Fifth Generation (1)
31   HORACE WILLIAM FOULGER, (William4, Thomas3,George2,Thomas1) born 26 March 1883 Great Barton died 20 August 1951 Bury St Edmunds
    married EDITH BLANCHE WITTON J/1911 Bury St Edmunds
    EDITH was born 25 May 1883 Bury St Edmunds died 15 June 1959 Bury St Edmunds
    Children of HORACE and EDITH are:
  i WINIFRED FLORENCE FOULGER, born 22 June 1912 Bury St Edmunds died S/1972 Bury St Edmunds
    OLLEY was born S/1910 Bury St Edmunds died 8 January 1965 Bury St Edmunds
  ii CECILIA EDITH FOULGER, born 26 November 1914 Bury St Edmunds died 17 December 1980 Bury St Edmunds buried Holy Innocents Church Great Barton
32   ROBERT THOMAS FOULGER, (George4,Thomas3,George2,Thomas1) born 10 April 1873 baptised 14 February 1875 Bury St Edmonds died 18 March 1948 Ilkley Yorkshire
    married JESSIE PARKER daughter of JESSE PARKER and JANE ANNIE GRAHAM 17 April 1897 Bradford Cathedral
JESSIE was born D/1879 Apperley Bridge Yorkshire died J/1955 Bradford
    Child of ROBERT and JESSIE is:


ROBERT FOULGER, born 1897 Yorkshire died 1966 Yorkshire
32a   ARTHUR FOULGER,(Martin4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 12 April 1869 baptised 14 November 1869 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton as ARTHUR JAMES FOULGER died 24 October 1943 Wells Somerset
  as ARTHUR JAMES FOULGER, married FLORENCE LUCY HATTON daughter of GEORGE HATTON and LUCY ANN SEARS 6 April 1901 Chewton Mendip Somerset
  FLORENCE was born 5 April 1872 Northill Bedfordshire died 7 February 1942 Norton Somerset
  ARTHUR and FLORENCE are buried at St Nicholas and St Mary's Church Stowey Somerset
  Child of ARTHUR and FLORENCE is:
  i MARJORIE ETHEL JOYCE FOULGER, born 24 November 1903 Biggleswade Bedfordshire baptised 17 January 1904 Chewton Mendip  died M/1976 Mendip
33   DANIEL BURRELL FOULGER, (Martin4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 30 March baptised 21 May 1871 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton as ARTHUR BURRELL FOULGER
    died 15 March 1951 Epping Essex (shown as Infant FOULGER 1871 census)
    note on birth certificate of DANIEL BURRELL FOULGER states, name changed after registration to ARTHUR BURRELL FOULGER.
    as DANIEL BURRELL FOULGER married ALICE MAUD MARY SMITH daughter of JAMES WILLIAM SMITH  6 August 1895 St Nicholas Church Great Yarmouth Norfolk
    ALICE was born M/1873 Great Yarmouth died 29 April 1914 Upton Park Essex
    BLANCHE was born J/1878 Epsom Surrey died 19 July 1954 Epping Essex
  Child of DANIEL and BLANCHE is:
57 i BRIAN FOULGER, born 1917 West Ham died 2000 Essex
34   LEONARD WILLIAM FOULGER,(Martin4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born D/1876 Great Barton died 4 April 1960 Worthing Sussex
  married AMELIA DEAN S/1907 Edmonton Middlesex
  AMELIA was born 18 May 1884 Edmonton died M/1973 Meriden Warwickshire
    Children of LEONARD  and AMELIA are:
  i MILLICENT ANNIE FOULGER, born 12 November 1910 East Preston Arundel Sussex died D/1998 South Staffordshire
    married (1) LESLIE G MARRIOTT M/1940 Nottingham (2) JOHN A HOBBS S/1961 Nottingham
  ii ENA CONSTANCE FOULGER, born 15 April 1912 East Preston Arundel died J/1979 Carlisle Cumbria
    married RONALD LESLIE TUCKER J/1940 Worthing Sussex
    RONALD was born 29 July 1912 West Ham died May 1995 Warwickshire
  iii LEONARD DEAN FOULGER, born 18 May 1914 East Preston Arundel died J/1969 Chichester Sussex
35 iii ALBERT EDMUND FOULGER,(Martin4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born D/1878 Great Barton died 26 September 1934 (Killary harbour Dublin)
    married MARION SARAH McKENZIE daughter of WILLIAM McKENZIE and CATHERINE GRANT 14 October 1905 Dublin North
  MARION was born 7 May 1878 Strath Inverness died 1972 Largs North Ayrshire Scotland
  Child of ALBERT and MARION is:
58 i NEIL WILLIAM FOULGER,born 1905 Scotland died 1979 Scotland


WALTER SIDNEY FOULGER, (Martin4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born D/1881 Great Barton died M/1960 Maidstone Kent
  married KATHERINE EMILY ROYDES daughter of ERNEST ROYDES 10 March 1907 Wandsworth London
  KATHERINE was born S/1878 Chelsea died S/1956 Maidstone
  Children of WALTER and KATHERINE are:
  i KITTY ELIZABETH ANNIE FOULGER, born M/1908 Wateringbury Kent died M/1988 Berkshire married ARTHUR W DOWSETT S/1934 Maidstone
59 ii SIDNEY WALTER GEORGE FOULGER, born 1910 Kent died 1975 Kent
37 ALBERT GEORGE FOULGER, (William4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born S/1875 Twickenham Middlesex died 13 June 1941 Bromley
