Sixth Generation
42   WILLIAM FOULGER, (James 5,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) baptised 2 September 1866 Nacton Suffolk died S/1912 Woodbridge Suffolk
    married CHARLOTTE MARIA STANNARD daughter of JAMES and ELIZABETH STANNARD S/1895 Ipswich
    CHARLOTTE was born M/1870 Bucklesham Suffolk died S/1906 Woodbridge
43   JAMES WADE FOULGER, (James 5,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) baptised 25 August 1867 Nacton died M/1906 Ipswich
    married MINNIE FOULGER daughter of EDWARD FOULGER and CHARLOTTE CLARKE D/1890 Ipswich
    MINNIE was born M/1867 Ipswich died J/1933 Ipswich
    Children of JAMES and MINNIE are:
63 i JAMES EDWARD FOULGER, born 1892 Suffolk died 1959 Essex
  ii BERTIE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 22 March 1894 Ipswich died S/1969 Ipswich married WINIFRED FLORENCE M FOULGER S/1942 Ipswich
  iii GEORGE CHARLES FOULGER, born 12 July 1895 Ipswich died 29 October 1955 Ipswich
44   ALFRED JAMES FOULGER,(Alfred 5,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) baptised 30 September 1888 Over Cheshire died M/1919 Cheshire
    married LILIAN BERTHA THORNHILL M/1912 Congleton Cheshire
    LILIAN was born 24 June 1892 Congleton Cheshire died 1980 Vale Royal Cheshire
    LILIAN married (2) ARTHUR DOUGLAS LOWE M/1920 Congleton
    Children of ALFRED and LILIAN are:
  i PHYLLIS ADA FOULGER, born 21 September 1914 Congleton died 1972 Manchester married EDWARD E SMALLWOOD D/1936 Congleton
  ii IRENE M FOULGER, born S/1917 Congleton died M/1919 Congleton
45 WALTER EDMUND FOULGER, (Walter Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 6 June 1876 Longforgan died 24 March 1950 Ingestre Stafford
  married JEANIE DUNCAN FORSYTH daughter of WILLIAM FORSYTH and JESSIE DUNCAN  30 March 1900 Patrick Lanark
  JEANIE was born 1874 Ferres Scotland died 4 February 1969 Ingestre Stafford (shown as JANE)
  WALTER is shown in the 1940 KELLY'S Directory as Head Gamekeeper to Lord Shrewsbury
  Children of WALTER and JEANIE are:
64 i WALTER FOULGER, born 1902 Stafford died 1991 Queensland Australia
  ii CHRISTINA FOULGER, born 4 March 1903 Ingestre Stafford died 23 June 1954 Ingestre Stafford married ROBERT E CHARLES J/1934 Stafford
65 iii JAMES FOULGER, born 1908 Stafford died 1977 Stafford
46 JAMES WADE FOULGER, (Arthur 5,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 2 July 1888 Canning Town died S/1963 Essex
    married ADA ELIZABETH BADNALL 26 December 1910 Canning Town Essex
    ADA was born M/1888 Chorlton Lancashire died M/1956 West Ham
    Children of JAMES and ADA are:
66 i JAMES HENRY FOULGER, born 1912 Canning Town
  ii ALFRED FOULGER, born and died J/1915 West Ham
  iii WALTER ALFRED FOULGER, born 18 March 1916 West Ham died 26 November 2008 Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire
  iv ADA L FOULGER, born M/1918 West Ham died M/1919 West Ham
  v CYRIL FOULGER, born J/1920 West Ham died S/1937 Romford Essex
  vi ARTHUR FOULGER, born M/1922 West Ham died J/1924 West Ham
  vii DAVID H FOULGER, born 14 August 1923 West Ham died M/1940 Romford
  viii ELLEN FOULGER, born M/1926 West Ham married ARTHUR CONWAY M/1947 West Ham
  ix IRENE FOULGER, born M/1928 West Ham married JOHN WESTBURGH S/1949 West Ham
67 x CHARLES FOULGER, born 1930 West Ham died 1987 Essex
68 xi THOMAS FOULGER, born 1932 West Ham died 1999 Essex
47 EDWARD WILLIAM FOULGER, (Frederick5 Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 24 August 1887 West Ham died M/1943 Romford Essex
  as EDWARD FOULGER married EMILY ROSINA LEEKS daughter of FREDERICK LEEKS and ELIZABETH EMILY MAY 3 February 1912 St Lukes Church West Ham
  EMILY married (2) ROBERT F PUGH M/1953 Bridgend Glamorganshire
  EMILY was born 7 April 1891 West Ham died S/1967 Pontypridd Glamorganshire
  Children of EDWARD and EMILY are:
69 i EDWARD WILLIAM PHILIP FOULGER, born 1912 West Ham died 1971 Essex
70 ii FREDERICK FOULGER, born 1915 West Ham died 1992 Bristol
  iii DORIS FOULGER, born 3 June 1917 West Ham married HERBERT JONES S/1940 West Ham
71 iv ALBERT WHITTINGTON FOULGER, born 1920 West Ham died 1985 Essex
48   ERIC FOULGER, (Herbert5,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1 born 3 December 1904 Winsford Cheshire died August 1984 Halton Cheshire
    MARY was born 6 December 1907 Liverpool died D/1975 Liverpool
    Children of ERIC and MARY are:
  i EUNICE FOULGER, born 1930 West Derby married DAVID L BARRY 1950 Birkenhead
72 ii ERIC F FOULGER, born 1936 Liverpool
73 iii CYRIL FOULGER, born 1938 Liverpool


