Fourth Generation


WADE FOULGER, (Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 1821 baptised 22 October 1822 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died 10 September 1898 Nacton
    buried St Martin's Church Cemetery Nacton Suffolk
    married SARAH ANN HARVEY daughter of JAMES HARVEY and MARY COBY D/1844 Ipswich
    SARAH was born c1823 Westerfield died D/1897 Woodbridge buried St Martin's Church Cemetery Nacton
    Children of WADE and SARAH are:
 18 i JAMES WADE FOULGER, born 1845 Suffolk died 1906 Suffolk
19 ii ALFRED FOULGER, born 1846 Suffolk died 1909 Lancashire
20 iii WALTER FOULGER, born 1849 Suffolk died 1916 Scotland
  iv EMILY FOULGER, baptised 19 August 1850 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died M/1911 Stow Suffolk
21 v ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1852 Suffolk died 1920 London
22 vi FREDERICK GEORGE FOULGER, born 1854 Westerfield died 1898 Essex
  vii JESSIE FOULGER, baptised 11 November 1856 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield buried 9 December 1860 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield
23 viii FRANK FOULGER, born 1858 Suffolk died 1940 Suffolk
  ix EDGAR FOULGER, baptised 6 December buried 16 December 1860 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield (shown as aged 2)
  x HARRY FOULGER, baptised 21 May 1861 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield buried 1 August 1866 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield
24 xi HERBERT FOULGER, born 1863 Suffolk died 1939 Liverpool
  xii ERNEST FOULGER, born J/1865 baptised 23 July 1865 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died D/1878 Woodbridge
25 xiii HORACE FOULGER, born 1867 Suffolk died 1924 Lincolnshire
  xiv WILLIE EDGAR FOULGER, baptised 7 October 1873 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died after 3 April 1891
26 xv EDGAR FOULGER, born 1880 Suffolk died 1960 Suffolk


HENRY FOULGER, (Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) baptised 20 October 1822 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died S/1903 Suffolk
    married ELIZABETH RANSOME S/1846 Ipswich
    ELIZABETH was born 1824 Ipswich died S/1881 Ipswich


JOSHUA FOULGER, (Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 2 January baptised 26 December 1824 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died D/1902 West Ham Essex
    married CHARLOTTE ALLEN daughter of GEORGE and CHARLOTTE ALLEN M/1848 Ipswich
    CHARLOTTE was born 15 August 1824 Ipswich died M/1901 Ipswich (Charlottes age varies in different censuses shown as 71 when she died)
    Children of JOSHUA and CHARLOTTE are:
  i EDWARD THOMAS HENRY FOULGER, baptised 30 September 1849 Ipswich died S/1882 Ipswich
    shown married to a HARRIET 1871 census no birth or marriage record found for EDWARD (J/1849 Ipswich shows a birth of a HENRY FOULGER)
    HARRIET born c1850 Ipswich died after 3 April 1891
  ii SUSANNAH FOULGER, baptised 29 June 1851 Ipswich died after 3 April 1911 married FREDERICK TURNER son of JOHN TURNER 27 June 1886 West Hackney Middlesex
  iii EMMA FOULGER, born S/1853 Ipswich died after 3 April 1871
  iv WALTER FOULGER, born M/1856 Ipswich died after 3 April 1891
