Seventh Generation (3)
60   ARTHUR FOULGER, (James6, James5, William4, Joseph3, William2,Joseph1) born 6 August baptised 5 September 1888 Lambeth London died 23 January 1969 Battersea London. 
  married ELIZABETH JENKINS daughter of EDWARD JENKINS and ELIZABETH ANN SADDINGTON.6 May 1911 Islington London, 
  ELIZABETH was born 9 October 1889 Highgate London died 18 October 1981 Wandsworth London.
  Children of ARTHUR  and ELIZABETH  are:
i ARTHUR JAMES FOULGER, born D/1911 Islington buried 18 March 1918 Islington Cemetery London.
107 ii WILLIAM HENRY ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1913 London died 1976 Australia
  iii ELIZABETH FRANCES FOULGER, born 20 April 1916 Tottenham London died 11 January 2006 Ruislip Middlesex
  married LESLIE GEORGE ADLARD son of ROBERT SAMUEL ADLARD and ROSE CRAMB 25 September 1943 St Ann's Church Wandsworth London.   
  LESLIE was born 6 March 1913 Hendon London died 31 December 1996 Ruislip
    ELIZABETH and LESLIE are buried in Northwood Cemetery Hillingdon Middlesex.
iv STANLEY EDWARD FOULGER, born 23 December 1919 Islington London died 1 May 1942 Malaya, buried Taiping War Cemetery Malaya.
  v VIOLET KATHLEEN FOULGER, born 15 March 1922  Putney London died 23 December 1995 Wandsworth
  married WILLIAM ERNEST KITE son of WILLIAM ROBERT KITE and MARY WALKER M/1948 Wandsworth Registry Office     
  WILLIAM was born 11 August 1903 Wandsworth died D/1982 Wandsworth
vi NORMAN E A FOULGER, born S/1924 Wandsworth died M/1928 Wandsworth
vii DENNIS W FOULGER, born 22 July 1926 Wandsworth died 9 September 2009 West Yorkshire
  married LUCY AUDREY PARNELL daughter of ABEL E PARNELL and MAUDE H ROZIER 24 September 1949 St Ann's Church Wandsworth
    LUCY was born 8 October 1925 Wandsworth died 7 May 2003 Kettering Northamptonshire
  viii JOYCE MARGARET FOULGER, born 1 October 1928 Wandsworth died August 2008 Hampshire
  married PETER THOMAS GEORGE SOMERVILLE son of GEORGE SOMERVILLE and EDITH ELSIE BROWN 17 July 1949 St Ann's Church Wandsworth   
  PETER was born 23 June 1927 Islington London.died 26 September 2017 Hampshire
61   ALBERT SAMUEL FOULGER, (Alfred6,James5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 9 June 1881 St George Hanover Square London, baptised 20 July 1883 Holy Trinity Church Chelsea with his sister ADA MARY died 19 November 1954 Ilford Essex
    married MARGARET HELEN SMITH daughter of WILLIAM SMITH and MARGARET HELEN EASTWOOD 2 July 1914 St Pancras Registry Office London
    MARGARET was born 24 June 1888 London died M/1981 Waltham London
    Children of ALBERT and MARGARET are:
  i MARGARET HELEN FOULGER, born 17 December 1914 Marylebone died December 1999 Waltham Forrest
    married LEONARD GRAHAM FARROW son of ADA ALICE FARROW J/1939 Epping Essex
    LEONARD was born 24 May 1901 Marylebone died 19 March 1958 Chelsea
  ii FLORENCE K FOULGER, born D/1915 West Ham buried 11 May 1934 West Ham Cemetey Newham
  iii CAROLINE MARY FOULGER, born 21 December 1917 baptised 31 March 1918 St George Hanover Square London died J/1927 Chelsea London
  iv GEORGE FREDERICK FOULGER, born 14 November 1919 baptised 11 April 1920 St George Hanover Square died 5 July 1941 (R.A.F.)
