Sixth Generation
33 PETER J N FOULGER, (Bernard5,Sidney4,Henry3,John2,John1) born 1947 Essex
    married PENELOPE J BROWN 1972 Essex
    Children of PETER and PENELOPE are;
  i MARK BERNARD C FOULGER, born 1973 Essex
  ii KEVIN ANDREW FOULGER, born 1979 Essex
34 ANDREW J FOULGER, (John5,Norman4,Charles3,John2,John1) born 1952 Suffolk
  married JACQUELINE C BOAST 1975 Suffolk
  Children of ANDREW and JACQUELINE are:
  i STEPHEN ANDREW FOULGER, born 4 December 1979 Suffolk died M/1980 Cambridge buried St Mary's Church Cemetery Grundisburgh
  ii MATTHEW JOHN FOULGER, born 1981 Suffolk
  iii HELEN ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 1984 Suffolk
35 CHARLES B FOULGER,(John5,Norman4,Charles3,John2,John1) born 1962 Suffolk
    married LORRAINE A TODD 1999 Suffolk
    Children of CHARLES and LORRAINE are:
  i LOUIS CHARLES FOULGER, born 2000 Suffolk
  ii ZACHARY JAMES FOULGER, born 2002 Suffolk
36 ROBERT N FOULGER, (Geoffrey5,Norman4,Charles3,John2,John1) born 1956 Suffolk
    married JUDITH A MARTEN 1987 Suffolk
    Child of  ROBERT and JUDITH is:
  i ALEXANDRA MEGAN FOULGER, born 1992 Suffolk
37 DUNCAN C FOULGER, (Edwin5,Norman4,Charles3,John2,John1) born 1960 Suffolk
    married LYNN E STEPHENSON 1981 Suffolk
    Children of DUNCAN and LYNN are:
  i AMBER HOLLY FOULGER, born 1983 Suffolk
  ii JADE LUCY FOULGER, born 1985 Suffolk
38 ADRIAN E FOULGER, (Edwin5,Norman4,Charles3,John2,John1)  born 1961 Suffolk
    married CARON S REYNOLDS 1985 Suffolk
    Children of ADRIAN and CARON are:
  i CHLOE PATRICIA FOULGER, born 1988 Suffolk
  ii MEGAN AMY FOULGER, born 1990 Suffolk
39 HUGH EDGAR FOULGER, (Edgar5,George4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 18 July 1918 Ipswich died 4 August 1944 buried Bayeux War Cemetery France
    married EDNA D STEBBINGS daughter of THOMAS STEBBINGS and EMMA SOPHIA GOOCH M/1938 Blyth Suffolk
    EDNA was born J/1915 Norwich
    Child of HUGH and EDNA is:
  i ROY T FOULGER, born 1940 Ipswich
40 REGINALD THOMAS FOULGER,(Edgar5,George4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 14 February 1924 Stow died S/1980 Waverley Suffolk
    married AUDREY MAY PARKER J/1942 Ipswich
    AUDREY was born 7 August 1922 Blything Suffolk died M/2005 Waverley
    Children of REGINALD and AUDREY are:
44 i GERALD  E FOULGER, born 1946 Norfolk married SONIA JEFFERIES 1968 Suffolk
45 ii ANTHONY GEORGE FOULGER, born 1948 Suffolk married MAUREEN A RANDLESOME 1970 Suffolk
  iii JACQUELINE FOULGER, born 1949 Suffolk
  iv DOROTHY M B FOULGER, born 1950 Suffolk married JACK A HUTCHINGS 1969 Suffolk
  v NIGEL FOULGER, born 1955 Suffolk
41 MICHAEL ANTHONY BRYNE FOULGER,(Reginald5,George4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 19 February 1933 Malta died October 2002 Telford Shropshire
    married ANN R PARKER 1958 Whitchurch Shropshire
    Child of MICHAEL and ANN is:
i JACQUELINE L FOULGER, born 1959 Sussex married JOHN R GREEDY 1979 Shropshire
42 PETER R B FOULGER, (Reginald5,George4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 1946 Cambridgeshire
    married FLORENCE E ELLIOTT 1969 Cambridgeshire
    Children of PETER and FLORENCE are:
46 i GLENN FERGUS FOULGER, born 1972 Cambridgeshire married SALLY A DAY 1996 Cambridgeshire
47 ii RUSSELL ELLIOTT FOULGER, born 1973 Cambridgeshire married LUCIE V KNIGHT 2002 Cambridgeshire
43 NEVILLE ASA FOULGER,(Stanley5,William4,Asa3,John2,John1) born 1939 Basford
    married FRANCES A HARGREAVES 1964 Nottinghamshire
    Children of NEVILLE and FRANCES are:
  i ANN LOUISE FOULGER, born 1966 Nottinghamshire married KEITH G BEESLEY 1992 Warwickshire
  ii DAVID CAIRY FOULGER, born 1970 Staffordshire