  v ROBERT FOULGER, born J/1859 Ipswich died M/1936 Ipswich
  vi LAURA FOULGER, born 4 December 1861 Ipswich died 26 November 1949 Suffolk
    married CHARLES EDWARD POLLARD son of RICHARD F POLLARD and ELIZABETH KNIGHTS 23 April 1882 Westminster
  vii ALICE FOULGER, born D/1864 Ipswich baptised 14 November 1880 Ipswich as ALICE MAUDE FOULGER died after 3 April 1911
    as ALICE MAUDE FOULGER married FREDERICK WILLIAM WARNER 25 December 1885 South Hackney both witnesses at her sister SUSANNAH's wedding
  viii MINNA FOULGER, born c1875 Ipswich no birth or any other record found except 1881 census (birth may have been registered as Female Foulger D/1874 Ipswich)
    Family shown as FOLGERS 1881 census


  GEORGE FOULGER, (Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 1830 baptised 27 November 1831 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died J/1878 Ipswich
    married ARABELLA NORMAN daughter of NATHAN and MARTHA NORMAN M/1857 Ipswich
    ARABELLA was born 1837 Westerfield died 19 December 1909 Ipswich
    ARABELLA married (2) ALFRED GILL M/1879 Ipswich
    Children of GEORGE and ARABELLA are:
  i ARABELLA CATHERINE FOULGER, born S/1858 Westerfield died D/1867 Ipswich
  ii MARIA ALICE FOULGER, born 2 April 1861 Westerfield died after 3 April 1911
  iii ROSA JESSIE FOULGER, born S/1864 Ipswich buried 7 October 1874 Ipswich St Pancras
iv VIOLETTA MINNIE FOULGER, born 29 January 1867 Suffolk died D/1949 Ipswich married JOSIAH SAMUEL HADDOCK son of JOHN and HANNAH HADDOCK M/1891 Ipswich
  v BEATRICE FOULGER, born D/1869 Ipswich buried 7 November 1874 Ipswich Cemetery
9 ROBERT FOULGER, (Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born 1833 baptised 9 May 1841 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield
    died 23 April 1907 Rochford Essex buried St Andrew's Church Southend on Sea
    married  (1) AMELIA SMITH S/1856 Rochford
    AMELIA was born 1835 Danbury Essex died J/1865 Rochford
    married (2) MARTHA ANN SCUDDER daughter of SAMUEL SCUDDER and JUDITH ELIZA DUNNINGHAM 27 May 1869 West London
    MARTHA was born 1843 Thundersley Essex died 20 October 1920 Rochford buried St Andrew's Church Southend  on Sea


  JOSEPH FOULGER, (Robert3,Wade2,Robert1) born S/1840 baptised 29 June 1845 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died D/1916 Bradford Yorkshire
    married SARAH ANN THEOBALD daughter of JACOB THEOBALD and ELIZABETH BROWN M/1868 Ipswich
    SARAH was born D/1843 Occold Suffolk died D/1913 Halifax Yorkshire
    Children of JOSEPH and SARAH are:
27 i ARTHUR JAMES FOULGER, born 1868 Suffolk died 1944 Bradford
  ii HANNAH JANE FOULGER, born J/1870 Westerfield died J/1931 North Bierley
    married BEARDER SHAW son of BARNABAS SHAW and HANNAH BEARDER 14 January 1893 St John's Church Tong Yorkshire
  iii FLORENCE FOULGER, born D/1871 Tattingstone died S/1936 Halifax Yorkshire married WALTON GLEDHILL son of JOSEPH and ANN GLEDHILL 1 July 1895 Birstall Yorkshire
  iv ELIZA FOULGER, born S/1873 Tattingtone died S/1948 Bradford
28 v FRED FOULGER, born 1875 Suffolk died 1954 Yorkshire
29 vi HARRY FOULGER, born c1880 Yorkshire died 1951 Yorkshire
  vii LAURA FOULGER, born 11 July 1882 Bradford died M/1973 Basford Nottinghamshire married TOM GAWTHORP son of SAM GAWTHORP and MARY ANN ABBOTT J/1905 Bradford
