Third Generation


  WILLIAM FOULGER, (John2,William1) born 1 August 1843 Thetford Norfolk died D/1920 Rugby Warwickshire
    married LUCY JEFFERY daughter of PHILLIP JEFFERY and ELIZABETH  HOBLEY J/1871 Rugby
    LUCY was born S/1844 Rugby died M/1929 Birmingham Warwickshire
    Children of WILLIAM and LUCY are:
  i REBECCA MARIE FOULGER, born J/1872 Rugby died M/1960 Birmingham
    married WALTER THOMAS BOLTON son of WILLIAM HENRY BOLTON and HANNAH HANCOCK 5 August 1896 St Andrew's Church Rugby
    WALTER was born S/1858 Snitterfield Warwickshire died D/1920 Birmingham
  ii LUCY ELIZABETH FOULGER, born S/1873 Rugby died after 3 April 1911
    married JOHN HAWLEY son of JOHN HAWLEY and HANNAH WILCOX 21 September 1897 St Matthew's Church Rugby
    JOHN was born 26 May baptised 4 July 1876 Coventry died after 3 April 1911
  iii KATE GEORGINA FOULGER, baptised 24 February 1878 St Andrew's Church Rugby died 2 April 1928 Ontario Canada
    married JOHN HANCOX son of THOMAS and ELIZABETH HANCOX D/1908 Rugby.JOHN was born c1879 Ansley Warwickshire died after KATE.
    couple emigrated to Canada 19 April 1911 with their son HAROLD JOHN HANCOX born 1910 Rugby


iv WILLIAM JEFFERY FOULGER, born 1880 Warwickshire died 1931 Warwickshire
  v FLORENCE EMMA FOULGER, baptised 12 February 1882 St Andrew's Church Rugby died S/1935 Taunton Somerset married ROBERT WILLIAM DUKE M/1909 Birmingham
  vi ETHEL MAUD FOULGER, baptised 14 September 1884 St Andrew's Church Rugby died 25 February 1953 Kings Lynn Norfolk
4   GEORGE FOULGER,(John2,William1) born J/1850 Kilverstone Norfolk died J/1905 Thetford
    married ANNA SMITH daughter of JOHN ANCTERBURY SMITH and SUSANNA OLDMAN S/1877 Thetford St Mary
    ANNA was born 1 September 1853 Thetford died 15 June 1920 Thetford
    Children of GEORGE and ANNA are:
  i EDITH FOULGER, born 28 June baptised 21 July 1878 Thetford died D/1878 Thetford buried St Mary the Less Church Thetford


ii GEORGE JOHN FOULGER, born 1879 Norfolk died 1916 Norfolk
  iii WILLIAM THOMAS FOULGER, born D/1881 Thetford died M/1882 Thetford shown as 4 months old
5   ARTHUR JOHN FOULGER, (John2,William1) born M/1856 Kilverstone Norfolk died 26 February 1893 Blofield Norfolk buried St Mary the Less Church Thetford
    married ELIZABETH REEDER J/1884 Thetford St Mary
    ELIZABETH was born D/1854 Great Fransham Norfolk died 22 December 1923 Thetford
    Children of ARTHUR and ELIZABETH are:
9 i ARTHUR JOHN FOULGER, born 1884 Norfolk died 1942 Kent
10 ii ERNEST WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1886 Norfolk died 1940 Norfolk
11 iii ALFRED THOMAS FOULGER, born 1887 Norfolk died 1951 Norfolk
  iv ALBERT EDWARD FOULGER, born J/1890 Norfolk died 5 November 1964 Norwich Norfolk
12 v HERBERT ROBERT FOULGER, born 1890 Norfolk died 1943 Norfolk
6   ERNEST ALFRED FOULGER, (John2,William1) born M/1861 Kilverstone baptised 3 March Thetford Norfolk died 22 September 1922 Paignton Devon
    married ELIZABETH ANNE BLAND daughter of JOHN BLAND and JANE LUDFORD S/1888 King's Norton Norfolk
    ELIZABETH was born S/1860 Birmingham died S/1910 Aston Warwickshire
    married (2) FRANCES WILTON daughter of ALFRED WILTON and SUSANNAH WAGSTAFF S/1912 King's Norton
    FRANCES was born J/1877 Shipston Worcestershire died 14 January 1939 Paignton Devon
    Children of ERNEST and ELIZABETH are:
13 i ERNEST CLAUDE JOHN FOULGER, born 1889 Yorkshire died 1969 Warwickshire
14 ii CLIFFORD BLAND FOULGER, born 1891 Yorkshire died 1954 London
  iii PHYLLIS MADGE BLAND FOULGER. born S/1895 Bromsgrove Worchester
    married WILFRED SILVER GLOYNE son of WILLIAM SAMUEL GLOYNE and SUSANNAH JEANS M/1915 King's Norton Norfolk
    WILFRED was born S/1887 Havant Hampshire died after 1926
    Child of ERNEST and FRANCES is:
  i BRENDA MARY FOULGER, born 4 July 1914 King's Norton died July 1990 Yeovil Somerset
    married REGINALD HENRY CALLARD J/1938 Totnes Devon
    REGINALD was born 15 May 1906 Totnes died J/1973 Chard Devon