Fourth Generation
14 CHARLES EDWARD FOULGER,((Henry3,John2,John1) born M/1859 Thorpe Le Soken died after 3 April 1911
  married MARY WILLIAMS BENDALL daughter of JAMES BENDALL and MARY CULPITT M/1882 Ipswich
  MARY was born D/1854 Ipswich died M/1904 Ipswich
  Child of CHARLES and MARY is:
  i MARY FLORENCE FOULGER, born 4 April 1890 Ipswich died J/1981 Ipswich married HARRY BALLS J/1915 Blything Suffolk
15 ISAAC NEWTON FOULGER,(Henry3,John2,John1)  born 21 September 1862 Thorpe Le Soken died 25 April 1947 Clacton on sea Essex
    married ELLEN LEGGETT daughter of JOHN LOTT LEGGETT and SARAH BARTON J/1897 Tendring Essex
    ELLEN was born 12 February 1874 Little Clacton died 7 January 1967 Chelmsford
    Children of ISAAC and ELLEN are:
  i MAY ELLEN FOULGER, born 28 October 1897 Thorpe Le Soken died April 1988 Chelmsford
  HAROLD was born 16 December 1899 Great Wakering Essex died December 1988 Braintree Essex
  ii EDITH LOUISA FRYER FOULGER, born 17 April 1900 Thorpe Le Soken died 15 July 1991 Colchester
    married EUSTACE FREEMAN MASSEY GODDEN  27 May 1927 Tendring Essex
16 SIDNEY WADE FOULGER, (Henry3,John2,John1)  born D/1879 Thorpe Le Soken died 7 February 1952 Thorpe Le Soken
    married JULIA LEGGETT daughter of JOHN LOTT LEGGETT and SARAH BARTON D/1900 Tendring Essex
    JULIA was born M/1882 Wix Essex died 20 October 1968 Thorpe Le Soken
    Children of SIDNEY and JULIA are:
  i GWENDOLINE MURIEL FOULGER, born 27 May 1901 Thorpe Le Soken died 11 January 1976 Thorpe Le Soken
24 ii BERNARD HENRY JOHN FOULGER, born 1907 Essex died 1973 Essex
17 GEORGE JAMES FOULGER, (George3,John2,John1)  born 14 March 1891 Cambridge died May 1984 Sheffield
    living with his Grandmother RACHEL 1901 census
    ALICE was born 30 September 1892 West Ham died J/1969 Havering Essex
    Children of GEORGE and ALICE are:
  i ALICE ELIZABETH H FOULGER, born S/1924 West Ham
  ii FLORENCE L FOULGER, born M/1926 West Ham married LESLIE H PATTEN D/1947 Romford Essex
18 NORMAN JOHN FOULGER,(Charles3,John2,John1)  born 20 October 1903 Grundisburgh died S/1980 Ipswich buried St Mary's Church Cemetery Grundisburgh
    married KATHLEEN FENTON daughter of JOHN FENTON and EASTER ANNIE LANKESTER M/1926 Woodbridge
    KATHLEEN was born 26 July 1901 Ipswich died March 1985 Ipswich buried St Mary's Church Cemetery Grundisburgh
    Children of NORMAN and KATHLEEN are:
25 i JOHN CHARLES FENTON FOULGER, born 1926 Suffolk died 2006 Suffolk
26 ii GEOFFREY WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1928 Suffolk died 2009 Suffolk
27 iii EDWIN BRUCE HENRY FOULGER, born 1937 Suffolk died 2005 Suffolk
19   GEORGE ASA FOULGER, (Asa3,John2,John1) born M/1873 baptised 6 July 1873 Grundisburgh died 13 April 1961 Hither Green London
    married MARY ANN PINNER, daughter of DAVID PINNER and SARAH PORLEY 1 March 1892 Samford 
    MARY was born 1872 Tattingstone Suffolk died after 3 April 1911
    Children of GEORGE and MARY are:
  i IRIS ANNIE FOULGER, born J/1894 Ipswich died S/1971 Lewisham London married JOHN STRINGER D/1922 Ipswich
28 ii EDGAR GEORGE FOULGER, born 1896 Suffolk died 1985 Suffolk
  iii GEORGE ASA FOULGER, born J/1898 buried 27 July 1898 St Pancras Cemetery Camden London
