Third Generation


  THOMAS SAUNDERS STEERE,(Henry2, George1) born 16 April 1827 Aveton Gifford died 14 September 1890 Warrnambool Victoria Australia
    married EMMA POPPLESTONE 12 June 1854 Plymouth Devon
    EMMA was born 6 May 1828 Loddiswell Devon died 9 June 1902 Warrnambool
    Children of THOMAS and EMMA are:
  i ELIZABETH ANN STEERE, born 9 January 1856 Woodford Victoria died 31 May 1923 Warrnambool
    married JAMES WORLAND son of JOSEPH WORLAND and MARY STONE 1876 Victoria
  ii EMMA POPPLESTONE STEERE, born 11 February 1858 Warrnambool died 31 May 1865 Warrnambool
  iii ELLEN STEERE, born 22 June 1860 Warrnambool died 1932 Victoria
    married WILLIAM WORLAND son of JOSEPH WORLAND and MARY STONE 22 February 1893 Toorak Victoria
  iv MARY GRACE STEERE, born 15 October 1862 Warrnambool died 1936 Warrnambool married FREDERICK SPICER 4 August 1897 Victoria
  v FANNY STEERE, born 18 October 1864 Warrnambool died 1948 Colic Victoria
  vi EMILY STEERE, born 2 January 1867 Warrnambool died 1928 Balwyn Victoria married MALCOLM GILMOOR 16 July 1889 Victoria
  vii HENRY STEERE, born 19 March 1869 Warrnambool died 29 October 1871 Warrnambool
  viii CLARA STEERE, born 22 July 1871 Warrnambool died 1954 Victoria married WILLIAM MOORE 19 March 1903 Warrnambool Victoria
14 ix FRANK STEERE, born 1876 Warrnambool died 1956 Warrnambool


  GEORGE HENRY STEERE, (Henry 2, George1) born 1829 Lodiswell Devon died M/1903 Portsmouth Hampshire
    married MARY DICKER J/1854 Plymouth Devon
    MARY was born 1827 Plymouth died S/1883 Plymouth
    Children of GEORGE and MARY are:
  i MARY JANE STEERE, born 3 May 1857 Plymouth died 22 April 1931 Plymouth married WILLIAM HENRY HAGGETT 23 December 1877 Torquay Devon
  ii ELIZABETH ELLEN STEERE, born 14 July 1860 Plymouth died D/1940 Bedfordshire
    married CHRISTAIN NIELSEN  CHRISTENSEN son of AUGUSTINUS CHRISTENSEN  6 August 1887 Camden Middlesex
15 iii WILLIAM HENRY STEERE, born 1862 Devon died 1931 Hampshire
  iv ELLEN HETTIE MARIA STEERE, born 19 September 1864 Plymouth died M/1920 Portsmouth
    married JOSEPH WILLIAM COMPTON 7 January 1888 Plymouth
  v SARAH JESSY STEERE, born 7 January 1868 Kingsbridge died 9 March 1941 Portsmouth
    as SARAH JESSIE STEERE married JOHN HENRY MARSHALL 18 October 1884 Plymouth 


  EDWIN STEERE,(Henry2,George1) born 1835 Lodiswell Devon died M/1906 Bristol (family shown as STEEVE 1891 census)
    married MARY PARSONS 14 September 1862 Bristol
    MARY was born c1836 Taunton Somerset died January 1904 Bristol (shown as MARY STEER)
    Children of EDWIN and MARY are:
16 i ALFRED JAMES STEERE, born 1864 Bristol died 1925 Bristol (believe birth registered as ALFRED JAMES STERE)
  ii ELIZABETH JANE STEERE, born J/1865 Bristol died S/1873 Bristol
  iii ALBERT HENRY STEERE, born S/1867 Bristol died M/1868 Bristol
  iv AMELIA STEERE, born S/1867 Bristol died D/1895 Bristol (sometimes shown as MINNIE)
  v FLORENCE STEERE, born D/1868 Bristol died after 3 April 1901
  vi EMILY STEERE, born S/1872 Bristol died after 3 April 1901 married FRANCIS BOWLEY S/1897 Barton Regis Bristol
    lives next door to her brother ALFRED 1901 census
  vii ELIZABETH JANE STEERE, born M/1874 Bristol died after 1905 (sometimes shown as BESSIE)
    married EDWARD GEORGE BRYANT son of THOMAS BRYANT 7 August 1905 Bristol
  viii BERTIE SOVENUS STEERE, born 26 December 1884 Barton Regis Gloucestershire died M/1964 Birmingham


  JAMES STEERE,(Henry2, George1) born 14 November 1838 Lodiswell Devon died 28 September 1915 Warrnambool Australia
    married SARAH ELLEN RUNDLE S/1860 Plymouth
    SARAH was born 1838 Devon died 19 May 1911 Warrnambool
    Children of JAMES and SARAH are:
  i WILLIAM HENRY STEERE, born July 1862 Warracknabeal Victoria died 1935 Warrnambool married JANE HOWIE
17 ii ARTHUR STEERE, born 1866 Warrnambool died 1933 Warrnambool
  iii EDMOND STEERE, born 1868 Warrnambool died 1933 Ballarat Victoria


