Fourth Generation (1)
15   LAURA MARIA FOULGER, (William3,Robert2,Thomas1) born 3 March baptised 2 May 1841 Norton Suffolk died J/1874 Bosmere Suffolk
  married SAMUEL KNOCK D/1864 Bosmere
  SAMUEL was born c1830 Darmsden Suffolk died M/1915 Bosmere (age varies in different records)
    Child of LAURA is:
  i JANE FAUX FOULGER born 29 January baptised 3 June 1860 Norton died 12 January 1938 Ipswich Suffolk
    married BENJAMIN MULLEY son of TIMOTHY MULLEY and ANN ABBOTT 21 November 1879 Bosmere Suffolk
    BENJAMIN was born D/1849 Needham Market Suffolk died S/1906 Bosmere Suffolk
16   WILLIAM FOULGER, (William3,Robert2,Thomas1) born J/1851 Norton Suffolk died J/1902 Lambeth London
    married EMMA COGGER daughter of WILLIAM COGGER and EMMA WALL D/1891 St George Hanover Square London
    EMMA was born M/1855 Ewell Surrey died J/1926 Willesden London
    Children of WILLIAM and EMMA are:
  i WILLIAM JOHN FOULGER, born M/1893 Wandsworth baptised 16 April 1893 Lambeth buried 11 February 1947 Eastcote Cemetery Harrow London
  ii GEORGE FREDERICK FOULGER, born M/1895 baptised 7 July 1895 Marylebone died 14 July 1917 buried Bus Stop Cemetery Ieper Belgium
  iii SUSANNA PALMER FOULGER, born D/1896 Marylebone died M/1897 Marylebone
  iv SIDNEY ARTHUR FOULGER, born 14 April baptised 17 June 1898 Westminster died 15 August 1960 Harrow Middlesex
    married LUISE FRIEDI MARIA KRENTZ daughter of ROBERT HONIG 15 April 1950 Register Office Harrow
    LUISE married (1) ERICH SIGMUND KRENTZ (divorced)
    LUISE was born c1908 died after 8 September 1960
17 CHARLES WILLIAM FOULGER, (Thomas3,George2,Thomas1)
baptised 24 December 1839 Holy Innocents Church buried 15 March 1893 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton
    married SARAH GARWOOD daughter of JAMES GARWOOD and ANNE LIMMER 2 May 1868 Great Barton Suffolk
    SARAH was baptised 18 August 1844 Great Barton died S/1931 Bosmere Suffolk
    Children of CHARLES and SARAH are:
  i ELLEN FOULGER GARWOOD, born J/1862 Great Barton died S/1939 Fulham London (shown as ELLEN F. G. FOULGER 1871 census)
    FRANK was born  M/1866 Sopley Hampshire died J/1925 Fulham
  ii GERTRUDE FANNY FOULGER, born J/1869 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton baptised 6 March 1870 Great Barton died M/1929 Burnley Lancashire
    married WALTER EDWIN MARCHANT son of WILLIAM MARCHANT and FANNY LIPSCOMBE 4 January 1896 Havant Hampshire
    WALTER was born S/1872 Havant died M/1948 Ashby de la Zouch Leicestershire
  iii HARRIET MABEL FOULGER, born 18 November 1872 Great Barton baptised 28 December 1873 Great Barton died J/1958 Bury St Edmunds
    married FRANK FULLER son of RICHARD FULLER and ELIZA ANN SIMPKIN S/1891 Thingoe
    FRANK was born 8 December 1870 Great Barton died M/1940 Bury St Edmunds
18 WILLIAM GEORGE FOULGER, (Thomas3,George2,Thomas1)
born S/1844 Great Barton died M/1925 Bury St Edmonds buried Holy Innocents Church Great Barton
    married MARY BRAY M/1869 Bury St Edmonds
    MARY was born J/1846 Great Barton died M/1929 Bury St Edmonds buried Holy Innocents Church Great Barton
    Children of WILLIAM and MARY are:
  i MARY JANE BRAY, born S/1866 Great Barton died J/1936 London,
    GEORGE was born 10 October 1860 Ashby de la Rouch Leicestershire died 15 November 1955 Surbiton Surrey
  ii FLORENCE FANNY FOULGER, born J/1870 Great Barton died 30 December 1931 St George Hanover Square buried Islington Cemetery London
31 iii HORACE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1883 Suffolk died 1951 Suffolk
  iv THOMAS GEORGE FOULGER, born 20 December 1884 baptised 13 September 1885 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton died J/1958 Bury St Edmonds
    married EMMA MARY LONG daughter of WILLIAM LONG and MARY ANN LONG J/1930 Bury St Edmunds
    EMMA was born 6 September 1888 Great Barton died 7 April 1963 Bury St Edmunds
19 GEORGE FOULGER, (Thomas3,George2,Thomas1) baptised 18 October 1847 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton buried 22 February 1929 Shipley St Paul Yorkshire
