Fourth Generation
14   FRANK STEERE, (Thomas S3 ,Henry2, George1) born 20 January 1876 Warrnambool died 23 September 1956 Warrnambool
    married HARRIET JANE CHANDLER 10 July 1907 Victoria
    HARRIET was born 1877 died 1919 Warrnambool
    Children of FRANK and HARRIET are:
  i ALAN THOMAS STEERE, born 1908 Warrnambool died 1980 Warrnambool
  ii VIDA MAY STEERE, born 14 August 1910 Warrnambool died 2 November 2001 Pambula NSW
  iii PHILLIP GEORGE STEERE, born 1 April 1914 Warrnambool died 1972 Victoria
15   WILLIAM HENRY STEERE, (George Henry3, Henry2, George1) born 11 July 1862 Plymouth Devon died 22 April 1931 Portsmouth Hampshire
    married ELIZABETH ANN HORWELL REED D/1883 Plymouth
    ELIZABETH was born 30 May 1863 Millbrook Cornwall died 5 April 1957 9 Harwich Road Wymering Portsmouth
    buried with her grandson RONALD GEORGE FRENCH St Peter's and St Paul's Church Medina Road Cosham Hampshire
    Children of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH are:
  i ELIZABETH MAUD HORWELL STEERE, born 27 September 1883 Frankfort Cottage Russel Street Plymouth died 21 August 1972 Fareham Hampshire
    married NORTON WILLIAM BREWER son of CHARLES and EMILY BREWER 22 December 1905 Register Office Portsmouth
  ii MABEL MARILDER STEERE, born 23 May 1889 Inverness Scotland died 15 June 1979 Portsmouth
    married CHARLES AUGUSTUS EWER son of CHARLES and FRANCES EWER S/1914 Portsmouth
    CHARLES was born 23 September 1890 Portsea died S/1966 Portsmouth
19 iii WILLIAM HENRY STEERE, born 1891 Devon died 1981 Hampshire
  iv FLORENCE VICTORIA STEERE, born 1894 Devon died 1978 Hampshire
20 v ALFRED STEERE, born 1896 Devon died 1981 Hampshire
21 vi ERNEST GEORGE STEERE, born 1898 Plymouth died 1986 Petersfield
  vii ALBERT EDWARD STEERE, born January 1901 Plymouth died J/1904 Portsmouth 
22 vii SAMUEL FRANK STEERE, born 1904 Hampshire died 1978 Hampshire
16   ALFRED JAMES STEERE,(Edwin3,Henry2,George1)  born M/1864 Bristol died S/1925 Bristol (believe birth registered as ALFRED JAMES STERE)
    married ALICE MARY BARRETT J/1891 Barton Regis
    ALICE was born S/1864 Clifton Gloustershire died D/1941 Bristol
  Children of ALFRED and ALICE are:
  i EDWIN REGINALD STEERE, born S/1892 Barton Regis died J/1896 Bristol
  ii GILBERT FREDERICK STEERE, born D/1894 Barton Regis died J/1916 Bristol
  iii FRANK IVAN STEERE, born D/1895 Barton Regis died J/1902 Bristol
  iv MAUD GLADYS STEERE,born 1896 Barton Regis buried 25 April 1897 Redcliffe Bristol
  v CLARA FLORENCE STEERE, born S/1899 Bristol died D/1900 Bristol
17   ARTHUR STEERE, (James3,Henry2, George1) born 31 March 1866 Warrnambool died 1 July 1933 Warrnambool
    married MARIA McKANE 1892 Warrnambool
    MARIA was born 1867 Londonderry Ireland died 14 October 1947 Warrnambool
    Children of ARTHUR and MARIA are:
  i LESLIE GORDON STEERE, born 1893 Warrnambool died 6 April 1894 Warrnambool
  ii JAMES STEERE, born 1896 Warrnambool died 14 September 1979 Warrnambool married RUBY IDA SWAN 1924 Victoria
  iii IRIS SYBIL STEERE, born 1899 Warrnambool died 3 April 1921 Warrnambool 
  iv GERTRUDE JEAN STEERE, born 1901 Warrnambool  died 1960 Victoria
  v ELLEN DOREEN STEERE, born 1906 Warrnambool died 8 September 1907 Warrnambool
18   JAMES STEPHEN STEERE (Henry3,Henry2, George1) , born 24 October 1881 East Stonehouse died 5 February 1951 Devon
    married BEATRICE ELEANOR FRENCH daughter of WILLIAM FRENCH and EMILY CANN 13 October 1902 Devon
    Children of JAMES and BEATRICE are:
  i EMILY MAY STEERE, born  M/1903 Newton Abbot Devon died D/1930 Devonport married JOHN CROOK J/1924 Newton Abbot
  ii JAMES HENRY STEERE, born 21 April 1904 Newton Abbot died June 1985 Newton Abbot (shown as JAMES HARRY 1911 census)
    married GLADYS MATILDA HOLLAND D/1927 Devon
  iii HENRY STEERE, born 8 June 1906 Newton Abbot died 27 June 1988 Victoria Australia 
