BOWDEN and ISABELLA JANE BURGESS HOWES 19 December 1919 Stratton St Mary Norfolk.
FREDERICK was born 20 July 1888 Wymondham Norfolk died 24 March 1973 Norwich Norfolk.
  Child of FREDERICK and FAITH is:
  i DOROTHEA MAUD BOWDEN, born 25 March 1925 Norfolk died 4 March 2008 Cornwall
  married HUBERT EDWARD RODDY son of EDWARD A RODDY and CAROLINE DRIVER 12 August 1950 Stratton St Mary Norfolk
  HUBERT was born 29 October 1922 Keighley Yorkshire died 27 September 1998 Wymondham Norfolk
39   AGNES EMMA FOULGER, (George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)  .
    born 19 June baptised 26 September 1852  All Saints Church Woodton Norfolk died 25 January 1919 Loddon Norfolk
married JOHN MIDDLETON BUTTON son of JOHN BUTTON and FRANCES FORSDICK 17 June 1874 Loddon Norfolk. 
  JOHN was born S/1847 Topcroft Norfolk died D/1901 Norwich.
    JOHN and AGNES both buried All Saints Church Woodton
40   HORACE FOULGER, (George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 28 October, baptised 7 December 1856  All Saints Church Woodton Norfolk died 8 July 1950 Norwich Norfolk. 
married ALICE MONTGOMERY daughter of JAMES and ALICE MONTGOMERY S/1877 Mile End Stepney Middlesex.  
    ALICE was born 30 May 1850 Bethnal Green London died 1 December 1917 Mitford Norfolk    
Children of HORACE and ALICE are:
i GRACE MONTGOMERY FOULGER, born 28 August 1878 Topcroft Norfolk died S/1963 Suffolk
    married ALFRED HALL PENN son of ISAAC PENN and SARAH ANN HALLS 15 September 1909 Erpingham Norfolk
    ALFRED was born J/1881 Hackney died D/1923 Loddon Norfolk
66 ii GEORGE McDONALD FOULGER, born 1880 Norfolk died 1963 USA
67 iii MAGGIE FOULGER, born 1882 Norfolk died after 1 October 1927.
68 iv MARTIN FOULGER, born 1884 Suffolk died 1971 Norfolk
v VICTOR FOULGER, born S/1886 Carlton Suffolk died 9 September 1910 Lincoln Lincolnshire
69 vi JOSEPH RUSSELL FOULGER, born 1891 Norfolk died 1967 Essex