  HENRY STEERE,(Henry2,George1) born S/1843 Loddiswell died 28 April 1897 East Stonehouse Devon
    married EMILY CUNDY daughter of STEPHEN CUNDY and SARAH CRADDICH 22 April 1866 Plymouth
    EMILY was born 20 September 1844 Plymouth died 6 August 1896 East Stonehouse
    Children of HENRY and EMILY are:
  i CHARLES EDWIN STEERE, born 29 September 1868 Plymouth died J/1948 Liverpool married MARGARET JANE FORRETT D/1890 Lancashire
  ii EMILY FLORENCE STEERE, born 9 August 1870 East Stonehouse died 13 December 1953 Liverpool married THOMAS BROWNE D/1889 Plymouth
  iii SARAH JANE STEERE, born 7 January 1874 East Stonehouse died M/1941 Plymouth
    married FREDERICK WILLIAM PEARCE son of SAMUEL PEARCE and MARY WATERS 1 August 1897 Plymouth
    FREDERICK was born 10 February 1867 Fowey Cornwall died M/1940 Plymouth
  iv EDITH MINNIE STEERE, born 3 May 1876 East Stonehouse died D/1930 Plympton Devon
    married DANIEL FRANCIS COURTNEY D/1895 Stoke Damerel Devon
  v HARRY STEERE, born 19 May 1880 East Stonehouse died D/1939 Plymouth
18 vi JAMES STEPHEN STEERE, born  1881 Devon died 1951 Devon
  vii BEATRICE MAUD STEERE, born 19 July 1884 East Stonehouse died after 3 April 1901
10   FRANCIS STEERE,(George2,George1) born S/1846 Kingsbridge died M/1900 Kingsbridge 
    married ROSINA SIBLEY HINGSTON daughter of WILLIAM HINGSTON and MARY SIBLEY M/1873 Kingsbridge
  ROSINA was born Aveton Gifford J/1852 died D/1897 Kingsbridge
  Children of FRANCIS and ROSINA are:
  i MARY JANE STEERE, born M/1874 Salcombe died 23 June 1957 Devonport. married WILLIAM HAROLD FOALE S/1901 Kingsbridge
  iii JOHN HENRY STEERE,born M/1875 Salcombe died after 3 April 1891
  iii FRANK STEERE, born J/1879 Salcombe died S/1881 Salcombe
  iv MABLE ANNIE STEERE, born D/1881 Salcombe died after 3 April 1901
  v WILLIAM HINGSTON STEERE, born 18 October 1883 Salford died 26 October 1943 Devonport
  vi ROSINA MAUD STEERE, born M/1886 Salcombe died 1940 Hastings New Zealand married IRVINE MORLEY 1917 New Zealand
  vii JAMES STEERE, born 16 November 1887 Salcombe died M/1951 Plymouth married EVELYN MOORE J/1920 Kingsbridge
  viii ARTHUR STEERE, born S/1890 Salcombe died 3 January 1972 Levin New Zealand
11   WILLIAM STEERE, (George2,George1) born July 1852 Salcombe baptised 14 November 1856 Salford died J/1921 Kingsbridge
  married LUCY JANE ROSSITER S/1880 Bridgwater Somerset
  LUCY was born J/1860 Bridgwater died S/1887 Wandsworth London
  Child of WILLIAM and LUCY is:
  i LILIAN STEERE, born 27 June 1881 Bridgwater died J/1965 Kingsbridge
12   JOHN ANDREW STEERE, (Henry2,George1) born D/1849 Aveton Gifford died 30 December 1912 Aveton Gifford buried St Andrew's Churchyard Aveton Gifford
    ELIZABETH was born J/1849 Kingsbridge died 28 September 1920 Kingsbridge
    Children of JOHN and ELIZABETH are:
  i MARY ELIZABETH STEERE, born S/1886 Aveton Gifford died after 3 April 1901
  ii FRANCIS JOHN STEERE, born J/1889 Kingsbridge died 26 January 1943 Aveton Gifford
    married FLORENCE MAY PUTT daughter GEORGE PUTT and CAROLINE PUTT M/1934 Kingsbridge
    FLORENCE was born 8 February 1894 Kingsbridge died 9 June 1977 Kingsbridge
  iii MARGARET MADDICK STEERE, born 26 February 1892 Kingsbridge died D/1972 Kingsbridge
  iv EDWIN WILLIAM STEERE, born D/1893 Kingsbridge died after 3 April 1911(believe died S/1980 Cornwall shown as WILLIAM EDWIN)
13   ALFRED STEERE, (Henry2,George1) born J/1854 Kingsbridge died 9 November 1931 Aveton Gifford
    married ELIZABETH ANN PRETTEJOHN J/1902 Newton Abbot Devon
    ELIZABETH was born 4 April 1871 Kingsbridge died 29 January 1948 Aveton Gifford buried St Andrew's Churchyard
    shown as STEER  5 September 1939 shares a house with her daughter PHILLIS and  ERNEST JOHN LUSCOMBE
    Children of ALFRED and ELIZABETH are:
  i EVA JANE STEER, born S/1904 Crediton Devon died 22 September 1939 Plymouth buried St Andrew's Churchyard
    as EVA J STEERE married ERNEST JOHN LUSCOMBE J/1927 Kingsbridge
  ii PHILLIS ELIZABETH STEERE, born 3 October 1907 Aveton Gifford married WILFRED JAMES CARROLL M/1931 Kingsbridge