Sixth Generation


ROBERT FOULGER, (Robert5,George4,Thomas3,George2,Thomas1) born J/1897 Bradford Yorkshire died 11 July 1966 Bridlington Yorkshire
    married JESSIE TURNER daughter of ROBINSON TURNER and LILY TURNER 11 August 1920 Bradford
    JESSIE was born 23 October 1896 Bradford died M/1980 Bridlington
    Child of ROBERT and JESSIE is:
82 i EDWIN FREDERICK FOULGER, born 1922 Yorkshire died 2002 Norfolk
57 BRIAN FOULGER, (Daniel Burrell5,Martin4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 11 December 1917 West Ham died 14 July 2000 Chelmsford
    married MARY E O'GORMAN S/1944 Essex
    Children of BRIAN and MARY are:
  i ANN MARY FOULGER, born 1948 Essex married DANIEL P DONOGHUE 1971 London
83 ii PETER DANIEL FOULGER, born 1950 Essex
58 NEIL WILLIAM FOULGER,(Albert5,Martin4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 1 July 1905 Scotland died 1979 Glasgow
  married SUSAN CRAIG daughter of JOHN CRAIG and MARY McLELLAND 1 August 1929 Scotland
  SUSAN was born 1903 Scotland died 25 August 1958 Glasgow
  married (2) VIDA JENNIE KENNY daughter of JOHN and JENNIE KENNY 1960 Glasgow
  VIDA was born 10 February 1916 Belfast died 14 February 2010 Glasgow
59 SIDNEY WALTER GEORGE FOULGER, (Walter S5,Martin4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 9 March 1910 Yalding Kent died S/1975 Maidstone Kent
  MARGARET was born 9 January 1910 East Farleigh Kent died D/1980 Maidstone
  Children of SIDNEY and MARGARET are:
  i SADIE MAY FOULGER, born 30 July 1932 Maidstone died January 2001 Maidstone married ALAN R COLLINSON  1951 Kent
  ii ELVINA MARGARET FOULGER, born 27 February 1934 Maidstone died February 2005 Maidstone married COLIN R SPICER 1953 Kent
  iii EDNA LYDIA FOULGER, born 5 June 1940 Maidstone died 25 July 2006 Freshwater Isle of Wight
  married JOHN CLAUDE CARR  son of THOMAS JAMES CARR and FLORENCE SPRAGUE 26 July 1958 Southampton Register Office
  JOHN was born 1936 Hampshire
  iv WILLIAM S FOULGER, born 1944 Kent married LINDA M COOPER 1977 Essex
  v RHONDDA A FOULGER, born 1947 Kent married RAYMOND FREDERICK GRAVES 1965 Kent
  RAYMOND was born 4 March 1943 died November 2003 Kent
60 WILLIAM ALBERT JOHN FOULGER, (Albert G5,William4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 16 June 1897 Bromley died August 1985 Bromley Kent
  married GRACE FLORENCE GANT daughter of JAMES GANT and ELLEN FUNGE M/1923 Lewisham London
  GRACE was born 29 July 1899 Forrest Hill Kent died May 1989 Canterbury Kent
  Child of WILLIAM and GRACE is:
  i BERYL E E FOULGER  born D/1928 Bromley
  ANTHONY was born 9 January 1926 Bethnal Green died D/1982 Canterbury Kent
61 GEORGE VICTOR FOULGER, (Albert G5,William4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born S/1901 Bromley died 14 February 1962 Samford Suffolk
  married NELLIE FREEMANTLE J/1924 Bromley
  NELLIE was born M/1899 Lambeth died J/1954 Lambeth
  married (2) VIOLET NANCY ALSWORTH  M/1956 Hampstead
  VIOLET was born 16 June 1915 Farnham Hampshire died May 1989 Crawley West Sussex
  Child of GEORGE and NELLIE is:
  i PEGGY FOULGER, born and died 1933 Lambeth
62 CECIL HERBERT FOULGER, (Albert G5,William4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born S/1903 Bromley died 5 March 1957 Bromley
   married NORA M CHAPMAN S/1924 Bromley
  Child of CECIL and NORA is:
  i PAMELA FOULGER, born 1930 Bromley married RONALD F W DALLIMORE S/1953 Bromley
63 LESLIE ANDREW FOULGER, (Albert G5,William4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 30 November 1910 Bromley died 16 August 2007 Hevey Bay Queensland
  married EVELYN CECILIA FORSTER D/1935 Bromley
  EVELYN was born J/1911 Newcastle upon Tyne died November 2000 Australia
  Children of LESLIE and EVELYN are:
  i GILLIAN LESLEY FOULGER, born 1937 Bromley married RICHARD BRUCE CRAVEN Australia
