Third Generation (2)


HENRY COOK FOULGER, (John 2,Robert1) baptised 20 March 1833 St James Church Southrepps died 6 July 1904 Norwich
married CHARLOTTE HOLMES daughter of WILLIAM HOLMES and ELIZABETH SHRIEVE 28 March 1859 Norwich
CHARLOTTE was born 1833 Heydon Norfolk died 28 February 1904 Norwich
Children of HENRY and CHARLOTTE are:


i JOHN WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1860 Norfolk died 1946 Norfolk
ii MARIA SHRIEVE FOULGER, born 14 July baptised 11 August 1861 St Stephens Church Norwich died 18 December 1941 Norwich
JAMES was born D/1856 Norwich died 2 November 1941 Heigham Norwich


ESTHER SCOTTER FOULGER, (William 2,Robert1) born 3 baptised 7 December 1817 Northrepps
died West Beckham workhouse buried 14 December 1875 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps
i HENRY WILLIAM GRAY FOULGER, born D/1845 baptised 4 January 1846 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps buried 11 March 1922 St Pancras Cemetery London
living with his mother -grandfather and JOHN HAGGERTY FOULGER,1861 census, shown as FOWLER 1871 census
married ELLEN MARY PIKE daughter of JAMES PIKE and ELEANOR HALL 26 April 1868 Kensington London
ELLEN was born 31 October 1848 Reepham Norfolk buried 8 June 1915 St Pancras Cemetery London shown as ELEANOR MARY FOULGER
Child of HENRY and ELLEN is:
i HENRY JAMES FOULGER, born D/1869 Holborn London died 3 June 1930 Hempstead Middlesex (age shown as 58)
married FRANCES EMMA WARREN daughter of JOHN WARREN and EMMA SANDS 16 June 1902 Croydon
FRANCES was born D/1872 Whetstone Middlesex died S/1956 Paddington London
10 SARAH ANN FOULGER, (William2,Robert1) born 12 baptised 13 March 1822 Northrepps buried 3 January 1852 Northrepps
married ROBERT ENGLAND son of JOHN ENGLAND 15 October 1850 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps .
ROBERT was born 1822 Sidestrand Norfolk died D/1894 Erpingham
Child of SARAH is
i JOHN HAGGERTY FOULGER, born D/1847 Northrepps baptised 11 July 1852 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps buried 4 July 1876 St Pancras Cemetery Camden London
married  EMMA MADALINE MADDAMS S/1873 St George Hanover Square London
EMMA was born 1852 died M/1884 Islington (as EMMA SHEDDON)
EMMA married (2) THOMAS STEVENS BASSON J/1877 Strand London (1835-1879)
EMMA married (3) ARTHUR HENRY SHEDDEN 10 May 1880 St Pancras (1853-1885)
Children of JOHN and EMMA are:
i WILLIAM CECIL FOULGER, born 11 September baptised 8 November 1874 St Clement Danes Middlesex buried 29 March 1927 Walton Park Liverpool
ii CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH FOULGER, born J/1876 St Giles in the field Middlesex married HENRY JOHN LAMBERT M/1902 Bristol
Children of EMMA and ARTHUR are:
i HELLENA MAUD SHEDDEN, born 9 September 1880 baptised 19 August 1885 Islington died 27 November 1945 Australia married THOMAS HENRY MARSDEN 1915 Tasmania
ii SYDNEY ALICE SHEDDEN, born 9 September 1880 baptised 19 August 1885 Islington died 4 May 1953 Australia married SYDNEY MELBOURNE 1915 Tasmania
note on baptism records states both parents dead
ALICE sailed to Australia aboard the ORANTES departed 19 June 1914


ROBERT FOULGER, (William2,Robert1) born 22 baptised 31 December 1825 St Andrew's Church Saxthorpe died M/1918 Erpingham
married MARY ANN CLARKE  D/1853 Erpingham
MARY was born 1828 Mundsley Norfolk died S/1907 Erpingham
ROBERT shown as a Carrier in WHITE'S 1883 directory of Northrepps,
Children of ROBERT and MARY ANN are:
i LOUISA ELIZABETH FOULGER, born M/1854 Mundesley Norfolk died M/1936 Erpingham
married JOHN WILLIAM PYE S/1882 Erpingham
JOHN was born 1856 Mundesley died M/1921 Erpingham
ii HARRIET MARY ANN FOULGER, born J/1858 Erpingham baptised 4 July 1858 Northrepps died D/1923 Smallburgh Norfolk
married FREDERICK WALTER BURTON M/1882 Erpingham
FREDERICK was born 1851 Cromer Norfolk died after 3 April 1911
iii CARRY MATILDA FOULGER, baptised 7 February 1875 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps died 12 September 1940 Chapel Le Frith Derbyshire
married ROBERT BALLS son of JOHN BALLS 13 February 1893 St Mary the Virgin Church Northrepps
ROBERT was born J/1871 Cromer died 18 November 1927 Cromer Norfolk