Fourth Generation



BETSY FOULGER,(James3,James2,Robert1) born J/1847 Stoke Ash Suffolk died J/1922 Windsor Surrey
    married CORNELIUS LUMMIS son of JOHN LUMMIS and ELEANOR GIBBS 3 June 1868 Stoke Ash
    wedding witness THOMAS KNIGHTS FOULGER
    CORNELIUS was baptised 5 September 1846 Brockford Suffolk died M/1917 Guildford Surrey
    Child of BETSY and CORNELIUS is:


BESSIE FOULGER LUMMIS, born M/1873 Windsor Surrey died J/1962 Chertsey Surrey


  WILLIAM FOULGER, (Robert3,James2,Robert1) born S/1849 Stoke Ash Suffolk died S/1881 Shardlow Derbyshire
    married LUCY A WARREN D/1874 Hartismere
    LUCY was born 1854 Badwell Ash Suffolk died after 3 April 1881
    Children of WILLIAM and LUCY are:
  i ARTHUR WILLIAM FOULGER, born D/1876 Stoke Ash Suffolk with his brothers in Bashford Workhouse Nottinghamshire 1891 census
  ii ALBERT SAMUEL FOULGER, born S/1880 Little Hallam Derbyshire died after 3 April 1891
  iii FREDERICK FOULGER, born c1882 died after the.1891 census


  JOSEPH FOULGER, (Robert3,James2,Robert1) born S/1856 Stoke Ash Suffolk died S/1938 Basford
    married ELIZA ANN HALL daughter of GEORGE HALL and SARAH GOLLIN 28 February 1881 St Mary's Church Nottingham
    ELIZA was born D/1858 Nottingham died D/1932 Shardlow
    Children of JOSEPH and ELIZA are:
15 i JOHN JAMES FOULGER, born 1881 Nottingham died 1968 Nottingham
  ii ELIZA EDITH FOULGER, born 12 March 1883 Stapleford Nottingham died 31 August 1953 Nottingham
    married DAVID BRANSON son of WILLIAM BRANSON and MARTHA ANN WALKER 3 August 1912 Long Eaton Register Office Derbyshire
    DAVID was born 2 October 1882 Stapleford Nottingham died 13 May 1955 Nottingham
  iii GEORGE FOULGER, born 24 October 1884 baptised 8 August 1886 St Helen's Church Stapleford Nottingham died 27 January 1964 Nottingham
16 iv JOSEPH FOULGER, born 1886 Nottingham died 1950 Nottingham
  v CHARLES FOULGER, born 1 January baptised 16 September 1888 St Helen's Church Stapleford Nottingham died M/1947 Ilkeston Derbyshire
  vi MARY ANN FOULGER, born 2 November 1889 baptised 16 February 1890 St Helen's Church Stapleford Nottingham died after 1924
    married SAMUEL NAYLOR S/1924 Shardlow
  vii THOMAS GODFREY FOULGER, born D/1891 Stapleford died M/1893 Stapleford Nottingham
  viii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 10 July 1894 baptised 17 March 1895 St Helen's Church Stapleford Nottingham died 23 March 1918 France buried Pozieres Mamorial Cemetery Somme
12   CHARLES FOULGER,(Robert3,James2,Robert1) born J//1861 Stoke Ash died S/1898 West Derby (age varies in different documents)
  married MARY EMMA BOOTH J/1884 Liverpool
  MARY was born 1860 Holcombe Lancashire died 24 December 1911 West Derby
  Children of CHARLES and MARY are:
  i AMY ELIZABETH FOULGER,born 1 December baptised 7 December 1884 Liverpool married THOMAS SHALLCROSS J/1912 West Derby
  ii MARY ELLEN FOULGER, born 14 July baptised 14 October 1888 Liverpool died 23 April 1975 Sydney N.S.W.
  JAMES was born 26 February 1890 Liverpool died 15 January 1969 Sydney
  iii CLARA FOULGER, born M/1897 West Derby baptised 26 April 1897 Liverpool
  a CLARA FOULGER born 1897 sailed to Sydney 26 June 1912 aboard the DEMOSTHENES


  GEORGE ALBERT FOULGER, (William3,James2,Robert1) born 1854 baptised 6 May 1855 Stoke Ash Suffolk died M/1924 West Derby
    married ELIZABETH AGNES BLUNDELL daughter of EDWARD BLUNDELL 21 February 1884 St Mary's Kirkdake Lancashire
    ELIZABETH was born D/1858 West Derby died M/1898 West Derby
    Children of GEORGE and ELIZABETH are:
17 i WILLIAM EDWARD FOULGER, born 1884 West Derby died 1954 Liverpool
18 ii JAMES HENRY FOULGER , born 1885 West Derby died 1917 Belgium
  iii GEORGE THOMAS FOULGER, born J/1888 West Derby died J/1957 Liverpool
  iv HENRY FOULGER, born M/1891 West Derby died J/1910 West Derby
  v ELIZABETH HANNAH FOULGER, born 13 May baptised 13 November 1895 St Ambrose Church Everton died after 5 September 1939 (also shown as ELIZABETH ANNA)
    lives with her brother GEORGE 5 September 1939 Register
    Child of ELIZABETH is:
  i ELIZABETH AGNES FOULGER, born 28 March 1914 West Derby died S/1970 Liverpool
14   ROBERT FOULGER, (William3,James2,Robert1) born S/1869 Stoke Ash died 10 September 1937 Bolton (shown as ROBERT THOMAS)
    married SARAH JANE KNOWLES daughter of ROBERT and JANE KNOWLES 22 November 1890 St James Church Farnworth
    SARAH was born 7 February 1873 Farnworth Lancashire buried 13 January 1953 St Michael's Church Great Lever Farnworth
    Children of ROBERT and SARAH are:
  i MARY ELLEN FOULGER, born 21 June 1891 Farnworth died M/1971 Farnworth
    married WALTER TATTERSALL son of ALFRED TATTERSALL  2 June 1917 St Thomas Church Dixon Green Farnworth
  ii WILLIAM ROBERT FOULGER, baptised 25 December 1892 St Michael's Church Great Lever Farnworth buried 21 October 1905 Farnworth Cemetery
  iii EMILY FOULGER, born 26 June 1895 Farnworth died S/1946 Farnworth
    married WILLIAM EDWARD KAY HUNT son of FREDERICK WILLIAM HUNT 8 December 1928 St Thomas Church Dixon Green Farnworth
  iv JANE FOULGER, born 29 December 1897 baptised 9 February 1898 St Thomas Church Dixon Green Farnworth died after 5 September 1939
    married JOHN E COLLINS M/1936 Bolton Lancaster
19 v RICHARD FOULGER, born 1900 Farnworth died 1966 Farnworth
  vi SARAH FOULGER, born 2 November baptised 27 November 1901 St Thomas Church Dixon Green Farnworth married JAMES LONGWORTH S/1931 Bolton
  vii GEORGE FOULGER, born 14 March baptised 10 April 1904 St Thomas Church Dixon Green Farnworth buried 11 March 1905 Farnworth Cemetery
  viii EDNA FOULGER, born 14 January baptised 11 February 1906 St Thomas Church Dixon Green Farnworth died after 3 April 1911
20 ix ROBERT EDWARD FOULGER, born 1908 Farnworth died 1994 Bolton
  x ALBERT FOULGER, born 26 February baptised 10 April 1910 St Thomas Church Dixon Green Farnworth died D/1969 Farnworth