First Generation


  JOHN FOULGER, born c1768 died 30 October 1808 Grundisburgh
    married AMY BANYARD daughter of EDMUND BANYARD and MARY LEMON 20 July 1792 Grundisburgh.
    AMY was baptised 26 April 1772 Clopton Suffolk died M/1854 St Clements Infirmary Norwich
    Children of JOHN and AMY are:
  i JOHN FOULGER, baptised 12 May 1793 Grundisburgh died 1794 Grundisburgh


ii JOHN FOULGER, born 1795 Suffolk died 1843 Essex
3 iii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1798 Suffolk died 1864 Suffolk
  iv MARY ANN FOULGER, baptised 2 September 1800 Grundisburgh died unknown
  v CHARLOTTE FOULGER, baptised 31 July 1803 Grundisburgh died 17 October 1809 Grundisburgh


vi ROBERT FOULGER, born 1805 Suffolk died 1891 Suffolk
  vii EMMA AMY FOULGER, baptised 26 February 1809 Grundisburgh died S/1887 Ipswich
    as AMY FOULGER married JOSEPH KIDBY son of JOHN KIDBY and ANN CUMMINGHAM 4 March 1834 Grundisburgh
    JOSEPH was born 1805 Playford Suffolk died M/1887 Grundisburgh
                                                                 Second Generation


  JOHN FOULGER,(John1) baptised 21 June 1795 Grundisburgh died 13 August 1843 Thorpe Le Soken Essex


  married SUSANNA EDWARDS 11 December 1817 Thorpe Le Soken
    SUSANNA was born 1796 Thorpe Le Soken died 10 January 1885 Thorpe Le Soken (lives with her son HENRY 1881 census)
    SUSANNA married (2) WILLIAM CATER J/1850 Tendring
    Children of JOHN and SUSANNA are:
  i SUSANNA FOULGER, baptised 19 November 1818 Thorpe Le Soken died 30 May 1821 Thorpe Le Soken
5 ii JOHN ROBERT FOULGER, born 1821 Essex died 1886 London
6 iii HENRY FOULGER, born 1823 Essex died 1899 Essex
3   WILLIAM FOULGER,(John1) baptised 7 January 1798 Grundisburgh buried 6 November 1864 Grundisburgh St Mary
    married JANE BARRELL daughter of JOHN BARRELL and ELIZABETH COLEMAN 4 February 1823 Grundisburgh
    JANE was baptised 1798 Ipswich Suffolk buried 18 July 1889 Grundisburgh St Mary
    Children of WILLIAM and JANE are:
  i ELIZA FOULGER, born 27 February 1823 baptised 25 September 1831 Grundisburgh as ELIZA FOLGER died M/1894 Cosford Suffolk
  married WILLIAM SPOONER son of THEOPHILUS HICKS SPOONER and MARY BURCH 13 May 1852 Hadleigh Suffolk
  WILLIAM was born 1827 Hadleigh died 26 October 1911 Cosford
  ii MARION FOULGER, born 6 August 1824 baptised 25 September 1831 Grundisburgh as MARIANN FOLGER died unknown
  iii CHARLOTTE FOULGER, born 6 March 1826 baptised 25 September 1831 Grundisburgh as CHARLOTTE FOLGER died after 3 April 1851
  iv ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 28 August 1827 Grundisburgh died after 4 June 1841
  v LOUISA FOULGER, born 12 December 1829 baptised 25 September 1831 Grundisburgh as LOUISA FOLGER died M/1922 Woodbridge Suffolk
  THOMAS was born 1818 Halesworth Suffolk died M/1892 Norwich
  THOMAS married (1) HANNAH WESTGATE 21 February 1842 Ellingham Norfolk
  HANNAH was born 1822 Ellingham died D/1877 Norwich
  vi JOHN FOULGER, born 10 April 1833 Grundisburgh died J/1913 Smallburgh Norfolk
  vii SARAH FOULGER, born 9 August 1834 Grundisburgh died after 3 April 1871
  viii ELLEN FOULGER, born 2 July 1836 Grundisburgh died 6 March 1920 Ipswich married RICHARD CHARLES CRANNIS son of RICHARD CRANNIS and LYDIA HARVEY M/1868 Ipswich
  ix MARY ANN FOULGER, born c1837 Grundisburgh died 20 May 1875 Ipswich.age shown as 45? in her will she left money to her mother JANE a widow of Grundisburgh.
  x MARIA FOULGER, born D/1838 Grundisburgh buried 13 April 1870 Grundisburgh St Mary
  xi RACHEL FOULGER, born D/1841 Grundisburgh died 3 May 1909 Ipswich
  married JAMES WOOLNOUGH son of JAMES WOOLNOUGH and ANN WAYMAN J/1885 Ipswich
  JAMES was baptised 23 February 1845 Grundisburgh died M/1913 Grundisburgh
    Children of RACHEL are:
7 i GEORGE FOULGER, born 1866 Suffolk died 1892 London
8 ii CHARLES FOULGER, born 1869 Suffolk died 1928 Suffolk
4   ROBERT FOULGER,(John1) born 1805 baptised 1 March 1806 Grundisburgh died 3 buried 9 February 1891 Grundisburgh St Mary Suffolk
    married MARY READ daughter of SAMUEL READ and MARY NICHOLS 2 June 1833 Grundisburgh
    MARY was baptised 11 May 1810 Butley Suffolk buried  22 February 1894 Grundisburgh St Mary
    ROBERT and MARY son JOHN and granddaughter ELIZABETH M.S. shown as FOLGER in 1871 census
    ROBERT and MARY shown as FOLGER 1881 census.MARY lives with her granddaughter ELIZABETH M S LEECH 1891 census
    Children of ROBERT and MARY are:
i ROBERT FOULGER, baptised 31 October 1833 Grundisburgh died S/1911 Ipswich (as ROBERT FOLGER)
as ROBERT FOLGER married (1) AMELIA GOOD M/1853 Ipswich
AMELIA was born 1832 Bredfield Suffolk died 13 December 1882 Ipswich (as AMELIA FOLGER)
as ROBERT FOLGER married (2) HANNAH TOWNSEND daughter of WILLIAM and HANNAH TOWNSEND J/1883 St George Hanover Square
HANNAH was born S/1838 Sotterly Suffolk died J/1910 Ipswich (as HANNAH FOLGER)
9 ii GEORGE FOULGER, born 1836 Suffolk died 1911 Suffolk
10 iii SARAH ANNE  FOULGER, born 1837 Suffolk died after 3 April 1861
iv AMY FOULGER, born M/1840 baptised 27 March 1842 Grundisburgh died 24 March 1916 Woodbridge
as AMY FOULGER married JOHN PINNER son of GEORGE PINNER and EMMA ATHEROLD 7 October 1860 Woodbridge
  v MARY FOULGER, born 16 July 1842 Grundisburgh died 6 February 1906 West Ham.
  as MARY FOLGER married JAMES BRYANT son of JAMES BRYANT and MARY ANN WILLIAMSON 22 April 1865 West Ham
11 vi ASA FOULGER, born 1844 Suffolk died 1913 Suffolk
12 vii PHILIP FOULGER, born 1846 Suffolk died 1906 Suffolk
  viii LYDIA FOLGER, born 13 April 1851 Grundisburgh died M/1922 West Ham
  ix WILLIAM FOULGER, born S/1853 Grundisburgh buried 7 October 1857 Grundisburgh (as WILLIAM FOLGER)
13 x JOHN FOULGER, born 1856 Suffolk died 1929 Surrey