30 viii EDWARD FOULGER, born 1885 Bradford died 1957 Staffordshire
31 ix WILLIE FOULGER, born 1888 Yorkshire died 1947 Lancashire
11   JOSHUA FOULGER, (William3,Wade2,Robert1) born 1826 Westerfield died J/1883 Ipswich (shown as blind 1871 and 1881 censuses)
    married JANE NUTT (TRUTT) daughter of SAMUEL 23 September 1850 Portsmouth Hampshire
    JANE (born unknown) died M/1857 Ipswich
    married (2) MARY ANN DALBY daughter of JONATHAN and MARY ANN DALBY M/1862 Ipswich
    MARY was baptised 5 August 1838 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died J/1895 Ipswich
    a JONATHAN DALBY (70) a widow is staying with them 1881 census
    Children of JOSHUA and MARY are:
  i SARAH FOULGER, born c1860 Ipswich died after 3 April 1871
  ii ELIZABETH FOULGER, born M/1863 Ipswich died after 3 April 1881
12   WILLIAM FOULGER, (William3,Wade2,Robert1)  born 1827 Westerfield baptised 7 June 1829 Tuddenham St Martin died M/1856 Ipswich
    married MARY ANN RANSOME S/1847 Ipswich
    MARY was born 1827 Ipswich died M/1904 Shoreditch London
    MARY married (2) HENRY BOTWRIGHT S/1869 Ipswich
    HENRY was born D/1839 Horham Suffolk died S/1898 Shoreditch
    Children of WILLIAM and MARY are:
32 i WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1848 Suffolk died 1924 London
  ii HENRY FOULGER, born 1850 Rushmere Suffolk (8 months old 1851 census) died D/1894 Shoreditch,
    married CAROLINE PARKER S/1881 Bethnal Green, born 1854 Plymouth died after 3 April 1891
  iii ARTHUR FOULGER, born J/1853 Ipswich died S/1920 Shoreditch. 1911 census shown married to a CAROLINE  for 15 years (no marriage record found)
    1901 census family shows a ROSE TROWER (15) and her sister SARAH (16) noted as adopted daughters (may have been adopted by his mother)
    HENRY and ARTHUR shown as FOLLGER 1891 census.HENRY shown as FULGER 1881 census
  iv ELLEN FOULGER, born D/1854 Ipswich died D/1863 Ipswich
13   JONATHAN FOULGER, (William3,Wade2,Robert1) born 18 June 1836 baptised 31 July 1842 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died M/1925 Ipswich (sometimes shown as JOHN)
    married CAROLINE NEWSON daughter of JOHN and MARY ANN NEWSON M/1858 Ipswich
    CAROLINE was born c1837 Ipswich died M/1911 Ipswich
    Children of JONATHAN and CAROLINE are:
  i ALICE FOULGER, born M/1860 Ipswich died D/1884 Ipswich
  ii KATE ALICE FOULGER, born 14 February 1862 Ipswich died D/1939 Bournemouth married LEWIN HARVEY LONGHURST son of JAMES and SARAH Longhurst S/1889 Ipswich
33 iii JOHN ROBERT FOULGER, born 1864 Suffolk died 1944 Suffolk
  iv PRISCILLA FOULGER, born D/1866 Ipswich died after 3 April 1881
  v CAROLINE FOULGER, born D/1869 Ipswich died after 3 April 1901 shown as CARRIE 1881 census
  vi MAUD FLORENCE FOULGER, born J/1877 Ipswich died 10 January 1949 Ipswich married THOMAS HENRY TURNER M/1901 Ipswich
    1901 and 1911 censuses show a grandson GEORGE HENRY FOULGER born 26 September 1897 Ipswich,died D/1923 Ipswich
14 JULIUS CAESAR FOULGER,(William3,Wade2,Robert1) born 3 November 1838 baptised 31 July 1842 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield buried 6 October 1891 Ipswich Cemetery