108 v JOHN EDWARD FOULGER, born 1921 London died 1986 London
  vi ROSE VIOLET FOULGER, born 2 August baptised 21 October 1923 St George Hanover Square died May 2006 Newport Wales
    married JAMES JOSEPH GROARKE S/1952 Islington London
109 vii WILLIAM DAVID FOULGER, born 1925 London died 1997 London
62   HORACE WILLIAM FOULGER, (Horace William 6,William 5,Joseph4,Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
  born 18 October 1892 Great Yarmouth died 8 October 1968 Glasgow Lanark Scotland
married ALEXANDRINA GLEN daughter of JOHN GLEN and MARY ANN DALLAS 4 November 1920 Cathcart Glasgow Scotland
  ALEXANDRINA was born 30 March 1900 Inverness Scotland died 16 June 1990 Greenock Inverclyde Scotland
Children of HORACE and ALEXANDRINA are.
 i SHEILA GLEN FOULGER, born 31 January 1923 Cathcart Glasgow Lanark died 1 November 1988 Largs Ayr Scotland
  married JOSEPH DUFFIELD son of JOSEPH DUFFIELD and MARY FINNIE 11 June 1945 Eaglesham Ayr
  JOSEPH was born 28 March 1913 Kilbirnie Ayr Scotland died 13 September 1984 Greenock Renfrew Scotland
110 ii HORACE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1924 Scotland died 1990 Scotland
63   GEORGE WILLIAM FOULGER, (William George6,George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
  born 13 November 1875 Stratton St Michael Norfolk died 2 February 1954 Shotesham Norfolk
  married HELEN MARION LITTLE daughter of  ERNEST AUGUSTUS LITTLE and MARY ANN A NICHOLS 3 December 1904 Brundall Norfolk
  HELEN was born D/1881 Kingston Surrey died 23 May 1928 Shotesham Norfolk buried Stratton St Mary Norfolk
  Children of GEORGE and HELEN are:
111 i EDWARD CECIL FOULGER, born 1906 Norfolk died 1990 Norfolk
112 ii CLIFFORD GEORGE FOULGER, born 1909 Norfolk died 1973 Essex
113 iii WILLIAM PATRICK FOULGER, born 1911 Norfolk died 1967 Kent
114 iv DOUGLAS FOULGER, born 1914 Norfolk died 1981 Norfolk
  v CLARE JOSEPH FOULGER, born 10 September 1919 Henstead Norfolk died 2 October 1993 Norwich Norfolk
  married DOROTHY GRACE BALDING daughter of  SYDNEY BALDING and MAGGIE FOULGER 28 August 1948 East Dereham Norfolk
  DOROTHY was born 10 January 1925 Mitford died 10 February 1993 Norwich
64   HUBERT JAMES FOULGER, (William George6,George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 7 February 1880 Stratton St Michael died 25 April 1947 Norwich Norfolk, buried at St Mary Magdalene Pulham Market Norfolk
  EDITH was born 4 July 1886 Morning Thorpe Norfolk died 14 September 1971 Depwade
  Child of HUBERT and EDITH is:
 i ELSIE MAUD FOULGER, born 23 August 1911 Depwade died 28 October 1999
  married DANIEL A BROWN 4 September 1937 St Mary Magdalene Pulham Market Norfolk
  DANIEL was born 8 April 1910 died 9 February 1989 Norwich Norfolk
65   CLARE FOULGER, (William George6,George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 22 April 1884 Stratton Norfolk died 4 January 1917 Aldershot Hampshire
  married CHARLOTTE HARRIET TUBBY daughter of JAMES and MIRIAM TUBBY 3 November 1910 Depwade Norfolk
  CHARLOTTE was born 2 January 1883 Pulham St. Mary Norfolk died J/1975 Waveney Norfolk
  Child of CLARE and CHARLOTTE is
 i FREDA MARY FOULGER, born 26 August 1913 Wangford Suffolk died March 1990 Norwich
  married WILLIAM JOHN ELEY 18 April 1938 St Johns Church Redenhall Norfolk (divorced)
66   GEORGE McDONALD FOULGER, (Horace6,George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 26 April 1880 Topcroft died 28 December 1963 Astoria Clatsop Oregon
    emigrated to USA from Canada 1911 married LILIAN INMAN daughter of WILLIAM HENRY INMAN and MARGARET ANN PRICE c1912
    LILIAN was born 6 February 1879 Chorlton Lancashire England died August 1977 Astoria Clatsop Oregon
    Children of GEORGE and LILIAN are:
  i ROSE FOULGER, born 28 January 1912  San Francisco California died 9 February 1993 Clatsop Oregan (shown as ROSA 1920 census)
  ii LILLIE FOULGER, born 21 July 1917 Fords Prairie Lewis Washington last record found in the 1940 census (shown as LILLIAN)
  iii ALICE MAY FOULGER, born 17 July 1919 Fords Prairie Lewis Washington last record found in the 1930 census
67   MAGGIE FOULGER,(Horace6,George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)  born J/1882 Topcroft died after 1 October 1927.
