Fifth Generation
16   FREDERICK JAMES FOULGER, (James S4, William3, William2, Mary1) born 23 July 1881 baptised 21 October 1888 Botesdale died 8 October 1973 Botesdale
    shown as ARCHIE FOULGER 1911 Census
    married BEATRICE MAUD TYE daughter of WILLIAM TYE and MARY ANN CLARKE 29 February 1912 Botesdale
    BEATRICE was born 28 September 1892 Tendering Essex died 30 April 1981 Botesdale (couple buried St Mary's Church Cemetery Redgrave Suffolk)
    Child of FREDERICK and BEATRICE is:
  i ETHEL MAUD FOULGER, born 17 May 1912 Botesdale died January 2004 Hartismere Suffolk 
    married CHARLES WILLIAM BEAN S/1937 Botesdale
    CHARLES was born 30 March 1911 Valletta Malta died October 1989 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
17 WILLIAM FOULGER, (James S4, William3, William2, Mary1) born 10 June 1892 Botesdale died S/1981 Bury St Edmunds sometimes shown as WILLIAM REGINALD FOULGER
  as WILLIAM R FOULGER married ALICE MORRIS (widow) daughter of WALTER NUNN and SPORTSELLER D TAYLOR  D/1921 Hartismere
  ALICE married (1) JOHN MORRIS S/1915 Woodbridge Suffolk
  ALICE was born 6 October 1893 Hinderclay Suffolk died D/1971 Wayland Norfolk
  Child of JOHN and ALICE is:
  i ALICE K.A. MORRIS, born 6 May 1916 Thetford died M/1956 Norwich
  Children of WILLIAM and ALICE are:
  i FREDERICK S FOULGER, born and died M/1923 Thetford Norfolk
25 ii WILLIAM REGINALD FOULGER,born 1923 Norfolk died 1998 Suffolk (father shown as WILLIAM REGINALD)


  WALTER STANLEY FOULGER, (Charles4,William3, William2, Mary1) born 22 September baptised 9 December 1888 Stonham Suffolk died 10 July 1958 Depwade Norfolk
married ELLEN LOUISA PAGE 22 February 1913 St Catherine's Church Pettaugh Suffolk
ELLEN was born 19 July 1884 Bosmere Suffolk died J/1968 Ipswich Suffolk
Child of WALTER and ELLEN is:


PETER FOULGER, born 1 June 1921 Suffolk died 23 February 2012 Ipswich married PATRICIA MARIANNE KEEBLE D/1945 Suffolk
PATRICIA was born 12 November 1922 Suffolk died 22 February 2008 Ipswich
19 ARTHUR ALFRED FOULGER,(Arthur A4,William3, William2, Mary1) born 10 December 1898 Botesdale died D/1967 Gipping Suffolk
  FLORENCE was born 23 February 1903 Monk Soham Suffolk died October 2001 Ipswich
  Child of ARTHUR and FLORENCE is:
  i DAPHNE U FOULGER, born 1931 Suffolk married GEORGE BRIAN ELY 1965 Ipswich
20 WALTER JAMES FOULGER,(Roland4,William3, William2, Mary1)
  born 30 November 1917 Aloomba Queensland died 12 February 2002 Cairns Queensland Australia
  married  MONA MAVIS EDWARDS daughter of JOHN EDWARDS and RUTH HAMBLIN 1937 Queensland
  MONA was born 6 December 1918 Kuridala Queensland died 6 April 2009 Cairns Queensland
  Children of WALTER and MONA are:
  i LAURENCE JAMES FOULGER, born 1938 Australia
26 ii GRAHAME ROWLAND FOULGER, born 1953 Australia


WILLIAM HERBERT FOULGER, (George H4,George3, William2, Mary1)
  born 10 December 1900 Botesdale baptised 30 May 1901 Islington died D/1982 Thanet Kent
    married KATHLEEN NORAH CLARIDGE D/1924 Hackney
    KATHLEEN was born 10 February 1903 Hackney died J/1981 Surrey
    Child of WILLIAM and KATHLEEN is:
  i JOYCE KATHLEEN FOULGER, born 18 June 1925 Hackney married ARTHUR J B BROWN S/1950 Romford Essex
22   EDWARD ALEXANDER FOULGER, (George H4,George3, William2, Mary1) born 21 November 1903 Hackney baptised 17 March 1904 Islington died J/1971 Thanet Kent
  BERTHA was born 6 November 1904 Bromley Kent died May 1993 Teigbridge Devon
  Children of EDWARD and BERTHA are:
  i KENNETH A FOULGER, born J/1929 Edmonton married DOROTHY HENRY 1967 Kent
  ii MARGARET E FOULGER, born S/1932 Edmonton married ROY J A C PALMER S/1952 Edmonton
27 iii ALLAN H FOULGER, born 1935 Edmonton
23   GEORGE JOHN FOULGER,(George H4,George3, William2, Mary1) born 7 February 1908 Hackney died 9 October 1995 Greenwich London
  married PEGGY ANA ADA KING daughter of LESLIE W KING and ELSIE ELMER D/1941 Brentwood Essex
  PEGGY was born J/1921 Hackney died 16 August 1967 Brentwood
  Child of GEORGE and PEGGY is:
28 i DAVID LESLIE FOULGER,born 1948 Essex
24   REGINALD  CHARLES FOULGER, (George H4,George3, William2, Mary1)
  born 23 November 1910 Hackney died 27 July 2003 Hayward California buried Lone Tree Cemetery Haywood Alameda California
    married MARY CAMPBELL COMBEN daughter of EDWARD WILLIAM COMBEN and MAUD ABOHBOT S/1937 Stoke Newington London
    MARY was born 19 June 1910 Hackney died 4 July 1990 Hayward California
    MARY emigrated from Liverpool on 2 October 1940 aboard the BAYANO via Canada to Kalamazoo Michigan to live with her sister (BETSY ALICE)(BAKER),
    REGINALD sailed fron Liverpool 6 April 1945 on the CAVINA to join her
    married (2) HELEN BIRD SILVER-CREWS daughter of PHILIP SILVER and HELEN BIRD MATTHERSMAN 3 October 1992
    HELEN was born 11 March 1928 Hayward California died 22 April 2005 Berkeley California buried Lone Tree Cemetery California
    Children of REGINALD and MARY are:
29 i GERALD FOULGER, born 1940 Michigan
30 ii SHARON DEE FOULGER, born 1947 California