ARTHUR HUBERT FOULGER, (Arthur J5,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 1 May 1901 Bradford died J/1976 Bradford
    married MABEL MARY BERRY daughter of HARRY HEPPENSTALL BERRY and AMELIA JACKSON 10 June 1930 Shipley Yorkshire
    MABEL was born 28 June baptised 16 August 1903 Shipley died January 1997 Claro Yorkshire, shown as MABEL MARY BERRY
50   HARRY FOULGER, (Fred5,Joseph4,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 13 June 1900 Tong Yorkshire died S/1952 Yorkshire
    married CLARA TODD daughter of JOHN THOMAS TODD and EDITH WELLS D/1923 Bradford
    CLARA was born 13 November 1900 Bradford died April 1987 Bradford
    Children of HARRY and CLARA are:
  i EDITH MAY FOULGER, born 1 May 1924 Bradford died 24 October 2014 Whitehaven Cumbria
74 ii KATHLEEN FOULGER, born 1926 Bradford died 2014 Greece
  iii RAYMOND FOULGER, born 28 December 1928 Bradford died September 1983 Bradford
75 iv FRANK FOULGER, born 1942 Bradford
51   HAROLD FOULGER, (Fred5,Joseph4,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 7 September 1901 Yorkshire died M/1949 Yorkshire
    married DORIS WILSON daughter of JOHN SENIOR WILSON 3 June 1922 Laisterdyke St Mary Bradford
    DORIS was born 24 July 1900 Bradford died 1966 Hull Yorkshire
    Children of HAROLD and DORIS are:
  i BETTY FOULGER, born M/1923 Bradford married GEORGE E YOUNG S/1943 Bradford
  ii NORMA FOULGER, born S/1925 Bradford married RONALD FARRER D/1944 Bradford
  iii CONSTANCE FOULGER, born M/1928 Bradford RONALD E DAVIDSON M/1948 Bradford
  iv MAVIS FOULGER, born D/1933 Bradford married JACK HALEY S/1952 Bradford
52   WILFRED FOULGER, (Fred5,Joseph4,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 12 June 1905 Bradford died April 1985 Bradford
    married DORIS BLANCHE GALLOWAY D/1929 Bradford
    DORIS was born 22 March 1909 Stockton Durham died July 1994 Bradford
    Children of WILFRED and DORIS are:
  i WINIFRED FOULGER, born J/1930 Bradford
  ii DOROTHY FOULGER, born M/1932 Bradford
53 NORMAN FOULGER, (Fred5,Joseph4,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 27 August 1907 Drilington Yorkshire died February 1992 Leeds Yorkshire
    married LILY JEWITT daughter of ARTHUR JEWITT and AGNES WALKER 7 November 1931 Bradford
    LILY was born 14 October 1910 Bradford died July 1995 Bradford
    Child of NORMAN and LILY is:


JEAN M FOULGER, born 1939 Bradford married PETER FINN S/1958 Bradford

LESLIE SCOFIELD FOULGER, (Edward 5,Joseph4,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 25 February 1912 Bradford died 29 June 1982 Bradford
    married ELSIE EDNA KEAT daughter of JAMES HERBERT KEAT and ALICE MARY ROBBINS 28 December 1940 Keighley Yorkshire
    ELSIE was born 12 April 1917 Keighley died May 2002 Chichester Sussex
    Children of LESLIE and ELSIE are.


JOYCE B FOULGER, born 1946 Yorkshire married GEOFFREY A HINCLIFFE 1969 Yorkshire
   ii PAULINE FOULGER, born 1949 Yorkshire


JACK FOULGER, (Willie 5,Joseph4,Wade4,Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 4 January baptised 20 February 1910 Bradford died D/1966 Bradford
    MARY was born 16 May 1913 Bradford died July 1991 Bradford