Descendants of ROBERT FOULGER
                                                                                      First Generation


ROBERT FOULGER, born 1760/1 buried 20 March 1795 St James Church Southrepps Norfolk (shown as aged 34) (Master of The Crown Inn Southrepps)
married ESTHER DEVEREUX daughter of WILLIAM DEVEREUX and SUSAN DANE 1 August 1790 Kirby Bedon Norfolk (both shown as 21)
ESTHER was baptised 10 May 1772 Wordwell Suffolk died D/1856 Erpingham
married (2) ROBERT SUMMERS son of JOHN SUMMERS and CATHERINE LIGHTWIN 9 February 1797 St James Church Southrepps
ROBERT was baptised 4 September 1771 Southrepps Norfolk died J/1848 Erpingham Norfolk
Children of ROBERT and ESTHER are:


ROBERT FOULGER, born 20 December baptised 25 December 1790 Saint George Colgate Norwich buried 1 July 1796 St James Church Southrepps
ii ESTHER FOULGER baptised 10 February buried 22 February 1792 St Andrews Church Trowse Newton


ESTHER FOULGER, baptised 4 January 1793 St Andrews Church Trowse Newton died 28 June 1854 Thingoe Suffolk
married JAMES COOKE son of JAMES COOKE and LYDIA MALLOWS 28 December 1820 Banham Suffolk
JAMES was born 1782 Garboldisham Norfolk died 4 January 1850 Thingoe



JOHN FOULGER, born 1793 Norfolk died 1851 Norfolk



WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1795 Norfolk died 1875 Norfolk
                                                                                 Second Generation


JOHN FOULGER, (Robert1) baptised 29 December 1793 St Andrews Church Trowse Norfolk died 23 April 1851 Erpingham Norfolk
married SARAH COOK daughter of JOHN and MARY COOK 12 October 1815 Southrepps Norfolk
SARAH was baptised 30 June 1793 Northrepps Norfolk died 22 February 1874 Southrepps (shown as 84) lives with her son ROBERT and family 1871 census
Children of JOHN and SARAH are:


i ROBERT FOULGER, born 1816 Norfolk died 1895 Norfolk
ii MARIANNE FOULGER, born 22 August baptised 25 September 1818 St James Church Southrepps died D/1904 Thetford Norfolk
As MARY ANN FOULGER married ROBERT CURZON D/1837 Erpingham
ROBERT was born 13 May 1814 Southrepps died M/1886 Thetford
ROBERT'S name changes from CURSON to CURZON in various records and MARIANNE to MARY ANN or M.A.


iii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1821 Norfolk died 1885 Norfolk


iv EDMUND FOULGER, born 1823 Norfolk died 1896 Canada


v JOHN FOULGER, born 1826 Norfolk died 1902 Norfolk
vi HARRIETT FOULGER, baptised 1 May 1828 St James Church Southrepps died S/1912 Norwich
married GEORGE CLARKE son of GEORGE and MARY ANN CLARKE D/1856 Erpingham
GEORGE was born 20 January 1831 Mudesley Norfolk died after the 1881 census and before the 1891 census
vii ELIZABETH FOULGER, baptised 31 May 1830 St James Church Southrepps died 13 June 1920 Willoughby NSW
married JOHN LEET son of THOMAS LEET 20 January 1857 St Mary the Virgin Church East Burgholt Suffolk
sailed to Australia aboard the GLENISLA arrived Sydney 2 July 1857
working as a female servant 1841 census


viii HENRY COOK FOULGER, born 1833  Norfolk died 1904 Norfolk
ix SARAH ANNE FOULGER, baptised 5 May 1835 Norfolk died J/1915 Erpingham
married MOSES BAKER son of JAMES BAKER and HANNAH BURRELL 21 September 1865 St James Church Southrepps
MOSES was baptised 24 July 1829 St James Church Southrepps died 5 June 1895 Southrepps
1851 census shows a visitor ROBERT FOULGER born 1845


WILLIAM FOULGER, (Robert1) baptised 8 January 1795 St James Church Southrepps buried 18 March 1875 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps
married ELIZABETH SCOTTER 10 June 1817 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps
ELIZABETH was born 1796 Northrepps buried 7 May 1849 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps
WILLIAM shown as a Carrier in Hunt's 1850 directory of Northrepps
Children of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH are:
9 i ESTHER SCOTTER FOULGER, born 1817 Norfolk died 1875 Norfolk
ii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 5 baptised 7 October 1819 Northrepps buried 5 September 1872 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps 
10 iii SARAH ANN FOULGER, born 1822 Norfolk buried 1852 Norfolk
iv HARRIET FOULGER, born 19 February baptised 25 February 1824 St Mary the Virgin Church buried 8 July 1898 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps


v ROBERT FOULGER, born 1825 Norfolk died 1918 Norfolk
vi JOHN FOULGER, born 11 baptised 15 December 1827 St Andrew's Church Saxthorpe buried 17 November 1836 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps
vii ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 11 baptised 15 December 1827 St Andrew's Church Saxthorpe died after 3 April 1911
married JOHN CLARKE son of JAMES CLARKE 12 February 1856 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps
viii MARY ANN FOULGER, born 26 March baptised 4 April 1830 St Andrew's Church Saxthorpe died after 3 April 1851 (working as a Housemaid in East Retford Nottinghamshire)
ix SAMUEL SCOTTER FOULGER, born 19 baptised 25 December 1831 St Andrew's Church Saxthorpe buried 28 December 1885 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps
x EDMUND FOULGER, born 7 December 1833 Hanworth Norfolk died D/1853 Erpingham Norfolk
xi HENRY FOULGER, baptised 1 May 1836 Northrepps died M/1905 Sunderland
married MARY ANN TOSHACH daughter of HENRY TOSHACH and MARGARET TILLEY 1 January 1873 Register Office Sunderland
MARY was born J/1842 Shadwell Middlesex died 13 December 1934 York Toronto Canada buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery Toronto
emigrated to Canada 11 September 1924 with LOUISA ANN WAYMAN (1872-1940) daughter of JAMES SMITH POTTS and SUSANNAH TOSHACH (shown as a Niece 1881,1891 and 1911 censuses)
LOUISA married (1) ALEXANDER JARDINE BROWN in 1897 (1871-1901) married (2) CHARLES PERCIVAL WAYMAN in 1914 (1887-1965)