    married MARIA CARMALLA MACAN daughter of JAMES JOSEPH MACAN and CONSTANCE ALLEN 28 January 1935 Birmingham
    MARIA was born 17 July 1902 Dublin Ireland died 1 January 1975 Queensland Australia
    family sailed from London to Sydney aboard the CHITRAL 30 December 1948
23 iv CHARLES STEERE, born 1908 Newton Abbot died 1987 Devon
  v REGINALD STEERE, born 2 November 1910 Newton Abbot died J/2001 Torbay Devon
  vi EDITH BEATRICE STEERE, born 9 May 1914 died D/1993 Teignbridge Devon married WINDSOR MORGAN S/1941 Newton Abbot
  vii FRANK STEERE, born 3 December 1925 Teignbridge  died November 2004 Teignbridge
                                                                           Fifth Generation
19   WILLIAM HENRY STEERE, (James S4 ,George Henry3, Henry2, George1) born 27 December 1891 Plymouth died 16 December 1981 Portsmouth
    married EDITH SMITH M/1921 Portsmouth
    Child of WILLIAM and EDITH is:
  i WILLIAM THOMAS STEERE, born 2 July 1922 Portsmouth died 21 June 2013 Portsmouth
    married NORA PATRICIA SANDERSON S/1949 Portsmouth
    NORA was born 24 August 1921 Portsmouth died July 2002 Portsmouth
    Child of WILLIAM and NORA is:
  i BARRY WILLIAM STEERE, born 1952 Hampshire married ANITA M BAKER 1979 Hampshire
20   ALFRED STEERE, (William4, George Henry3, Henry2, George1) born 24 June 1896 Plymouth died D/1981 Portsmouth
    married MINNIE FLORENCE JANAWAY daughter of HENRY JAMES THOMAS JANAWAY and FLORA ANNIE HAMMOND 4 March 1922 The Register Office Portsmouth
    MINNIE was born 24 June 1902 Portsmouth died M/1977 Portsmouth
    Child of ALFRED and MINNIE is:
  i LAURA MABEL STEERE, born 13 January 1923 Portsmouth died 18 December 2010 Portsmouth married LESLIE D COLEBROOK D/1945 Portsmouth
21   ERNEST GEORGE STEERE,  (William4,George Henry3,Henry2,George1) born 13 October 1898 Plymouth died October 1986 Petersfield
  married HILDA MARION  RYAN D/1920 Portsmouth
  HILDA was born 12 August 1901 Portsmouth died December 1976 Portsmouth
  Children of ERNEST and HILDA are:
  i KENNETH ERNEST G STEERE, born 11 November 1921 Portsmouth died July 2003 Portsmouth married OLIVE JOYCE DIDYMUS 1953 Portsmouth
  ii REGINALD SYDNEY  E STEERE, born 16 September 1923 Portsmouth died October 1991 Portsmouth married NELLIE RIPLEY J/1949 Portsmouth
  iii STELLA  H M STEERE, born 1926 Portsmouth married WILLIAM SMITH 1951 Crosby Merseyside
  iv MOLLIE M STEERE, born 1929 Portsmouth married JOHN T GIFFORD M/1952 Portsmouth
  v JOHN HENRY  STEERE, born 17 December 1930 Portsmouth died December 2000 Portsmouth
  BETTY was born 18 November 1933 Portsmouth died October 2003 Hampshire
22   SAMUEL FRANK STEERE, (William 4,George Henry3,Henry2,George1) born 12 February 1904 Portsmouth died M/1978 Portsmouth
    married ETHEL MAY SANSOM daughter of EDWARD SANSOM and REBECCA MARY STALLARD 4 May 1929 Portsmouth
    ETHEL was born 3 March 1907 Portsmouth died August 1986 Portsmouth
    Children of SAMUEL and ETHEL are:
  i ETHEL MAY STEERE,  born S/1929 Portsmouth married JOHN E FORD J/1949 Portsmouth
  ii JUNE STEERE, born 16 June 1931 Portsmouth died July 2003 Bristol married ROBERT HENRY R PAYNE M/1952 Portsmouth
  iii SAMUEL FRANK STEERE, born M/1934 Portsmouth married JEAN BUDD M/1961 Portsmouth
  iv PETER J STEERE, born J/1936 Portsmouth died D/1936 Portsmouth
  v ROY STEERE, born 10 August 1937 Portsmouth died December 1999 Hampshire
  vi ROBERT STEERE born S/1940 Portsmouth
23   CHARLES STEERE, (James S 4,Henry3,Henry2, George1) born 20 December 1908 Newton Abbot died J/1987 Devon
    DOROTHY was born 1 February 1911 Devon died January 2003 Devon
    Children of CHARLES and DOROTHY are:
  i CHARLES R J H STEERE, born 1933 Devon
  ii DOROTHY ELLEN BEATRICE STEERE, born 25 May 1939 Newton Abbot died February 2007 Portsmouth Hampshire