Seventh Generation  (1)

41   ROBERT ALFRED FOULGER ,(Robert6,William5,Robert4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) baptised 25 May 1861 Earsham Norfolk died 14 November 1914 Durham
  married MARY CATLING daughter of JAMES CATLING and MARTHA BATLEY 2 January 1888 All Saints Church Earsham
  wedding witnesses GEORGE FOULGER and MARIA CATLING
  MARY was born M/1861 Stradbroke Suffolk died M/1944 Durham Central
  Children of ROBERT and MARY are:
  i MARY JANE FOULGER, born 8 April 1888 Hatfield Suffolk died S/1972 Lanchester Durham
  married ISAAC JAMES GRAY son of JAMES and ELIZABETH GRAY M/1908 Lanchester
  ISAAC was born 1877 Weardale Durham died S/1939 Durham
70 ii GEORGE ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1890 Durham died 1966 Durham
  iii LILY MAUD FOULGER, born D/1892 Esh Winning Durham. died J/1933 Lanchester
  THOMAS was born D/1893 Cornsay Durham died J/1961 Durham
  iv STANLEY ROBERT FOULGER, born S/1894 Stockton died S/1895 Stockton
  v ARCHIBALD NELSON FOULGER, born D/1895 Esh Winning died J/1907 Durham
71 vi ROBERT HEDWORTH REGINALD FOULGER, born 1900 Durham died 1976 Yorkshire
42 WILLIAM ARTHUR FOULGER, (Robert6,William5,Robert4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) baptised 17 November 1863 Earsham Norfolk died 26 February 1949 Norwich Norfolk
  married RACHEL ANN LAWRENCE daughter of STEPHEN EDWARD LAWRENCE and LYDIA HIRSANT 1 September 1896 Oulton Suffolk
  RACHEL was born 29 July 1872 Carlton Colville Suffolk died M/1953 Norwich
  Children of WILLIAM and RACHEL are:
72 i FREDERICK FRANCIS FOULGER, born 1898 Norfolk died 1962 Suffolk
73 ii WILLIAM ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1900 Norfolk died 1959 Norfolk
74 iii GEORGE ERNEST FOULGER, born 1902 Norwich (died 1957 Ireland)
75 iv REGINALD FRANK FOULGER, born 1907 Norwich died 1970 Norwich
43 CHARLES NICHOLAS FOULGER, (Robert6,William5,Robert4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 1 January baptised 11 February 1866 Earsham Norfolk died D/1950 Durham S E
  married EMMA JANE BETTS  daughter of WILLIAM BETTS and MARY ANN URSULA LYNES 15 August 1893 Stockton Durham,
  wedding witness his brother GEORGE
  EMMA was born 27 September 1873 Stockton died M/1961 Cleveland Yorkshire
    Children of CHARLES and EMMA are:
76 i CHARLES WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1894 Durham died 1967 Durham
76a ii ERNEST FOULGER, born 1896 Stockton died 1959 Nottingham
  iii ETHEL FOULGER, born M/1898 Stockton died S/1898 Stockton
  iv OLIVE FOULGER, born 16 August 1899 Stockton died M/1989 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
  v MABEL FOULGER, born 2 May 1902 Stockton died S/1981 Cleveland married DAVID RAILTON S/1924 Stockton
77 vi JAMES FREDERICK FOULGER, born 1904 Durham died 1955 Middlesbrough
  vii CLARA FOULGER, born 19 March 1907 Stockton married ALBERT THOMAS D/1939 Durham S E
  viii PHYLLIS FOULGER, born 1 January 1910 Stockton died December 1999 Stockton
  HAROLD was born 24 August 1907 Stockton died S/1976 Durham 
  ix STANLEY FOULGER, born 6 August 1913 Stockton died 8 January 1970 Nottingham
  married HILDA CHARLOTTE PARKER daughter of WILLIAM PARKER and ADA ANN SWAIN J/1943 Nottingham
  HILDA was born 6 October 1915 Nottingham died August 1977 Basford Nottinghamshire
    Child of STANLEY and HILDA is:
  i JILLIAN CATHERINE FOULGER, born 1945 Nottingham married ARTHUR J SMITH 1965 Nottingham
44 GEORGE HENRY FOULGER, (Robert6,William5,Robert4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 27 November 1867 baptised 13 April 1868 Earsham Norfolk died 12 August 1944 buried St Andrew's Churchyard Aycliffe County Durham
    As GEORGE FOLGER married ADA CAROLINE LAWRIE daughter of JOSEPH LAWRIE and ELIZABETH NICHOLSON 19 May 1894 Stockton Durham
    ADA was born 5 December 1874 Stockton died 9 January 1960 buried St Andrew's Churchyard Aycliffe County Durham
    Children of GEORGE and ADA are:
  i GEORGE ERNEST FOULGER, born 20 March 1895 Stockton Durham died 13 June 1917 buried Mendinghem Military Cemetery Belgium
78 ii JOSEPH FOULGER, born 1896  Durham died 1964 Durham
79 iii JOHN FOULGER, born 1898 Durham died 1959 Barton
  iv ELSIE FOULGER, born 20 January 1901 Stockton Durham died 16 September 1987 Darlington Durham
married THOMAS MATSON S/1928 Stockton
80 v ROBERT FOULGER, born 1903 Durham died 1974 Durham
81 vi NORMAN FOULGER, born 1914  Durham died 1977 Darlington
45 JOSEPH JAMES FOULGER,(Robert6,William5,Robert4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 4 July 1869 baptised 1 October 1871 Earsham died D/1942 Aylesbury Buckinghamshire
    married ANN SMITH daughter of JOHN and ELIZABETH SMITH S/1899 Wheatley Hill Durham
    ANN was born 1873 Wheatley Hill Durham died J/1920 Lanchester
    Children of JOSEPH and ANN are:
82 i JOSEPH JAMES FOULGER, born 1900 Durham died 1962 Durham
83 ii GRANVILLE FOULGER, born 1903 Durham died 1959 Durham
84 iii NORMAN FOULGER, born 1905  Durham died 1973 Nottinghamshire
85 iv ERNEST FOULGER, born 1907 Durham died 1993 Middlesex
  v ELIZABETH FOULGER, born J/1910 Durham died S/1911 Durham
86 vi GEORGE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1911 Durham died 2002 Yorkshire
  vii MAUD FOULGER, born 22 February 1914 Lanchester Durham died October 1999 Hillingdon married ERNEST HENRY BOUGH J/1942 Islington London
  viii WILFRED FOULGER, born 29 March 1916 Lanchester died M/1970 Paddington London
86a   1911 census shows a son ROBERT born 1894 Felling Durham, no birth record found.Enlisted into the Army 1914,says he was born 5 January 1894 and his father is JOSEPH JAMES FOULGER.
