Third  Generation
5 JOHN ROBERT FOULGER, (John2,John1) born 18 February 1821 Thorpe Le Soken Essex died 9 May 1886 London City
    married CLARA THOMPSON daughter of JOHN and ELIZABETH THOMPSON 18 August 1853 Whitechapel
    CLARA was born 1826 Christchurch Middlesex died 20 March 1897 Wood Green Middlesex
    Children of JOHN and CLARA are:
  i GEORGE DENNIS FOULGER, born D/1855 Cripplegate died 27 January 1882 London City
  ii SUSANNA EDWARDS FOULGER, born S/1858 Cripplegate died S/1946 Okehampton married JOHN WALTER BUTTON D/1881 London City
    JOHN was born S/1855 Forehoe Norfolk died J/1886 Islington London
    married (2) JOSEPH ROBERT MALLY S/1889 London City
    JOSEPH was born 1856 Constantinople Turkey died D/1920 Islington
6 HENRY FOULGER, (John2,John1) baptised 15 April 1823 Thorpe Le Soken died 31 March 1899 Thorpe Le Soken
married (1) MARY ANN GIFFORD M/1848 Tendring Essex
MARY was born 8 February 1827 Thorpe Le Soken died J/1860 Tendring
    married (2) LOUISA FRYER VORLEY daughter of JAMES VORLEY and HANNAH HILL D/1861 Ipswich
    LOUISA was born 4 October 1840 Thrapston Northamptonshire died 15 April 1898 Thorpe Le Soken
  Children of HENRY and MARY ANN are:
  i WILLIAM HENRY FOULGER, born February 1851 Thorpe Le Soken died after 1870 (served in the merchant navy)
  ii ELLEN FOULGER, born S/1854 baptised 16 October 1854 died D/1854 Thorpe Le Soken
  iii ANNA FOULGER, born M/1856 Thorpe Le Soken died after 3 April 1911 married CHARLES KEEBLE J/1879 Thorpe
14 iv CHARLES EDWARD FOULGER, born 1859 Essex died after 3 April 1911
    Children of HENRY and LOUISA are:
15 i ISAAC NEWTON FOULGER, born 1862 Essex died 1947 Essex
  ii AFALINDA FOULGER, born J/1866 Thorpe Le Soken died J/1898 Thorpe Le Soken
  iii WALTER FOULGER, born M/1870 Thorpe Le Soken died December 1889 Thorpe Le Soken
  iv LOUISA VENETIA FOULGER, born M/1876 Thorpe Le Soken died J/1940 Whitehaven Cumbria
16 v SIDNEY WADE FOULGER, born 1879 Essex died 1952 Essex
7 GEORGE FOULGER, (Rachel2,John1) born M/1866 baptised 23 December 1866 Grundisburgh as GEORGE WILLIAM FOULGER died S/1892 Islington
    married CAROLINE BROWN daughter of CHARLES and LOUISA ALLEN S/1888 Cambridge
    CAROLINE was born M/1867 Cambridge died S/1932 Cambridge
    CAROLINE married (1) THOMAS BROWN S/1884 Cambridge
    THOMAS was born 1863 Cambridge died S/1886 Cambridge
    CAROLINE married (3) HARRY WHITEHEAD son of HARRY WHITEHEAD 6 April J/1903 St Andrew the less Cambridge
    HARRY was born J/1863 Cambridge died D/1946 Cambridge
    Children of GEORGE and CAROLINE are:
  i ELIZABETH BEATRICE FOULGER, born 9 July 1889 Cambridge died D/1973 Cambridge,
  married ERNEST GLASSCOCK son of JOHN GLASSCOCK and MARY ANN WITHERS 27 August 1907 Cambridge
    staying with THOMAS BROWN and his wife LOUISA (ALLEN) 1901 census shown as niece
17 ii GEORGE JAMES FOULGER, born 1891 Cambridge died 1984 Sheffield living with his Grandmother RACHEL 1901 census
  iii LILY FOULGER, born 21 March 1898 Cambridge died M/1981 Cambridge shown as LILY FOULGER WHITEHEAD 1911 census
  as LILY FOULGER WHITEHEAD married ALFRED A DAY J/1915 Cambridge
  iv DOROTHY MAUD FOULGER, born 19 October 1899 Cambridge died S/1972 Cambridge shown as DOROTHY MAUD WHITEHEAD 1911 census
  ERNEST was born 7 August 1901 Cambridge died J/1979 Cambridge
  v BABY FOULGER, daughter shown as one month old 1901 census, birth register as TILLY FULGER WHITEHEAD J/1901 Cambridge
    death registered as MATILDA WHITEHEAD S/1901 Cambridge
    1901 census CAROLINE is shown as a Widow working as a Housekeeper for HARRY WHITEHEAD her three youngest children are with her.