    married ELLEN HAYWARD daughter of ROBERT and SUSAN HAYWARD 6 June 1871 Walsham le Willows Suffolk
    ELLEN was born D/1847 Walsham Le Willows Suffolk buried 9 August 1932 Shipley St Paul
    Children of GEORGE and ELLEN are:
32 i ROBERT THOMAS FOULGER, born 1873 Suffolk died 1948 Yorkshire
  ii CHARLES WILLIAM FOULGER, baptised 14 February 1875 Bury St Edmonds buried 20 June 1882 Shipley St Paul Yorkshire
  iii FRANCES ELLEN FOULGER, born 16 January 1877 Shipley baptised 27 July 1877 Shipley St Paul died 7 February 1942 Keighley Yorkshire
    married THOMAS HOLDSWORTH M/1906 North Bierley Yorkshire
    THOMAS was born 14 October 1877 Shipley Yorkshire died 2 March 1948 Keighley
  iv GEORGE FOULGER,born 18 December 1878 baptised 30 March 1879 Shipley St Paul Yorkshire died 10 January 1964 Bradford Yorkshire
    married MARY DEAN daughter of JONAS DEAN and ELIZA FRALLEY S/1903 North Bierley Yorkshire
    MARY was born D/1878 Shipley died 2 February 1964 Worth Valley Yorkshire
  v HARRIET FOULGER baptised 27 June 1880 Shipley St Paul buried 1 July 1882 Bradford Yorkshire
  vi THOMAS FOULGER, born 19 July 1881 Shipley buried 25 October 1961 Idle Holy Trinity  Bradford Yorkshire
    married SARAH BROADLEY daughter of MATTHEW BROADLEY 18 September 1905 Windhill Yorkshire
    SARAH was born 23 August 1878 Windhill Yorkshire died D/1945 Bradford
  vii ELLEN FOULGER, born 26 September baptised 25 November 1883 Shipley St Paul died 16 May 1962 Shipley
  viii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 22 January 1888 Shipley died S/1960 Bradford
    married MAUDE ELIZA LEE daughter of WILLIAM and ANNIE LEE 4 September 1915 Idle Yorkshire
    MAUDE was born 14 October 1893 Huddersfield baptised 4 March 1894 Idle died D/1968 Bradford
  ix MABEL FOULGER, born 19 September 1889 Shipley married FREDERICK WILLIAM WOOD son of GEORGE WILLIAM WOOD 18 September 1913 Shipley Yorkshire
20 MARTIN FOULGER, (William3,George2,Thomas1) baptised 18 September 1842 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton died D/1932 Cambridge shown as MARTIN WILLIAM FOULGER 1911 census
    married ELIZA BALLS daughter of EDWARD and SARAH BALLS D/1864 Thingoe
    ELIZA was born S/1844 Honington Suffolk died M/1927 Cambridge
    Children of MARTIN and ELIZA are:
  i ELVINA FOULGER, born 28 October 1865 Ixworth Suffolk baptised 26 January 1866 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton as ALVINA AGNES died D/1955 Ipswich
    as ELVINA AGNES FOULGER married HARRY WASPE son of WILLIAM WASPE and JANE CANT D/1889 Great Barton
    HARRY was born 30 January 1865 Ipswich died M/1946 Ipswich
  ii BARNEY HERBERT FOULGER, born 18 September 1867 Ixworth baptised 13 October 1867 Holy Innocents Church Great Barton died D/1915 Peterborough
    as HERBERT FOULGER married EMMA EAGLE daughter of JOHN EDWARD EAGLE and SUSAN SPRIGGS 27 June 1894 Paston Northampton 
    EMMA was born S/1869 Warfield Northamptonshire died 28 May 1938 Peterborough
32a iii ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1869  Great Barton died 1943 Somerset.1901 census (shown as ARTHUR J)
33 iv DANIEL BURRELL FOULGER, born 1871 Suffolk died 1951 Essex
  v KATE BESSIE FOULGER, born J/1873 baptised 26 October 1873 Great Barton died D/1929 Biggleswade Bedfordshire married JOHN WILLIAM WILLIAMS 3 March 1894 Marylebone Middlesex
  vi MARGARET SELINA FOULGER, born 14 October 1874 Great Barton died M/1963 Cambridge married ROBERT BARKER S/1901 Great Barton
34 vii LEONARD WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1876 Suffolk 1960 Worthing
35 viii ALBERT EDMUND FOULGER, born 1878 Suffolk died 1934 Ireland
  ix ALICE ROSE FOULGER, born S/1880 Great Barton died after 3 April 1911 (shown as ANNIE 1881 census)


WALTER SIDNEY FOULGER, born 1881 Suffolk, died 1960 Kent
  xi MARTHA ELIZA FOULGER, born D/1883 Great Barton died D/1941 Islington London married SYDNEY WILLIAM SMITH M/1911 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk
  xii CLEMENT FRANCHISE FOULGER, born 2 December 1885 Great Barton baptised 9 May 1886 Holy Innocents Church died M/1968 Surrey S.W.
