Fifth Generation
24 BERNARD HENRY JOHN FOULGER,(Sidney4,Henry3,John2,John1) born 13 October 1907 Thorpe Le Soken Essex died 23 June 1973 Colchester Essex
    MARJORIE was born 19 April 1911 Edmonton Surrey died 29 April 2000 Colchester
    Children of BERNARD and MARJORIE are:
  i JACQUELINE A FOULGER, born 1944 Essex married JOHN R NIGHTINGALE 1964 Essex
33 ii PETER J N FOULGER, born 1947 Essex
25 JOHN CHARLES FENTON FOULGER,(Norman4,Charles3,John2,John1) born 18 July 1926 Woodbridge Suffolk died 21 July 2006 Grundisburgh
    married DAPHNE J BAXTER daughter of ARTHUR S BAXTER and ANNIE E E RANDALL 1951 Suffolk
    DAPHNE was born J/1926 Woodbridge
    Children of JOHN and DAPHNE are:
34 i ANDREW J FOULGER, born 1952 Suffolk
  ii ELIZABETH A FOULGER, born 1954 Suffolk married DAVID A HILLSON 1978 Suffolk
  iii SARAH J FOULGER, born 1956 Suffolk married KIM J FISHER 1984 Suffolk
35 iv CHARLES B FOULGER, born 1962 Suffolk
26 GEOFFREY WILLIAM FOULGER,(Norman4,Charles3,John2,John1) born M/1928 Ipswich Suffolk died 2 April 2009 Ipswich
    married LILY MARIA MAUD SMITH S/1949 Deben Suffolk
    LILY was born S/1927 Suffolk died 12 January 2012 Ipswich
    Children of GEOFFREY and LILY are:
  i DAVID WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1950 Suffolk
  ii MICHAEL J FOULGER, born 1953 Suffolk married KATHLEEN R SMYE 1982 Suffolk
36 iii ROBERT N FOULGER, born 1956 Suffolk
  iv JULIA FOULGER, born 1959 Suffolk married RAYMOND M SMITH 1986 Suffolk
  Children of JULIA and RAYMOND are:
  i STEVEN WILLIAM SMITH, born 1988 Suffolk
  ii BEN PETER SMITH, born 1990 Suffolk
27 EDWIN BRUCE HENRY FOULGER,(Norman4,Charles3,John2,John1) born 25 June 1937 Suffolk died 19 June 2005 Suffolk
    married JUDITH M CRANE daughter of ARTHUR E CRANE and DOROTHY G NICHOLLS 1959 Suffolk
    Children of EDWIN and JUDITH are:
37 i DUNCAN C FOULGER, born 1960 Suffolk
38 ii ADRIAN E FOULGER, born 1961 Suffolk
  iii JOANNE CLARE FOULGER, born 29 August 1963 Suffolk died May 2001 Ipswich married SIMON J YOUNG 1984 Suffolk
28 EDGAR GEORGE FOULGER, (George4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 8 June baptised 26 July 1896 Ipswich died March 1985 Waverley Suffolk
    married DAISY WATERS M/1917 Ipswich
    Children of EDGAR and DAISY are:
39 i HUGH EDGAR FOULGER, born 1918 Suffolk died 1944 France
40 ii REGINALD THOMAS FOULGER, born 1924 Suffolk died 1980 Suffolk
29 REGINALD DAVID FOULGER,(George4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 5 July 1904 Ipswich baptised 7 July 1930 Aldershot Hampshire died 4 November 1967 Papworth Cambridge
    married WINIFRED HELEN MARGARET BYRNE daughter of JOHN BYRNE and MARGARET MARY WILKIN 26 December 1928 Lewisham (sometimes shown as ELLEN)
    WINIFRED was born 1 April 1908 Bermondsey died 15 June 1990 Torbay Devon
    Children of REGINALD and WINIFRED are:
41 i MICHAEL ANTHONY BYRNE FOULGER, born 1933 Malta died 2002 Shropshire
  ii YVONNE MARGARET BYRNE FOULGER, born 1935 Salisbury married WILLIAM B HARDING 1953 Liverpool
  iii PAMELA A BYRNE FOULGER, born 1939 Hampshire married LLYOD P IXON 1959 Cambridge
  iv MARGARET P B FOULGER, born 1941 Cambridge
42 v PETER R B FOULGER, born 1946 Cambridge
30 WILLIAM EDWARD JOHN FOULGER,(William4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 3 August 1902 Gamlingay Cambridge died 17 September 1966 Carlton Nottingham
    married ALICE FARNSWORTH daughter of EDWARD FARNSWORTH and LAURA BLOCKSON D/1932 Basford
    Alice was born 17 April 1908 Derby
    Children of WILLIAM and ALICE are:
  i DARWINA FOULGER, born 1933 Basford married BRIAN K WHITTLE son of WILLIAM P WHITTLE and ANNIE E J DOVE 1954 Basford
  ii VERA FOULGER, born 1936 Basford married MICHAEL F PICKETT 1969 Basford
  iii ALICE FOULGER, born 1938 Basford married SYDNEY M HIBBETT 1965 Basford
31 STANLEY ASA FOULGER, (William4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 6 August 1906 Carlton Nottingham died 10 May 1977 Nottingham
    married EDITH SHUTTLEWORTH S/1938 Nottingham
    Child of STANLEY and EDITH is:
43 i NEVILLE ASA FOULGER, born 1939 Basford
32 DOUGLAS J FOLGER, (John4,Asa3,Robert2,John1) born J/1921 Dunmow
married JEAN BARRY M/1944 Dunmow
JEAN was born 22 0ctober 1922
Children of DOUGLAS and JEAN are:
i MICHAEL T FOLGER, born 1949 Essex
ii JEREMY ROGER FOLGER, born 13 March 1952 Dunmow Essex died July 2002 Canterbury Kent