    Child of CAROLINE and HARRY is:
  i PERCY THOMAS WHITEHEAD, born I September 1903 Cambridge died D/1974 Cambridge
8 CHARLES FOULGER, (Rachel2,John1) born 1869 Nacton Suffolk died 17 September 1928 Woodbridge Suffolk
    married FANNY ELIZABETH MAYS M/1894 Woodbridge
    FANNY was born 15 September 1865 Kirton Suffolk died J/1944 Deben Suffolk
    Children of CHARLES and FANNY are:
  i WILLIAM CHARLES FOULGER, born M/1895 Grundisburgh died 12 December 1917 buried LeCateau Cemetery France
  ii HENRY CHARLES FOULGER, born M/1897 Grundisburgh died 24 April 1917 buried Duisans Cemetery Etrun France
18 iii NORMAN JOHN FOULGER, born 1903 Suffolk died 1980 Suffolk
9 GEORGE FOULGER,(Robert2,John1) born 1836 Grundisburgh died S/1911 Ipswich (as GEORGE FOLGER)
    ELIZA was born 1835 Wrentham Suffolk died M/1910 St Olave London
    Children of GEORGE and ELIZA are:
  i HANNAH ELIZA FOLGER, born 1861 Plaistow Essex married JOHN HENRY BOWLES D/1884 St Saviour
  ii MARY ANN MAHALA FOLGER, born M/1863 Windsor Berkshire married JOHN CROCKER J/1880 Wandsworth
  iii EMILY AMELIA FOLGER, born D/1865 Lambeth died after 3 April 1891
  married JOSEPH BRUNSDON son of ISAAC BRUNSDON and CHARLOTTE COOPER 20 December 1887 Southwark
  JOSEPH was born D/1855 Bermondsey died D/1912 Bermondsey  London
10 SARAH ANNE  FOULGER,(Robert2,John1) born D/1837 baptised 27 March 1842 Grundisburgh died after 3 April 1861
    Child of SARAH ANNE is:
  i ELIZABETH MARY SMITH FOULGER, born M/1860 Ipswich baptised 16 December 1860 Grundisburgh died after 3 April 1891
    as ELIZABETH MARY S FOLGER married BENJAMIN BROOK 1 December 1876 Grundisburgh
    BENJAMIN was born 1861 Henley Suffolk died D/1883 Grundisburgh
    ELIZABETH married (2) WILLIAM JOHN R LEECH D/1887 Grundisburgh
    WILLIAM was born 1864 died S/1890 Grundisburgh
11 ASA FOULGER, (Robert2,John1) born 20 August 1844 baptised 4 August 1845 Grundisburgh (as ASA FOLGER) died October 1913 Grundisburgh
as ASA FOLGER married MARY FRIEND daughter of EPHRAIM and EMMA FRIEND J/1866 Woodbridge
    MARY was born 26 December 1842 Trimley Suffolk died S/1917 Grundisburgh
    1911 census ASA and MARY say they had six children all living, have only found five
    Children of ASA and MARY are:
  i MARY FOULGER, born J/1867 Grundisburgh died 11 July 1944 Bucklesham Suffolk (MARY and PHILLIS are working together as servants at Stoke Newington London1901 census)
  ii PHILLIS ANN FOULGER, born M/1870 baptised 6 August 1871 Grundisburgh died after 3 April 1901
19 iii GEORGE ASA FOULGER, born 1873 Suffolk died 1961 London
20 iv WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1875 Suffolk died 1957 Nottingham
21 v JOHN FOULGER, born 1878 Suffolk died 1949 Middlesex (birth registered as JOHN FOLGER) (shown as JOHN FOULGER 1881 and 1891 censuses)
12 PHILIP FOULGER, (Robert2,John1) born D/1846 Grundisburgh died J/1906 Thingoe Suffolk (as PHILIP FOLGER)
    as PHILIP FOLGER married SARAH ANN ROSBROOK daughter of WILLIAM ROSBROOK and SARAH WOODS 4 February 1875 Thingoe
    SARAH was born S/1848 Barrow Suffolk died D/1915 Bury St Edmunds
    Children of PHILIP and SARAH are:
22 i FRANK WILLIAM FOLGER, born 1875 Suffolk died 1958 Surrey
23 ii FREDERICK CHARLES FOLGER, born 1878 Suffolk died 1928 Suffolk
  iii WILLIAM ROSBROOK FOLGER, baptised 29 September 1879 Fressingfield Suffolk buried 8 July 1897 Honington All Saints Suffolk
13 JOHN FOULGER,(Robertl2,John1) born M/1856 baptised 17 January 1758 Grundisburgh died D/1929 Guildford Surrey (as JOHN FOLGER)
    as JOHN FOLGER married HENRIETTA MARSH daughter of ANDREW MARSH and JANE SANDHAM J/1882 St Saviour
    HENRIETTA was born 2 May 1853 Farringdon Hampshire died 9 March 1945 Surrey (lives with FRANK W and MAHALA FOLGER 1939)
    Children of JOHN and HENRIETTA are:
  i BERTHA EMILY FOLGER, born J/1883 St Olave died 24 December 1894 Camberwell (shown as BARTHA FOLGER aged 11 years 8 months)
  ii MAHALA HENRIETTA FOLGER, born 25 November 1884 St Olave died 14 January 1951 Surrey
  iii FLORENCE ELEANOR FOLGER, born D/1886 St Olave died 4 May 1895 Camberwell (Home address for FLORENCE the same as for BARTHA)