    married SYDNEY BALDING son of WILLIAM JOHN BALDING and MARY LOUISA WALKER 14 December 1921 Langford Norfolk
    SYDNEY was born 22 July baptised 20 October 1895 Wendling Norfolk died D/1978 Norwich (spelling of Sydney varies in different documents as does his surname and when/where born)
    Children of  MAGGIE and SIDNEY are:
  i ALICE MARY BALDING, born 1923 Mitford married ARTHUR C RUDD J/1951 East Dereham Norfolk
  ii DOROTHY GRACE BALDING born 1925 Mitford died 1993 Norfolk
68   MARTIN FOULGER, (Horace6,George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 26 April 1884 Carlton Suffolk died M/1971 Wayland Norfolk buried Banham Norfolk
  married ETHEL LILIAN HARDY daughter of PEREGRINE HARDY and SARAH DURLING 1 October 1907 All Saints Church Snetterton Norfolk
ETHEL was born 14 October 1884 Chatham Kent died 3 April 1973 Wayland
  Children of MARTIN and ETHEL are:
114a  i HARRY FOULGER, born 1909 Norfolk died 1967 Norfolk
ii MARGARET ALICE FOULGER, born February 1911 Banham Norfolk married SIDNEY J HARRISON S/1933 Wayland
115 iii WILFRED HORACE FOULGER, born 1913 Norfolk died 1990 Norfolk
iv SYBIL E FOULGER, born D/1915 Banham married ALEX G CLARKE D/1940 Banham Norfolk
v DOROTHY KATHLEEN FOULGER, born 2 August 1919 Banham died October 1997 Wayland
  married RONALD ARTHUR JEFFREY J/1948 Wayland
vi JOYCE E FOULGER, born J/1923 Banham
vii GEORGE M FOULGER, born 29 July 1925 Banham
116 viii MARTIN WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1925 Norfolk died 2005 Norfolk
ix BARBARA MAUD FOULGER, born 5 July 1928 Banham died May 2004 Norwich Norfolk
  married BERNARD De F B. PRATT D/1948 Wayland Norfolk
69   JOSEPH RUSSELL FOULGER, (Horace6,George5, Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 11 May 1891 Alburgh Norfolk died M/1967 Southend Essex
  married MONA PHINETTIE RUSCOE 28 December 1921 Docking Norfolk
  MONA was born 4 March 1898 Freebridge Lynn Norfolk died S/1971 Southend Essex
  Children of JOSEPH and MONA are:
i MARGARET RUSCOE FOULGER, born 14 April 1927 Depwade Norfolk died September 2002 Norwich Norfolk
ii MONA R FOULGER, born J/1931 Swaffham Norfolk married JOSEPH J R PENFOLD S/1963 Wayland Norfolk