First Generation


  ROBERT FOULGER, born c1754 married a MARY both died unknown
    Children of ROBERT and MARY are:
  i ROBERT FOULGER, baptised 30 March 1779 Eye Suffolk died unknown


ii JAMES FOULGER, born 1781 Suffolk died 1856 Suffolk
3 iii JONATHAN FOULGER, born 1783 Suffolk died 1858 Suffolk
  iv MARY FOULGER, baptised 7 May 1786 Eye died unknown
                                                                   Second Generation


  JAMES FOULGER, (Robert1) baptised 24 June 1781 Eye Suffolk buried 30 November 1856 All Saints Church Stoke Ash
    married ELIZABETH BAXTER daughter of JEREMIAH BAXTER and MARY SCUTTS 1812 Suffolk
    ELIZABETH was born 1785 Wingfield Suffolk buried 6 December 1863 All Saints Church Stoke Ash
    Children of JAMES and ELIZABETH are:
4 i SOPHIA FOULGER, born 1813 Stoke Ash after 4 June 1841
5 ii JAMES FOULGER, born 1816 Suffolk died 1901 Suffolk
  iii ROBERT FOULGER, baptised 6 January 1819 Stoke Ash (as ROBERT FOLGER) buried 25 August 1819 All Saints Church Stoke Ash as ROBERT FOLGER
6 iv ROBERT FOULGER, born 1820 Suffolk died 1885 Suffolk
  v SARAH FOULGER, born 30 December 1822 baptised 18 January 1823 Stoke Ash (as SARAH FOLGER) died D/1847 Stoke Ash
    as SARAH FOLGER married JOSEPH LOCK son of JOHN LOCK and ANN BARKER J/1845 Stoke Ash
    JOSEPH was born 20 December 1821 baptised 3 February 1822 Stoke Ash died M/1895 Stoke Ash


vi HANNAH FOULGER, born 1826 Suffolk died 1903 Suffolk
8 vii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1829 Suffolk died 1907 Suffolk
3   JONATHAN FOULGER, (Robert1) baptised 23 November 1783 Eye Suffolk buried 2 October 1858 Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk shown as JONATHAN FOLGER 1841 and 1851 Censuses
  as JONATHAN FOLGER married SARAH SHEPHERD daughter of ROBERT and SARAH SHEPHERD 15 October 1805 Diss Norfolk
  SARAH was baptised 1 July 1781 Redgrave Suffolk died S/1846 Stow Suffolk
  Children of JONATHAN and SARAH are:
  i JONATHAN FOULGER, born 12 December baptised 16 December 1807 Rickinghall Superior buried 13 February 1825 St Mary's Church Rickinghall Superior
  ii SARAH ANN FOULGER, born 28 December 1811 baptised 2 February 1812 Rickinghall Superior
  iii GEORGE FOULGER, baptised 26 April 1815 Rickinghall Superior buried 30 May 1816 St Mary's Church Rickinghall Superior
  iv LYDIA FOULGER, born 6 December 1820 Rickinghall Superior died J/1896 Stow Suffolk sometimes shown as FOLGER
  married ROBERT HAYWARD S/1853 ROBERT was born c1825 Wickham Skeith Suffolk died J/1871 Stow Suffolk
                                                                Third Generation


  SOPHIA FOULGER, (James2,Robert1) born 6 November 1813 Stoke Ash baptised 26 December 1813 Braiseworth Suffolk died after 4 June 1841
    Children of SOPHIA are:


SARAH ANN FOULGER, born 11 May 1835 baptised 26 March 1837 Stoke Ash not in 1841 census



THOMAS KNIGHTS FOULGER, born 7 September baptised 11 November 1838 Stoke Ash (as THOMAS KNIGHTS FOLGER) died after 3 April 1881
    married MARY ELIZABETH BEAN daughter of JOHN BEAN and MARY ANN CLAYTON  J/1864 Hartismere
    MARY was baptised 30 April 1837 Botesdale Suffolk died after 3 April 1881
5   JAMES FOULGER,(James2,Robert1) baptised 3 March 1816 Stoke Ash died M/1901 Hartismere Suffolk
    as JAMES FOLGER married FRANCES RUNIKERS D/1846 Hartismere
    FRANCES was born 1822 Brome Suffolk died M/1890 Hartismere Suffolk
    has his granddaughter BESSIE FOULGER LUMMIS staying with him 1891 census
    Child of JAMES and FRANCES is:



