Seventh Generation


JAMES EDWARD FOULGER, (Thomas6, William5,George4,William3,James2,Robert1) born 3 September 1936 Liverpool died 11 May 2001 Ellesmere Port Cheshire
married EDNA MAUREEN PRICE daughter of RICHARD ARTHUR PRICE 16 November 1957 St Chad's Church Kirby
    EDNA was born J/1934 Lancashire died J/1966 Bradford
    married (2) MARGARET HORRIGAN 1968 Liverpool
    Children of JAMES and EDNA are:
33 i KEITH WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1961 Portsmouth died 2013 Liverpool
  ii RICHARD T FOULGER, born 1963 Liverpool
    Children of JAMES and MARGARET are:
  i JULIE FOULGER, born 1973 Liverpool
  ii JENNY ANN FOULGER, born 1976 Liverpool
  iii CATHERINE FOULGER, born 1979 Gloucester
  iv JAMES PETER FOULGER ,born 1980 Gloucester
29   WILLIAM EDWARD FOULGER, (William6, William5,George4,William3,James2,Robert1) born 31 March 1931 West Derby died S/1983 Knowlsey
    married SARAH WELSH 1956 Liverpool
    Children of WILLIAM and SARAH are:
  i EDWINA FOULGER, born 1957 Liverpool
  ii MARIA FOULGER, born 1959 Liverpool
  iii PATRICIA FOULGER, born 1960 Liverpool
  iv SARAH A FOULGER, born 1962 Liverpool
  v KAREN M FOULGER, born 1964 Liverpool
  vi PAUL WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1968 Liverpool
  vii PAULETTE FOULGER, born 1973 Prescot
  viii BERNADETTE FOULGER, born 1974 Prescot
30   JOHN J FOULGER,  (William6, William5,George4,William3,James2,Robert1) born 1936 Liverpool
    married JANE CANSFIELD 1960 Liverpool
    Children of JOHN and JANE are:
34 i GARY J FOULGER, born 1963 Liverpool
35 ii STEPHEN FOULGER, born 1965 Liverpool
31   RONALD C FOULGER,  (William6, William5,George4,William3,James2,Robert1) born D/1945 Liverpool
    married MARGARET JOSEPHINE DAVIES 1968 Liverpool
    MARGARET was born 10 February 1948 died December 2002 Liverpool
    Children of RONALD and MARGARET are:
  i CARL FOULGER, born 1969 Liverpool
  ii JASON FOULGER, born 1970 Liverpool
  iii LORNA FOULGER, born 1973 Liverpool
  iv NICKOLA FOULGER, born 1980 Liverpool
32   KENNETH JAMES FOULGER, (James J6,James H5,George4,William3,James2,Robert1) born 1941 Liverpool
    married IRENE M COY 1965 Birkenhead
    Children of KENNETH and IRENE are:
  i CAROL ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 1967 Liverpool
  ii JAMES EDWARD FOULGER, born 1969 Liverpool