Fourth Generation


  WILLIAM JEFFERY FOULGER,(William3,John2,William1) baptised 8 March 1880 St Andrews Church Rugby died 11 July 1931 Rugby buried Clifton Road Cemetery
    LETITIA was born J/1884 Rugby died 7 November 1947 Rugby
    Child of WILLIAM and LETITIA is:


JOAN MARIE FOULGER, born 2 February 1917 Rugby died after February 1948 married JOSEPH SOPER J/1941 Barnsley Yorkshire


  GEORGE JOHN FOULGER,(George3,John2,William1) born 3 December 1879 baptised 11 April 1880 Thetford died 16 May 1916 Thetford
    married EMILY MINNIE JACKSON daughter of CHARLES JOHN JACKSON and EMILY JESSIE NUGUS J/1910 Thetford St Mary
    EMILY was born M/1884 Pancras London
    EMILY married (2) WILLIAM E HOOPER J/1918 Thetford
    Children of GEORGE and EMILY are:
15 i HAROLD GEORGE J FOULGER, born 1912 Norfolk died 1995 Norfolk
16 ii JOHN ATHELSTAN FOULGER, born 1914 Norfolk died 1997 Norfolk
9   ARTHUR JOHN FOULGER, (Arthur3,John2,William1) born D/1884 Thetford died 11 July 1942 Chatham Kent
    married FRANCES LIZZIE STIMPSON daughter of ROBERT STIMPSON and ELIZA EDWARDS M/1910 Wayland Norfolk
    FRANCES was born M/1884 Roudham Norfolk died J/1968 Chatham Kent
    Children of ARTHUR and FRANCES are:
     i ISOBEL SHEILA STIMPSON FOULGER, born D/1910 Thetford died D/1952 Norwich married LAWRENCE BLAKEY D/1933 Thetford


ii ARTHUR NEIL STIMPSON FOULGER, born 1914 Norfolk died 1987 Suffolk
  iii BRENDA FRANCES STIMPSON FOULGER, born 12 May 1916 Wayland died March 1997 Swale Kent
  iV NEVILLE KEITH SIMPSON FOULGER., born 4 June 1926 Thetford died September 2000 Medway Kent
10   ERNEST WILLIAM FOULGER, (Arthur3,John2,William1) born 23 April 1886 Thetford died M/1940 Wayland
    married ELLEN ELIZABETH LINCOLN S/1915 Wayland
    ELLEN was born D/1885 Wayland died J/1968 Ipswich Suffolk
    Children of ERNEST and ELLEN are:
  i GWENDOLINE M E FOULGER, born D/1915 Thetford married WILLIAM G HUMM S/1939 Wayland


ii ERNEST ALLEN CLIFFORD FOULGER, born 1917 Norfolk died 1995 Lincolnshire
  iii HERBERT RAYMOND THOMAS FOULGER, born 6 October 1919 Thetford died 3 May 2002 Calderdale
  iv RONALD GEORGE T FOULGER, born 21 May 1922 Thetford died S/1987 Wayland married NANCY J YOUNG D/1954 Wayland
  v OLIVE M FOULGER, born D/1923 Thetford married RICHARD H DYKE J/1941 Wayland
  vi BARBARA M FOULGER, born M/1925 Thetford married THOMAS H HODGE D/1945 Wayland


vii DENNIS MERVYN FOULGER, born 1926 Norfolk died 2004 Norfolk
  viii ZITA BERYL FOULGER, born 26 November 1931 Thetford died September 2003 Bury St Edmunds
    married JOSEPH McCLINTON D/1951 Wayland
    JOSEPH was born 9 March 1929 died December 2003 Bury St Edmunds
11   ALFRED THOMAS FOULGER, (Arthur3,John2,William1) born D/1887 Thetford died D/1951 Wayland Norfolk buried All Saints Church Cemetery Croxton Norfolk
    married BLANCHE MARIE LADELL S/1912 Thetford St Mary
    BLANCHE was born S/1891 Thetford died S/1972 Bury St Edmunds buried All Saints Church Cemetery Croxton Norfolk
12   HERBERT ROBERT FOULGER, (Arthur3,John2,William1) born 16 April 1890 Norfolk died J/1943 Norwich
    married LILY LOUISA WOODS S/1912 Norwich
LILY was born 11 January 1887 Forehoe Norfolk died M/1944 Norwich
    Child of HERBERT and LILY is:


IRIS L FOULGER, born J/1915 Norwich married ERIC A BROCKWELL S/1937 Norwich


  ERNEST CLAUDE JOHN FOULGER, (Ernest3,John2,William1) born 27 June  baptised 11 September 1889 Sheffield died J/1969 Coventry Warwickshire
    married DOROTHY ELIZABETH CAMERON  J/1922 Coventry
    DOROTHY was born 12 July 1898 died S/1975 Coventry
    Child of ERNEST and DOROTHY is:


JOAN E FOULGER, born 30 September 1923 Foleshill Warwickshire married JOSEPH BESSERMAN S/1950 Coventry
    JOSEPH was born 24 March 1918 Whitechapel London died July 2003 Coventry


  CLIFFORD BLAND FOULGER, (Ernest3,John2,William1) born 27 June 1891 Hillsborough Yorkshire died 22 September 1954 London
    married ETHEL BEALE S/1924 Wandsworth London
    ETHEL was born 22 July 1902 Wandsworth died