  married EMILY JANE MOSS daughter of WILLIAM MOSS and SOPHIA JEST 9 August 1896 Bromley Kent
  EMILY was born M/1873 Stoke Newington London died 16 October 1949 Bromley
  Children of ALBERT and EMILY are:
60 i WILLIAM ALBERT JOHN FOULGER, born 1897 Bromley died 1985 Bromley
  ii ROSE ELLEN FOULGER, born 30 June 1899 Bromley died J/1970 Bromley married WILLIAM JOHN GIBLIN D/1923 Bromley
61 iii GEORGE VICTOR FOULGER, born 1901 Kent died 1962 Suffolk
62 iv CECIL HERBERT FOULGER, born 1903 Bromley died 1957 Bromley
  v EMILY LOUISE FOULGER, born 29 January 1906 Bromley died November 2003 Bromley married EDWARD HARRISON KILBY D/1930 Bromley
63 vi LESLIE ANDREW FOULGER, born 1910 Kent died 2007 Australia
  vii DORIS KITTY FOULGER, born 22 November 1913 Bromley died J/1969 Bromley married HENRY WILLIAM DOVE M/1946 Bromley
38   ERNEST EDWARD FOULGER, (William4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born M/1879 Woodford Essex died S/1955 Bromley
  married PHOEBE ELIZA HAYWARD J/1902 Bromley Kent
  PHOEBE was born J/1877 Chipping Norton Gloucestershire died M/1940 Bromley
  Child of ERNEST and PHOEBE is:
  i IRENE FRANCES FOULGER, born 27 November 1902 Beckenham Kent died M/1987 Bromley married WILLIAM F MEADOWS S/1927 Bromley
39   FREDERICK WALTER FOULGER,  (William4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 29 November 1885 baptised 24 March 1886 Beckenham Kent died 18 August 1936 North Cheam Surrey
  married ELIZABETH LYDIA POTTEN M/1916 Bromley
  Child of FREDERICK and ELIZABETH is:
  i FREDERICK FOULGER, born 25 November 1919 Wandsworth London died 16 February 2005 Brighton Sussex
40   WALTER OSCAR RUSSELL FOULGER,  (William4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born D/1893 Sydenham Kent died D/1966 Wandsworth
  ETHEL was born 21 May 1898 St Saviour London died August 1988 Lambeth London
  Children of WALTER and ETHEL are:
  i JOAN S FOULGER, born 1926 Southwark London
  ii VERA F FOULGER, born 1930 Lambert London married DENNIS A AXFORD D/1957 Camberwell
  iii IRIS W FOULGER, born 1936 Southwark married EDWARD J BERRY M/1959 Southwark
41 BERTRAM FOULGER, (Walter4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born D/1879 Bradford died 22 February 1918 St Andrews Fife Scotland buried Bradford Undercliffe Cemetery
  married MABEL HARDCASTLE daughter of JOHN HARDCASTLE and MERAB PEASE 19 September 1906 Bradford Cathedral
  MABEL was born D/1882 Bradford died S/1954 Bradford
  Child of BERTRAM and MABEL is:
64 i BERTRAM BENNEL FOULGER, born 1916 Scotland died 1995 Bradford
42 WILLIE FOULGER, (Walter4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 7 February 1886 Bradford died J/1970 Bradford
  married LIZZIE WHITE M/1917 Bradford
  Child of WILLIE and LIZZIE is:
  i ERIC FOULGER, born S/1917 Bradford
43   OSCAR WILLIAM FOULGER, (Geoffrey4, William3,George2,Thomas1) born 12 July 1886 Bradford baptised 5 October 1890 Bradford Cathedral died S/1960 Worth Valley Yorkshire
    married DORA MARIA MERRITT daughter of BENJAMIN BARNES MERRITT and ANNIE BAINBRIDGE 29 July 1916 Keighley
    DORA was born S/1888 Bramley Yorkshire died M/1963 Worth Valley Yorkshire
    Child of OSCAR and DORA is:
65  i JACK FOULGER, born 1920 Yorkshire died 1991 Yorkshire
44   WALTER HERBERT FOULGER, (Geoffrey4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 6 August 1888 baptised 20 January 1889 Bradford Cathedral died D/1963 Worth Valley Yorkshire
    married  MARY RUTH HOUSE daughter of JOHN HOUSE and BETSY KINGHAM SINFIELD 3 October 1914 Ingrow and Hinworth Yorkshire
    MARY was born 29 May 1888 Keighley died S/1972 Worth Valley
    Children of WALTER and MARY are:
  i GLADYS MAUD FOULGER, born 3 September 1917 Keighley died July 1991 Keighley married JAMES SMITH S/1939 Keighley
  ii WINIFRED MAY FOULGER, born J/1921 Keighley married KENNETH SUTCLIFFE D/1942 Bradford Yorkshire
45   GEOFFREY ERNEST FOULGER, (Geoffrey4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 6 April baptised 5 October 1890 Bradford died M/1933 buried Utley Cemetery Keighley Yorkshire
    married ETHEL BARRETT daughter of WILLIAM BARRETT and ANN ELIZA JENNINGS 8 September 1917 Keighley
    ETHEL was born 27 November 1889 Keighley Yorkshire died 29 August 1955 Mickleover Derby
    Children of GEOFFREY and ETHEL are:
  i VERA FRANCES FOULGER, born and died J/1918 Keighley
  ii GEOFFREY WILLIAM FOULGER, born 5 November 1920 Keighley killed in action off Crete aboard H.M.S Airedale 15 June 1942
66 iii DONALD FOULGER, born 1923 Yorkshire died 2010 Bermuda
  iv KATHLEEN M J FOULGER, born J/1925 Keighley married FREDERICK HUMAN D/1944 Keighley