  ii HILARY EVELYN FOULGER, born 1939 Bromley married ALLAN RICHARD SMITH Australia
  iii JACQUELINE CECILIA FOULGER, born 1943 Bromley married ROBERT JOHN ADAMS Australia
  The family sailed to Melbourne Australia 21 March 1950 aboard the DORSETSHIRE
64 BERTRAM BENNEL FOULGER (Bertram5,Walter4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 26 March 1916 Rutherglen Glasgow died December 1995 Bradford
  married BARBARA Z GOWER daughter of GEORGE R GOWER and DOROTHY KELSALL D/1947 Bradford
  BARBARA was born S/1929 Sculcoates Yorkshire
  Children of BERTRAM and BARBARA are:
  i YVONNE M FOULGER, born 1948 Yorkshire married DAVID A HAIGH 1970 Bradford
  ii IAN D FOULGER, born 1949 Yorkshire married JEAN M HOWROYD 1970 Bradford
65   JACK FOULGER, (Oscar5,Geoffrey4, William3,George2,Thomas1) born 17 September 1920 Keighley died December 1991 Rotherham Yorkshire
    married EVELYN ADAMSON J/1945 Keighley Yorkshire
Child of JACK and EVELYN is:


DAVID FOULGER, born 1948 Yorkshire
66   DONALD FOULGER, (Geoffrey5, Geoffrey4, William3,George2,Thomas1) born 22 January 1923 Keighley died 8 May 2010 Warwick Bermuda
    married JOAN EILEEN OAKLEY daughter of EDWIN OAKLEY and ANNIE BAILEY S/1948 Pershore Worcestershire
    JOAN was born 1924 Warwickshire
    Children of DONALD and JOAN are:
  i MICHAEL GEOFFREY FOULGER, born 1951 Takaradi Gold Coast Africa
  ii JENNIFER MARGARET FOULGER, born 22 April 1954 Shipston Warwickshire died J/1960 Oswestry Shropshire
67 GEORGE MORRIS FOULGER,(Albert5,Geoffrey4,William3,George2,Thomas1) born 23 March 1923 Keighley died 28 February 1996 Staincliffe Yorkshire
  married MARY BUCKLEY daughter of JOSEPH BUCKLEY and MARGARET E ACKROYD M/1950 Saddleworth Yorkshire
  MARY was born S/1924 Keighley
  Child of GEORGE and MARY is:
  i JOANNE A FOULGER, born 1953 Yorkshire married DAMON T HASTINGS 1976 Yorkshire
68 EDGAR FOULGER, (Arthur5,Harry4,Riley3,Ambrose2,Thomas1) born 23 May 1910 Bradford died May 1990 Taunton Devon
  married LILY JENKINS S/1931 North Bierley
  LILY was born 30 July 1910 North Bierley died S/1972 Hendon London
  Children of EDGAR and LILY are:
  i PAULINE FOULGER, born and died S/1931 Bradford
  ii RITA FOULGER, born D/1932 Bradford married JEFFERY T H FLETCHER 1953 London married (2) DOUGLAS BAXTER 1967 Bradford
85 iii RAYMOND FOULGER, born 1942 Bradford died 2012 Luton
69   NEVILLE MALCOLM FOULGER,(Herbert5,Walter4,Riley3,Ambrose2,Thomas1)  born 6 May 1932 Bradford died October 1996 Bradford
    married EDNA M DEWHIRST daughter of ERNEST DEWHIRST and DORA ELLEN ROGERS D/1953 Bradford
    EDNA was born M/1933 Bradford died J/1966 Bradford
    Children of NEVILLE and EDNA are:
  i JANET T FOULGER, born 1955 Yorkshire married MALCOLM WILSON 1990 Yorkshire
  ii KAREN FOULGER, born 1958 Yorkshire married WILLIAM SWEET 1990 Yorkshire
86 iii MARK FOULGER, born 1961 Bradford died 2007 Bradford
70   WALTER FOULGER, (Herbert5,Walter4,Riley3,Ambrose2,Thomas1) born 14 December 1934 Bradford died February 1991 Bradford
    married SHIRLEY BEEVOURS daughter of HARRY BEEVOURS and EVELYN MYERS 1956 Yorkshire
    SHIRLEY was born J/1938 Bradford
    Children of WALTER and SHIRLEY are:
  i PETER K FOULGER, born 1957 Yorkshire
  ii AMANDA S FOULGER, born 1958 Yorkshire married BARRY KILLORAN 1994 York
  iii DEBORAH J FOULGER, born and died S/1959 Bradford
  iv SIMON R FOULGER, born and died M/1963 Bradford
  v CHRISTOPHER P FOULGER, born 1964 Yorkshire
71   BARRY R FOULGER,(Herbert5,Walter4,Riley3,Ambrose2,Thomas1)  born 1937 Yorkshire
    married MARGARET WILKINSON 1956 Yorkshire
    Children of BARRY and MARGARET are:
  i JULIE L FOULGER, born 1959 Yorkshire married ROBERT H HARTLEY 1977 Yorkshire
  ii LESLIE R FOULGER, born 1960 Yorkshire
87 iii MICHAEL G FOULGER, born 1965 Yorkshire
  iv DIONNE JAYNE FOULGER, born 1974 Yorkshire