Third Generation


ROBERT FOULGER, (John2,Robert1) born 30 April baptised 1 May 1816 St James Church Southrepps died S/1895 Erpingham Norfolk
married (1) MARY ANN STARR,15 December 1836 Knapton, with consent of parents, wedding witness MARY ANN FOULGER
MARY was born 1817 Norfolk died M/1848 Erpingham
married (2) HANNAH BLOGG, daughter of JOSHUA BLOGG and ELIZABETH  CHESNEY 22 November 1853 All Saints Church Sheringham Norfolk
HANNAH was born 1820 Sheringham Norfolk died S/1891 St.Faith's Norfolk
Family shown as TOULGER 1841 census
Children of ROBERT and MARY ANN are:
i MARY ANNE FOULGER, born 5 October baptised 7 October 1837 St James Church Southrepps died S/1911 Norwich
married ROBERT WILLIAM LANE son of ROBERT LANE and HANNAH GODFREY D/1859 Norwich Norfolk
ROBERT, was born 18 June 1834 Norwich died J/1882 Norwich
ii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1 January baptised 5 January buried 25 January 1839 St James Church Southrepps 
iii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 23 January baptised 29 January 1840 St James Church Southrepps died 28 November 1912 Norwich
married SUSANNAH HOLMES daughter of ROBERT HOLMES and HANNAH DOWNING 5 February 1864 Springham Norfolk
SUSANNAH was born 17 March baptised 11 April 1843 Thorpe Market Norfolk died M/1928 Aylsham Norfolk


iv JOHN FOULGER, born 1842 Norfolk died 1901 Yorkshire
v EDMUND FOULGER, born 5 January baptised 6 January 1842 St James Church Southrepps died J/1855 Erpingham
vi HENRY FOULGER, baptised 14 February 1844 St James Church Southrepps died after 3 April 1861


vii ROBERT FOULGER, born 1845 Norfolk died 1920 Norfolk
Children of ROBERT and HANNAH are:
i ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 31 August baptised 3 October 1858 St James Church Southrepps died M/1870 Erpingham
ii SARAH FOULGER born 3 April baptised 25 April 1860 St James Church Southrepps not shown in 1861 census
iii EDMUND FOULGER, born 27 September baptised 27 October 1861 St James Church Southrepps died J/1920 Erpingham


WILLIAM FOULGER, (John2,Robert1) born 13 May baptised 15 May 1821 St James Church Southrepps died 4 January 1885 Erpingham
married MARY ANNE JACKSON GRAY daughter of JOSEPH GRAY and EMILY EMPSON 25 December 1863 St Stephens Church Norwich
MARY was baptised 22 January 1832 St James Church Southrepps died 5 January 1913 Erpingham
Children of WILLIAM and MARY ANN are:


i EDWARD WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1864 Norfolk died 1927 Norfolk
ii JOHN HENRY FOULGER, baptised 11 March 1866 St James Church Southrepps died M/1867 Erpingham
iii SARAH ANNA ELIZABETH FOULGER, born M/1868 baptised 19 April 1868 St James Church Southrepps died 14 June 1932 Erpingham
iv JOHN HENRY FOULGER, baptised 16 March 1870 St James Church Southrepps died J/1870 Erpingham


v JAMES JOSEPH FOULGER, born 1871 Norfolk died 1939 London
vi ROSANNA ELIZA FOULGER, born S/1874 Erpingham died M/1875 Erpingham
baptised 7 October 1874 St James Church Southrepps as ROSAMUND ELIZA FOULGER


