Fourth Generation
7   JAMES FOULGER, (William3, William2, Mary1) born D/1856 baptised 23 October 1859 Botesdale as JAMES STEPHEN FOULGER died M/1922 Botesdale Suffolk
    sometimes shown as JAMES S or JAMES SHEPPARD FOULGER
married ELIZA FLATMAN  daughter of JAMES FLATMAN 10 April 1879 Redgrave Suffolk
ELIZA was born D/1860 Wortham Suffolk died M/1924 Botesdale Suffolk
    Children of JAMES and ELIZA are:
16 i FREDERICK JAMES FOULGER, born 1881 Suffolk died 1973 Suffolk
ii EDITH LAURA FOULGER, born D/1883 Botesdale baptised 21 October 1888 Botesdale died 17 February 1969 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk (buried St Mary's Church Cemetery Redgrave Suffolk)
iii BESSIE ELLEN FOULGER, born 19 August 1885 Botesdale baptised 21 October 1888 Botesdale died M/1953 Middlesex married SYDNEY A FOSSICK D/1914 Islington London
iv FLORENCE LOUISA FOULGER, born D/1887 Botesdale baptised 21 October 1888 Botesdale died M/1940 Cambridge
v ETHEL MAUD FOULGER, baptised 18 May 1890 Botesdale died after 3 April 1911
17 vi WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1892 Suffolk died 1981 Suffolk sometimes shown as WILLIAM REGINALD FOULGER
vii DORA FOULGER, born D/1894 Botesdale married FRANK E FENN S/1930 Hartismere
viii HILDA FOULGER, born 22 September 1897 Botesdale baptised 27 June 1897 Botesdale married GEORGE ALGER S/1930 Hartismere
ix OLIVE FOULGER, born 16 August 1899 Botesdale died March 1989 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
8   CHARLES WILLIAM FOULGER, (William3, William2, Mary1)
    born 11 November 1858 Botesdale baptised 23 October 1859 Botesdale died 23 February 1942 Gipping Suffolk sometimes shown as WILLIAM CHARLES
married LAURA ELLEN BEECROFT daughter of HARRIET BEECROFT 10 October 1882 St Andrew's Church Mickfield
LAURA was born 30 January baptised 3 August 1862 St Andrew's Church Mickfield Suffolk died 30 September 1941 Gipping Suffolk
Child of CHARLES and LAURA is:
18 i WALTER STANLEY FOULGER, born 1888 Suffolk died 1958 Norfolk
9   ANNA MARIA FOULGER, (William3, William2, Mary1) born M/1863 baptised 12 July 1863 Botesdale died unknown
    staying with her Uncle George's family with her baby 1881 census
Child of ANNA is:
i ROSANNA FOULGER, born January 1881 Botesdale baptised 1 April 1883 Botesdale as ROSA ANNA FOULGER died unknown
10   ARTHUR ALFRED FOULGER, (William3, William2, Mary1) born D/1864 Botesdale died 16 April 1944 Botesdale Suffolk
married EMMA HOLDEN S/1898 Guiltcross Norfolk
EMMA was born M/1877 North Lopham Norfolk died S/1941 Botesdale
Children of ARTHUR and EMMA are:
19 i ARTHUR ALFRED FOULGER, born 1898 Suffolk died 1967 Suffolk
ii PERCY FOULGER, born 18 March 1905 Botesdale died S/1967 Wayland Norfolk
iii EDWARD FOULGER, born 5 February 1907 Botesdale died D/1979 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
iv GRACE EVELYN FOULGER, born J/1910 Botesdale married KENNETH C J GORT J/1938 Deben Norfolk
v ROBERT HOLDEN FOULGER, born 6 February 1913 Botesdale died November 1986 Gipping Suffolk married DOROTHY WINIFRED SHAVE M/1940 Bury St Edmunds
vi IVY ROSALYN FOULGER, born 16 June 1915 Botesdale died November 1990 Gipping
  married REGINALD W HUBBARD D/1934 Hartismere Suffolk
11 WALTER FOULGER, (William3, William2, Mary1) born M/1869 Botesdale died M/1949 Samford Suffolk
ALBERTA was born S/1877 West Thorpe Suffolk died M/1904 Woodbridge Suffolk
Children of WALTER and ALBERTA are:
i MARY LOUISE FOULGER, born J/1899 Rickinghall Superior died after 3 April 1911
