Third Generation
3 JAMES FOULGER, (William2, Mary1) born 1828 Botesdale baptised 10 July 1831 St Mary's Church Botesdale died M/1910 Thetford Norfolk
married ANN WATSON  daughter of JAMES and MARY PERRY M/1858 Botesdale
ANN was born 1823 Thrandeston Suffolk died M/1913 Thetford Norfolk
ANN married (1) THOMAS BUXTON WATSON S/1847 Thetford
THOMAS was born 1824 Thetford died M/1853 Cosford Suffolk
Child of THOMAS and ANN is:
i MARY ELIZABETH BUXTON WATSON, born 1853 Hinderclay Botesdale died M/1932 Thetford married FREDERICK GEORGE MURTON S/1877 Botesdale
  shown as MARY E BUXTON 1871 census
4 WILLIAM FOULGER, (William2,Mary1) baptised 10 July 1831 St Mary's Church Botesdale buried 4 September 1882 St Mary's Church Botesdale
married (1) HANNAH  SHEPHERD 30 March 1856 Redgrave Suffolk (the spelling of the forename and surname varies in different records)
ANNA was born 1837 Botesdale buried 18 October 1878 St Mary's Church Botesdale (as ANNA)
married (2) CHRISTINA BUXTON daughter of PETER and SARAH GRAY D/1880 Botesdale
CHRISTINA was born 1835 Bardwell Suffolk died S/1914 Woodbridge Suffolk
CHRISTINA married CHARLES BUXTON 15 October 1854 Hartismere Suffolk
CHARLES was born 11 August 1833 Highgate London died M/1878 Hartismere
    Children of WILLIAM and ANNA are:
7 i JAMES  FOULGER, born 1856 Suffolk died 1922 Suffolk
8 ii CHARLES WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1858 Suffolk died 1942 Suffolk
iii FREDERICK DANIEL FOULGER, born M/1861 baptised 12 July 1863 Botesdale died after 3 April 1881
iv EDWARD FOULGER, buried 24 April 1862 St Mary's Church Botesdale (aged 2 weeks)
9 v ANNA MARIA FOULGER, born 1863 Suffolk died after 1 April 1883
10 vi ARTHUR ALFRED FOULGER, born 1864 Suffolk died 1944 Suffolk
vii EDWARD FOULGER born M/1867 Botesdale died J/1936 Botesdale Suffolk
11 viii WALTER FOULGER, born 1869 Suffolk died 1949 Suffolk
ix HERBERT FOULGER, born S/1871 Botesdale buried 8 June 1889 St Mary's Church Botesdale
x HARRIET SOPHIA FOULGER, born S/1873 Botesdale died after 3 April 1911
xi KATE FOULGER, born S/1875 Botesdale died after 3 April 1891
12 xii ROLAND FOULGER, born 1878 Suffolk died 1971 Australia
5 GEORGE FOULGER, (William2,Mary1) born 28 May baptised 27 June 1841 St Mary's Church Botesdale buried 6 August 1898 St Mary's Church Botesdale
married HANNAH KING  daughter of JAMES KING and SUSAN MORLEY 28 November 1865 Redgrave Suffolk
HANNAH was born J/1841 Rickinghall Inferior Suffolk died M/1925 Botesdale Suffolk
Children of GEORGE and HANNAH are:
i FLORENCE JOSEPHINE FOULGER, born 14 November 1866 Rickinghall Suffolk died 3 June 1949 Bradford
  married JOHN FRANK RUSHWORTH son of ELIJAH RUSHWORTH 18 November 1893 St Stephen's Church York
ii ALICE LAURA FOULGER, born S/1868 baptised 1 August 1869 Botesdale married THOMAS PICKFORD son of HENRY PICKFORD 30 October 1895 Botesdale Suffolk
13 iii BEATRICE FOULGER, born 1870 Suffolk died 1934 Suffolk
14 iv CLARA FOULGER, born 1872 Suffolk
v LOUISA VIOLET FOULGER, born D/1874 Botesdale died D/1943 Blyth Suffolk married WILLIAM GAMMON S/1896 Tunbridge
15 vi GEORGE HERBERT FOULGER, born 1876 Suffolk died 1942 Suffolk
6 JOHN FOULGER, (William2,Mary1) baptised 6 August 1843 Botesdale died 27 October 1916 Norwich Norfolk
married ETHELDRA SCOTT daughter of  JONATHAN SCOTT and MARY GRANT S/1868 Blofield Suffolk
ETHELDRA was born S/1840 Plumstead Norfolk died 11 March 1909 Norwich Norfolk
Child of JOHN and ETHELDRA is:
i CLARA LOUISA FOULGER, born J/1871 Norwich died D/1950 Norwich
  HORACE was born D/1870 Norwich died J/1939 Norwich