    discharged from the Army 31 March 1920 died D/1943 Edmonton
46   ERNEST JOHN FOULGER,(Robert6,William5,Robert4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 18 August baptised 1 October 1871 Earsham Norfolk died 23 August 1957 Hanwell Middlesex
    married KATE JEANES daughter of THOMAS JEANES and LOUISA JONES 1 August 1904 Southampton Hampshire
    Wedding witness CLARA EDITH FOULGER
    KATE was baptised 30 March 1879 Highfield Southampton died 27 January 1938 Hanwell Middlesex
    Child of ERNEST and KATE is:
  i ROBERT ERNEST FOULGER, born D/1905 West Ham London buried 23 March 1926 Hanwell Cemetery Middlesex
47   ARTHUR FELIX FOULGER,(Robert6,William5,Robert4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 29 August 1873 baptised 20 June 1875 Earsham Norfolk died D/1957 Durham Central
    married MARY SHUKER daughter of EBENEZER SHUKER and ISABELLA HOWELLS 24 December 1892 Esk Valley Yorkshire
    MARY was born 7 April 1872 Goathland Staffordshire baptised 8 December 1872 Grosmont Yorkshire died S/1948 Durham Central
    Children of ARTHUR and MARY are:
87 i WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1893 Durham died 1961 Durham
  ii MARY ISABELLA FOULGER, born D/1894 Esh Winning Durham died S/1953 Durham married JOHN J CRAGGS J/1916 Durham
88 iii EDWARD FOULGER, born 1896 Durham died 1924 Durham
  iv CLARA FOULGER, born 23 January 1898 Esh Winning died 3 January 1969 Rossington Yorkshire
    married WILLIAM OLIVER son of RICHARD OLIVER and JULIA ANNA TURNBALL 22 May 1920 Bishop Auckland Durham
    WILLIAM was born 31 March 1895 Waterhouses Durham died 1974 Doncaster
89 v JOHN FOULGER, born 1900 Durham died 1968 Durham
  vi FRANCES EMMA FOULGER, born 23 August 1901 Esh Winning died S/1979 Durham married THOMAS HENRY CLOUGH D/1922 Lanchester
    THOMAS was born 23 August 1903 Durham died D/1971 Durham
  vii MYRA FOULGER, born M/1904 Esh Winning died 22 August 1963 London married  WILLIAM GEORGE CHARLES S/1928 Durham Central
  VIII JANE ANN FOULGER, born J/1906 Lancaster died J/1907 Lancaster 
  iX ELSIE FOULGER, born 20 February 1908 Esh Winning married STANLEY PARROTT M/1929 Manchester N
  x GLADYS FOULGER, born 8 February 1910 Esh Winning died M/1979 Durham
    ROBERT was born 27 February 1909 Durham died M/1980 Durham
  xI DORIS FOULGER, born 8 February 1912 Esh Winning married THOMAS WHITE S/1929 Durham Northern
48   JAMES HENRY FOULGER,(George6,Joseph5, William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 14 February baptised 13 September 1884 Earsham Norfolk died D/1951 Durham N W
    married MARIE AMANDA LEIGHTON daughter of WILLIAM and ADA LEIGHTON 30 September 1905 Stockton on Tees Durham
    Wedding witness MARY JANE FOULGER
    MARIE was born 11 June 1884 Stockton Durham died D/1962 Durham E
    show as MARY freebmd birth record and 1901 census
    Children of JAMES and MARIE are:
  i WILLIAM HENRY FOULGER, born and died J/1906 Stockton on Tees
90 ii SYDNEY LEIGHTON FOULGER, born 1907 Durham died 1970 Hartlepool
91 iii LESLIE LEIGHTON FOULGER, born 1915 Durham died 1978 Yorkshire