ii WALTER JAMES FOULGER, born and died S/1900 Rickinghall
iii SIDNEY FOULGER, born M/1902 Rickinghall died M/1904 Rickinghall
iv WALTER FOULGER, born S/1903 Rickinghall arrived in Quebec 1921 died after 8 March 1926
12 ROLAND FOULGER,(William3, William2, Mary1) born M/1878 Botesdale died March 1971 buried Martyn Street Cemetery Cairns Queensland
  (name changes ROLAND/ROWLAND in various records) sailed to Brisbane on the DUKE OF PORTLAND 14 December 1899 arrived 13 February 1900
  as ROWLAND FOULGER married SARAH MARTIN CATLING 9 September 1903 Inaham Queensland
  SARAH was born c1883 died 28 September 1955 Cairns buried Martyn Street Cemetery Cairns Queensland
  Children of ROLAND and SARAH are:
  i ISABELLA VIOLET KATHERINE FOULGER, born 30 July 1905 Queensland died 15 November 1981 Gordonvale Cemetery Queensland
  married VINCENT ALBERT LANGTREE son of JOHN LANGTREE and KATE SHANAGHAN 10 September 1921 Queensland
  VINCENT was born 17 October 1898 Queensland died 24 June 1979 buried Gordonvale Cemetery Queensland
  ii MARY VICTORIA ROSE FOULGER, born 23 May 1907 Queensland
  iii HERBERT ROWLAND FOULGER, born September 1911 Queensland died 1 June buried 2 June 1929 Cairns Queensland
  iv WILLIAM ARTHUR JAMES FOULGER, born 16 November 1912 Cains Queensland Australia died 30 June 1971 Vancouver Canada
  FRANCES was born 13 May 1920 Southport Queensland died 7 October 2007 Vancouver Island Canada
20 v WALTER JAMES FOULGER, born 1917 Australia died 2002 Australia
13 BEATRICE FOULGER, (George3, William2,Mary1) born M/1870 Botesdale died M/1934 Hartismere Suffolk
  married CHARLES WILBY son of DAVID WILBY and CAROLINE DYE J/1899 Botesdale Suffolk
  CHARLES was born D/1873 Wortham Suffolk died after 3 April 1911
  Child of BEATRICE is:
  i BERTHA MacKENZIE FOULGER, born 31 May baptised 30 July 1893 Botesdale died after 3 April 1911
  shown as BERTHA WILBY 1911 census
14 CLARA FOULGER, (George3, William2,Mary1) born M/1872 Botesdale
  married EDMUND HAMPTON D/1906 Botesdale Suffolk
  Child of CLARA is:
  i OLIVE HILDA FOULGER, born 17 August 1892 baptised 16 February 1893 Botesdale died D/1979 Neath  married EDWARD E LANGFORD 7 April 1917 Neath Wales
  EDWARD was born 23 June 1886 died J/1965 Neath
15 GEORGE HERBERT FOULGER, (George3, William2, Mary1) born D/1876 Botesdale died S/1942 Ipswich Suffolk
married GREETJE HORN  daughter of JOHANNES HORN and HENDRIKA  STENDERS 27 October 1900 Hartismere Suffolk
GREETJE (GRACE) was born 28 March 1875 Folesland Sneek Holland died M/1955 Hackney
Children of GEORGE and GREETJE are:
21 i WILLIAM HERBERT FOULGER, born 1900 Suffolk died 1982 Kent
ii ALICE LAURA FOULGER, born 13 June baptised 27 November 1902 Islington married ARTHUR FRANCIS LAW M/1925 Hackney
22 iii EDWARD ALEXANDER FOULGER, born 1903 Hackney died 1971 Kent
23 iv GEORGE JOHN FOULGER, born 1908 Hackney died 1995 London
24 v REGINALD  CHARLES FOULGER, born 1910 Hackney died 2003 USA
vi GRACE HANNAH FOULGER, born 2 December 1913 Hackney died 19 September 1991 Waltham London
  married ERNEST ARTHUR PAGE son of GEORGE ARTHUR PAGE and OLIVE MARION RICHARDS  20 April 1940 Stoke Newington
  ERNEST was born 28 May 1913 Hackney died May 2006 Essex
vii GLADYS DOROTHY FOULGER, born 7 February 1917 Hackney died January 1997 Colchester Essex
  married ROYCE JAMES MOORE son of WILLIAM JAMES MOORE and ISABEL HANNAH M/1940 Stoke Newington London
  ROYCE was born 17 March 1917 Edmonton Essex died April 1997 Enfield London
viii RAYMOND FOULGER, born and died J/1919 Hackney