    married MARGARET ETHEL PHILLIPSON daughter of JOHN PHILLIPSON and MARY O'NEIL 17 July 1915 Our Lady and St Benedict's Church Wootton Wawen Warwickshire
    MARGARET was born 25 August 1887 Wellingore Lincolnshire died J/1978 Surrey S.W.


WILLIAM FOULGER, (William3,George2,Thomas1) born S/1852 Great Barton Suffolk died D/1928 Bromley Kent
    married FANNY FITCHES daughter of MANNING FITCHES and ELIZABETH PARTRIDGE D/1873 Mildenhall Suffolk
    FANNY was born D/1850 Ecklingham Suffolk died S/1914 Bromley Kent
    Children of WILLIAM and FANNY are:
  i KATE BESSIE FOULGER, born 1 April baptised 12 July 1874 Epsom died 7 March 1950 Guildford
37 ii ALBERT GEORGE FOULGER, born 1875 Middlesex died 1941 Kent
  iii NELLIE JANE FOULGER, born J/1877 Woodford Essex died D/1920 Willesden Middlesex married ALBERT ERNEST DAYTON D/1907 Hendon London
38 iv ERNEST EDWARD FOULGER, born 1879 Essex died 1955 Kent
  v WILLIAM THOMAS FOULGER, born 22 May baptised 9 July 1882 Lamorbey Kent died J/1944 Bromley
    married KATIE SUSANNAH RANSOM D/1906 Lewisham KATIE married (2) JAMES ARTHUR BATCHELOR S/1945 Bromley
  vi LILLIAN NAOMI MABEL FOULGER. born 23 August baptised 11 November 1883 Lamorbey buried 15 January 1884 Bexley Kent
  vii ELIZABETH DINAH FOULGER, born and died 1885 Bromley Kent
39 viii FREDERICK WALTER FOULGER, born 1885 Kent died 1936 Surrey
  ix ELIZA FOULGER, born 29 October baptised 9 November 1887 Elmer's End Beckenham died S/1944 Bromley.married FREDERICK CHARLES FISHER S/1913 Bromley
  x FLORENCE ESTHER FOULGER, born J/1890 Bromley died D/1890 Bromley
  xi ETHEL DORA FOULGER, born S/1891 Elmer's End Beckenham died J/1928 Doncaster married WILLIAM LEATHERLAND S/1916 Bromley
40 xii WALTER OSCAR RUSSELL FOULGER, born 1893 Kent died 1966 London
  xiii ADELAIDE FRANCES FOULGER, born 2 September 1898 Lewisham Kent died December 1979 Doncaster.married GEORGE W MAYS D/1933 Doncaster Yorkshire
22   WALTER FOULGER, (William3,George2,Thomas1) born M/1856 Great Barton Suffolk died 23 September 1887 Bradford Yorkshire
  married ANNIE CATHERINE MARLTON daughter of  WILLIAM MARLTON and MAHALAH FOULGER 23 September 1878 White Abbey Chapel Bradford
  ANNIE was born J/1856 Bury St Edmunds Suffolk died M/1932 Bradford
  Children of WALTER and ANNIE are:
41 i BERTRAM FOULGER, born 1879 Bradford died 1918 Scotland
  ii EFFIE FOULGER, born M/1884 Bradford died M/1950 Bradford
42 iii WILLIE FOULGER, born 1886 Bradford died 1970 Bradford
  iv WALTER FOULGER, born 23 December 1887 Bradford died 9 November 1962 Maidstone Kent
  married LILY CARTER daughter of GEORGE CARTER and HANNAH MARIA MANN 3 July 1915 Bradford
  LILY was born 6 July 1888 Bradford died S/1961 Maidstone