BETSY FOULGER, born 1847 Suffolk died 1922 Surrey
6   ROBERT FOULGER, (James2,Robert1born 17 September baptised 15 October 1820 Stoke Ash died M/1885 Hartismere Suffolk
    married MARY HARVEY daughter of JOHN HARVEY and SARAH BLOMFIELD D/1843 Hartismere
    MARY was born 1822 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1901
    MARY married (2) THOMAS GODFREY son of THOMAS and MARY ANN GODFREY D/1885 Hartismere
    THOMAS was born 1823 Twaite Suffolk died J/1899 Hartismere
    Children of ROBERT and MARY are:
  i SARAH FOULGER, born 9 August baptised 1 September 1844 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1881
    married JOHN ASHTON son of WILLIAM ASHTON 6 December 1874 Longsight Lancashire
  ii MARY FOULGER, born S/1846 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1861


iii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1849 Suffolk died 1881 Derbyshire
  iv GEORGE FOULGER, born D/1854 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1901 (living with his mother)


v JOSEPH FOULGER, born 1856 Suffolk died 1938 Nottingham
12 vi CHARLES FOULGER, born 1861 Stoke Ash died 1898 Derby (age varies in different documents)
  vii JANE FOULGER, born c1862 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1881
  vii ROSE FOULGER, born c1864 Stoke Ash died D/1901 Lewisham Kent
    married RICHARD DURDEN son of CHARLES THOMAS DURDEN and HANNAH TUCKER 3 August 1890 Folkestone Kent
  ix LOUISA MARY FOULGER, born J/1865 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1911
    married JAMES BARKER son of HERBERT BARKER and ELIZA DEAN M/1888 Hartismere


  HANNAH FOULGER,(James2,Robert1) baptised 23 July 1826 Stoke Ash Suffolk (as HANNAH FOLGER) died M/1903 Hartismere
    HANNAH married ELIJAH COE D/1870 Hartismere
    ELIJAH was born 1800 Thornham Suffolk died D/1887 Hartismere
    Children of HANNAH are:


SAMUEL HARVEY FOULGER, born D/1847 Stoke Ash buried 3 February 1875 All Saints Church Stoke Ash
  ii SUSANNAH FOULGER, born M/1852 baptised 5 May 1855 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1881 census (staying with her mother and father in law)
  iii BENJAMIN FOULGER, born D/1857 baptised 20 September 1863 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1881


  WILLIAM FOULGER,(James2,Robert1) born 28 October baptised 22 November 1829 Stoke Ash (as WILLIAM FOLGER) died D/1907 Hartismere (family shown as FOLGER 1861 census)
    CANATHINA was born 1829 Stradbroke Suffolk died M/1906 Hartismere (the spelling of CANATHINA varies in different documents)
    family shown as FOLGER 1861 census
    Children of WILLIAM and CANATHINA are::


i GEORGE ALBERT FOULGER, born 1854 Suffolk died 1924 Derby
  ii SARAH ANN FOULGER, born 1857 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1911 married GEORGE BUCKLE son of GEORGE and SARAH BUCKLE J/1876 Hartismere
  iii AMELIA ELIZABETH FOULGER, born S/1858 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1911 married GEORGE COLLINS D/1882 Hartismere
  iv HARRIETT FOULGER, born S/1860 Stoke Ash died J/1893 Hartismere married DAVID BREWINGTON J/1880 Thorndon Suffolk
  v JAMES F FOULGER, born M/1864 Stoke Ash died after 3 April 1891
  vi MARY ANN FOULGER, born S/1866 Stoke Ash died D/1932 Plomesgate Suffolk
    JAMES was born M/1865 Thorndon Suffolk died S/1950 Hartismere
14 vii ROBERT FOULGER, born 1869 Suffolk died 1937 Lancashire
  vii HENRY EDWARD FOULGER, born D/1872 Stoke Ash died S/1925 Ipswich (sometimes shown as EDWARD H)