Fifth Generation (2)
16   JOHN FOULGER, (William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) 
    born 4 August 1820 Harleston Norfolk baptised 20 August 1820 St Mary's Church Redenhall Norfolk died 23 June 1889 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery Utah U.S.A.
    married SUSANNAH WOOLNOUGH daughter of MARK WOOLNOUGH and ELIZABETH BARHAM. 1 January 1846 St Pancras Church London 
    wedding witnesses his sister SUSANNA HARRISON and brother JAMES
    SUSANNAH was born 23 November 1820 Harleston, baptised 6 December 1820 St Mary's Church Redenhall died 18 December buried 21 December 1894 Salt Lake City Cemetery Utah
    JOHN returned home for a visit May 1887
17   GEORGE FOULGER, (William4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)  born 18 May 1822  Harleston baptised 14 June 1822 St Maryís Church Redenhall died 16 buried 21 January 1892 Hampstead Cemetery Camden
    married HARRIET REEVE daughter of JOHN REEVE and MARY ANN COBB 17 May 1842 St. Mary's Church Redenhall  
    wedding witness CAROLINE FOULGER (wife of JAMES)
    HARRIET was baptised 26 May 1822 Winfarthing Norfolk, died 29 May 1895 Hendon London.
    Children of GEORGE and HARRIET are:
  i BETTY FOULGER, born 23 September 1842 Harleston baptised 15 January 1843 St. Mary's Church Redenhall died 6 August 1916 Bungay Suffolk
    buried St. Mary's Church Redenhall  with her sister HARRIET
  ii HARRIET FOULGER, born M/1844 Harleston baptised 16 June 1844 St. Mary's Church Redenhall died 6 May 1928 Bungay Suffolk
    buried St. Mary's Church Redenhall with her sister BETTY
  iii EMMA FOULGER, born S/1846 Harleston baptised 22 November 1846 St.Mary's Church Redenhall buried 9 September 1847 Camden London
  iv ROSA MARIA FOULGER, born 11 December 1851 Marylebone baptised 22 February 1852 Marylebone died 15 September 1897 Brentford Middlesex
    married THOMAS MATHIAS son of JAMES MATHIAS 16 December 1875 Trinity Church Marylebone London
    THOMAS was born 1844 Marylebone London died after 3 April 1901
  v GEORGINA ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 13 January 1857 Marylebone died 13 June 1939 Kilburn London.
    married THOMAS SWEETMAN son of WILLIAM SWEETMAN 14 September 1895 St Luke's Church Kilburn London.
    THOMAS was born 22 June 1856 Marylebone died 13 January 1906 Hendon London.
  vi CATHERINE MARY ANN FOULGER, born 29 December 1859 Marylebone died J/1899 Hempstead London.
    married GEORGE THOMAS BOUGHTWOOD son of DAVID and CHARLOTTE BOUGHTWOOD, 23 November 1889 St. Jude's Church Kensal Green Chelsea London
    GEORGE was born 22 June 1862 Stratford Essex died S/1924 Bristol
  vii FLORA ALICE FOULGER, born 23 February baptised 1 July buried 14 July 1866 Camden London
18   ROBERT FOULGER, (Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1) born 9 February baptised 18 February 1817 St Peterís Church Brooke Norfolk,
    buried 11 February 1842 St Andrew's Church Bedingham
    married MARY ANN PARKER daughter of ROBERT PARKER and CHARLOTTE LIGHTNING 8 April 1838 Ellingham Norfolk. 
MARY was born 25 March 1820 Ellingham Norfolk,died M/1891 Loddon Norfolk.
  MARY married (2) CHARLES KERRY son of CHARLES KERRY and MARY SCARL 26 November 1843 Bedingham Norfolk
CHARLES was born 1820 Flixton Suffolk,died M/1884 Loddon Norfolk.
Children of ROBERT  and MARY  are:
i JOSEPH FOULGER, baptised 8 July 1838 Ellingham Norfolk died after 30 March 1871
33 ii MARIA FOULGER, born 1840 Norfolk died 1900 Norfolk.
34 iii ROBERT FOULGER, born 1842 Norfolk died 1877 Norfolk
19   SARAH ANN FOULGER, (Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
born 17 March baptised 27 March 1822 St Peter's Church Brooke Norfolk.died 20 May 1881 Stokesby Norfolk.
married WILLIAM BUTTERTON son of  MARK BUTTERTON and SOPHY LEECH 7 November 1845 St Margaret's Church Topcroft Norfolk.
    wedding witness her sister MARIA
    WILLIAM was born 5 June 1820 Topcroft died after 3 April 1881
20 WILLIAM FOULGER, (Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 15 April baptised 18 April 1824 St.Andrew's Church Bedingham  (Died at sea) between 1871-1881
  married ELIZA BARKER daughter of JAMES BARKER 25 October 1857 St Nicholas Church Great Yarmouth Norfolk
  ELIZA was born 1826 Harleston Norfolk died M/1892 Yarmouth Norfolk
    1881 census house lodgers include WILLIAM COCKADAY born 1872 Great Yarmouth.
  Children of WILLIAM and ELIZA are:
  i MARY ANN FOULGER, baptised 8 September 1858 Great Yarmouth died after 3 April 1881
  ii ELIZABETH FOULGER, born S/1862 Great Yarmouth died D/1924 Henstead Norfolk
35 iii HORACE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1865 Norfolk died 1941 Scotland
21   JOHN FOULGER, (Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 26 June baptised: 30 July 1826 St Andrew's Church Bedingham died 18 August 1902 Yarmouth Norfolk. 
married MARY FAIRHEAD daughter of SAMUEL FAIRHEAD and SUSAN WALLER.14 April 1863 Woodton Norfolk,  
MARY was baptised 17 February 1828  St Andrew's Church Bedingham died J/1897 Yarmouth Norfolk
Child of JOHN and MARY is:
36 i JOHN FREDERICK FOULGER, born 1866 Norfolk died 1891 Norfolk.


  GEORGE FOULGER, (Joseph4, Joseph3, William2, Joseph1)
    born 26 April baptised 24 May 1829  St Andrew's Church Bedingham.died 27 May 1904 Long Stratton Norfolk buried St Andrew's Church Bedingham
married ELIZA ROUSE daughter of JOHN ROUSE and ELIZABETH EDWARDS. 1 April 1849 All Saints Church Woodton Norfolk,  
ELIZA was baptised 9 March 1827 Woodton Norfolk, died 15 buried 21 January 1898 St Andrew's Church Bedingham
Children of GEORGE  and ELIZA  are:
37 i JOHN ROUSE, born 1847 Norfolk died 1935 Norfolk.
38 ii WILLIAM GEORGE FOULGER, born 1850 Norfolk died 1931 Norfolk.
39 iii AGNES EMMA FOULGER, born 1852 Norfolk died 1919 Norfolk.
iv HORACE FOULGER, baptised 22 October 1854 All Saints Church Woodton buried 29 December 1854 All Saints Church Woodton Norfolk.(12 weeks old)
40 v HORACE FOULGER, born 1856 Norfolk died 1950 Norfolk.