EDMUND FOULGER,(John2,Robert1)
baptised 21 June 1823 St James Church Southrepps died 17 April 1896 Brant Canada burried Brant Cemetery as EDMOND FOULGER
EDMUND'S name is sometimes shown as EDWARD.shown as EDWIN 1881 Canadian census
a short history of EDMUND and his family can be found on pages 568-569 in the ebook "The History of the County of Brant"
  as EDWARD FOULGER married HARRIET STEWARD daughter of JOHN ATKINS and ELIZABETH PERKINS 4 April 1845 Southrepps
  HARRIET married WILLIAM STEWARD  son of WILLIAM STEWARD and ANN HEWITT 24 October 1833 Southrepps.
  WILLIAM was baptised 23 February 1807 Southrepps died 8 July 1841 Southrepps
  HARRIET was baptised 26 November 1815 Felmingham Norfolk died 6 May 1884 Cainsville Canada buried Brant Cemetery
  Shown as EDWARD FOULGER and family when they emigrate to Canada in 1846
  Children of EDMUND and HARRIET are:
16 i JOHN FOULGER, born 1845 Norfolk died 1934 U.S.A.,shown as JOHN STEWARD on his birth certificate
  ii SARAH ANN FOULGER, born 1846 Brant Canada died 3 April 1881 Brant buried Brant Cemetery.married HUGH BROWN 
17 iii EDWARD FOULGER, born 1848 Canada died 1908 Canada shown as EDMUND 1851 Canadian census
18 iv HENRY FOULGER, born 1849 Canada died 1908 Canada
  v HARRIET FOULGER, born 16 April 1853 Brant died 28 April 1937 Brant,buried Mount Hope Cemetery Brantford
  married ROBERT MARKLE son of ROBERT MARKLE and RACHEL LOCKMAN 19 October 1871 Brant
  ROBERT was born 3 August 1843 Brant died 18 August 1927 Brant,buried Mount Hope Cemetery Brantford
  Children of HARRIET and WILLIAM are:
  i ANNE STEWARD baptised 25 August buried 15 November 1834 Southrepps
  ii JOHN STEWARD, baptised 25 March buried 4 April 1836 Southrepps
  iii ELIZABETH STEWARD born 13 May baptised 15 May 1837 St James Church Southrepps died 23 December 1900 Orangeville Ontario Canada
  married JOHN HUSKINSON son of THOMAS HUSKINSON and KEZIAH CAMAMILE 9 January 1858 Brantford Township Canada
  iv WILLIAM STEWARD born 6 February baptised 8 February 1840 St James Church Southrepps died 12 November 1928 Brantford Ontario
  married MARGARET SMITHSON 12 October 1875 Canada
  ELIZABETH and WILLIAM shown as FOULGER 1851 Canadian census


JOHN FOULGER, (John2,Robert1) baptised 31 March 1826 St James Church Southrepps died S/1902 Norwich
married CHARLOTTE WILKINS daughter of THOMAS WILKINS and SARAH SCOTTOW D/1853 Erpingham
CHARLOTTE was born 1831 Altringham Norfolk died 31 March 1915 Norwich (shown as the widow of JOHN COOK FOULGER)
Children of JOHN and CHARLOTTE are:
i EDMUND FOULGER, born and died D/1853 Erpingham Norfolk baptised as EDWARD 29 November 1853 St James Church Southrepps
19 ii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1855 Norfolk died 1887 Norfolk
iii LOUISA JANE FOULGER,  born 21 baptised 29 March 1857 St James Church Southrepps died 8 January 1937 Norwich
married WALTER LOWN son of JAMES LOWN and ELIZABETH ANN COE S/1888 Norwich
WALTER was born 9 January 1858 Hevingham Norfolk died 24 July 1926 Kensington London


iv EDWARD JAMES FOULGER, born 1858 Norfolk died 1926 Norfolk
v SARAH ANN FOULGER, born 13 April baptised 26 June 1864 St James Church Southrepps Norfolk M/1940 Sheffield
married GEORGE RUMSBY son of ISAAC RUMSBY and MARY ANN WINTER 28 November 1889 Holy Trinity Church Heigham Norfolk
wedding witness her brother EDWARD


vi JAMES THOMAS FOULGER, born 1866 Norfolk died 1956 Leicester
vii EDITH MARIA FOULGER born 29 May 1868 baptised 26 July 1868 St James Church Southrepps died J/1945 Norwich lives with her mother 1911 census
viii JOHN WILKIN FOULGER, born 21 February 1870 Erpingham baptised 22 May 1870 St James Church Southrepps died M/1944 Norwich
married ELIZA BRAMHALL S/1903 Norwich Norfolk
ELIZA was born D/1872 Sheffield Yorkshire died S/1931 Norwich
JOHN married (2) ALICE MARY ROSE S/1934 Norwich
ALICE was born 11 December 1895 died M/1955 Acle Norfolk


ix HENRY ERNEST FOULGER, born 1872 Norfolk died 1956 Norfolk