29 iv REGINALD DAVID FOULGER, born 1904 Suffolk died 1967 Cambridge
20   WILLIAM FOULGER, (Asa3,John2,John1) born D/1875 Grundisburgh died D/1957 Nottingham
    married MARY JANE FULCHER M/1898 Pancras
    MARY was born M1876 South Lopham Norfolk died J/1954 Basford Nottingham
    Children of WILLIAM and MARY are:
  i PHYLLIS MARY FOULGER, born J/1899 Kentish Town London married SAMUEL PAGE D/1921 Nottingham
  ii MAY FOULGER, born J/1901 Gamlingay Cambridge married CLARENCE ARTHUR HARDY J/1926 Basford Nottingham
30 iii WILLIAM EDWARD JOHN FOULGER, born 1902 Cambridge died 1966 Nottingham
  iv ROBERT GEORGE FOULGER, born M/1904 Cambridge died J/1942 Nottingham
31 v STANLEY ASA FOULGER, born 1906 Nottingham died 1977 Nottingham
  vi FREDERICK HENRY FOULGER, born 5 April 1910 Carlton Nottingham died D/1994 York
  vii JOHN FOULGER, born and died M/1912 Nottingham
  viii ASA FOULGER, born and died M/1914 Nottingham
  ix PHILIP FOULGER, born and died M/1915 Nottingham
  x EDWARD FOULGER, born and died M/1917 Nottingham
  xi OLIVE M FOULGER, born D/1919 Carlton Nottingham died J/1920 Basford
21 JOHN FOULGER,(Asa3,Robert2,John1) born D/1878 Grundisburgh died D/1949 Harrow Middlesex (birth and death registered as JOHN FOLGER)
  as JOHN FOLGER married CATHERINE ANNIE CLARKE daughter of JAMES and JANE CLARKE S/1903 Tendring Essex
  CATHERINE was born J/1880 Clacton on sea Essex died J/1959 Dunmow Essex
  Children of JOHN and CATHERINE are:
  i CONSTANCE MILDRED MARY FOLGER, born 11 June 1904 Dunmow died December 1991 Uttlesford Essex
  married GERALD E THOMPSON D/1931 Dunmow Essex
  ii GWENDOLYN HILDA  A. FOLGER, born 18 December 1910 Dunmow died April 1987 Chelmsford Essex
  married ERIC W FARRINGTON S/1936 Dunmow
  iii MARGUERITE B. J. FOLGER, born M/1914 Dunmow died J/1964 London City married ARTHUR H COLE S/1939 Dunmow
  iv FAITH M. G. FOLGER, born J/1919 Dunmow married STANLEY GEORGE SUCH son of GEORGE SUCH and ELSIE BASDEN D/1940 Dunmow
32 v DOUGLAS J FOLGER, born 1921 Essex
22   FRANK WILLIAM FOLGER, (Philip3,John2,John1) born 7 August 1875 Barrow Suffolk died 7 March 1958 Surrey
    married ROSINA ELIZABETH MORRIS D/1902 Thingoe
    ROSINA was born S/1872 Great Barton died S/1919 Plomesgate Suffolk
    married (2) MAHALA HENRIETTA FOLGER M/1924 St Olave
23   FREDERICK CHARLES FOLGER,(Philip3,John2,John1) born 1878 Barrow Suffolk died D/1928 Bury St Edmunds
    married JULIA BRINKLEY D/1908 St George Hanover Square London
    JULIA was born M/1882 Thorpe Morieux Suffolk died D/1968 Bury St Edmunds
    Children of FREDERICK and JULIA are:
  i GERTRUDE ELIZABETH ANN FOLGER, born 20 January 1909 Mitcham Surrey died January 1992 Bury St Edmunds
    married ERNEST C ATKINS  S/1930 Bury St Edmunds
  ii FLORENCE JULIA MAY FOLGER, born 28 August 1910 Mitcham Surrey died 1987 Bury St Edmunds
    married CLIFFORD MALCOLM COE M/1938 Bury St Edmunds
    CLIFFORD was born 21 October 1908 Bury St Edmunds died J/1981 Bury St Edmunds
  iii PHILIP WALTER FOLGER, born 21 March 1913 Brentford died July 1986 Norwich
    married LAVINIA Q PLUMMER S/1939 Bury St Edmunds
    LAVINIA was born M/1912 Bury St Edmunds died M/1965 Bury St Edmunds
  iv FREDERICK C FOLGER, born S/1919 Bury St Edmunds died J/1964 Depwade Norfolk