    married REBECCA CLARKE daughter of WILLIAM and MARY CLARKE S/1860 Ipswich
    REBECCA was born 1837 Hadleigh Suffolk died S/1920 Ipswich
    Children of JULIUS and REBECCA are:
  i CLARA FOULGER, born 12 January 1861 Ipswich baptised 24 June 1885 Ipswich died D/1925 Ipswich
    married WILLIAM THOMAS HARRISS D/1888 Ipswich
  ii ELEANOR FOULGER, (ELLEN) born S/1862 Ipswich buried 28 November 1893 Ipswich
    married HERBERT ALLATON son of DAVID ALLATON and MARTHA MORLEY D/1887 Ipswich
  iii WILLIAM ALEXANDER FOULGER, born S/1864 Ipswich buried 8 February 1886 Ipswich Cemetery
  iv JULIUS CAESAR FOULGER, born D/1868 Ipswich buried 14 December 1887 Ipswich Cemetery
  v ARTHUR ROBERT FOULGER, born J/1870 Ipswich died M/1959 Ipswich (some times shown as ROBERT ARTHUR)
34 vi HERBERT FOULGER, born 1876 Suffolk died 1901 Suffolk
15   EDWARD FOULGER,(William3,Wade2,Robert1) born 29 December 1842 baptised 6 September 1846 St Mary Magdalene Church Westerfield died M/1891 Ipswich
    married CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH CLARKE daughter of WILLIAM and MARY CLARKE S/1862 Ipswich
    CHARLOTTE was born c1844 Hadleigh Suffolk died S/1924 Ipswich
    Children of EDWARD and CHARLOTTE are:
  i ARTHUR WILLIAM FOULGER, born D/1862 Ipswich died S/1937 Ipswich
35 ii CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 1864 Ipswich died 1914 Ipswich
  iii CHARLES ROBERT FOULGER, born S/1864 Ipswich died M/1866 Ipswich
  iv MINNIE FOULGER, born M/1867 Ipswich died J/1933 Ipswich married JAMES WADE FOULGER D/1890 Ipswich
36 v EDWARD FOULGER, born 1869 Ipswich died 1938 Ipswich
37 vi JOSHUA FOULGER, born 1872 Suffolk died 1952 Suffolk
  vii FREDERICK FOULGER, born S/1874 Ipswich died D/1932 Ipswich
38 viii BERTIE ALFRED FOULGER, born 1879 Suffolk died 1964 Suffolk
  ix ALICE FOULGER, born c1886 Ipswich died after 3 April 1911
16   ARTHUR FOULGER,(William3,Wade2,Robert1) born S/1848 Westerfield died S/1896 Ipswich (sometimes shown as ARTHUR W)
    married ELIZABETH ANN EVERARD M/1874 Ipswich
    ELIZABETH was born M/1848 Ipswich died M/1895 Ipswich
    Children of ARTHUR and ELIZABETH are:
39 i WALTER ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1874 Suffolk died 1956 Suffolk
  ii ELIZABETH HARRIET FOULGER, born M/1877 Ipswich died after 3 April 1901 married JAMES WEBB D/1895 Ipswich
40 iii FRANK FOULGER, born 1879 Ipswich died after the 1921 Canadian census
17   HENRY BISHOP FOULGER,(John3,Wade2,Robert1) born February 1871 Ipswich died M/1926 Ipswich
    SUSANNAH was born 3 November 1872 Ipswich died M/1941 Hackney London
    HENRY and SUSANNAH not shown in 1901 or 1911 censuses
    Child of SUSANNAH is:
  i ALICE SUSANNAH BRUNNING, born 3 January 1891 Ipswich died M/1949 Stepney London
    staying with her mother 1891 census and with her Uncle DAVID BRUNNING 1901 census
    as ALICE S FOULGER, married GEORGE ROBERT FISHER son of EDWIN FISHER and EMILY BURCOMBE 19 February 1911 Mile End Old Town London
    GEORGE was born 1890 London died 1 July 1916 France
    married (2) WILLIAM SIMSON son of WILLIAM CULBERT SIMSON S/1920 Mile End Old Town
    WILLIAM was born 1882 Bromley Bow London died J/1939 Stepney
    Child of HENRY and SUSANNAH is:
41 i WILLIAM HENRY FOULGER, born 1895 Suffolk died 1960 Suffolk