Eighth Generation
33   KEITH WILLIAM FOULGER,(James7,Thomas6, William5,George4,William3,James2,Robert1)  born 11 September 1961 Portsmouth died 19 July 2013 Liverpool
    married LYNDA BROWN 1986 Chester
    Children of KEITH and LYNDA are:
   i TODD FOULGER, born 1987 Chester
  ii ELLIOTT FOULGER, born 1988 Chester
34   GARY J FOULGER, (John7,William6, William5,George4,William3,James2,Robert1) born 1963 Liverpool
    married JULIE M MOORE 1987 Liverpool
    Children of GARY and JULIE are:
  i MARC JOHN FOULGER, born 1987 Liverpool
  ii LAURA JAYNE FOULGER, born 1989 Liverpool
  iii HANNAH LOUISE FOULGER, born 1995 Liverpool
35   STEPHEN FOULGER,(John7,William6, William5,George4,William3,James2,Robert1) born 1965 Liverpool
    married JOANNE BINNION 1996 Liverpool
    Children of STEPHEN and JOANNE are:
  i ZOE LOUISE FOULGER, born 1997 Liverpool
  ii SOPHIE KAITLYN FOULGER, born 2001 Liverpool
  iii JESSICA JORJA FOULGER, born 2004 Liverpool