Third Generation  (2)

    born 1 August 1873  Salt Lake City died 27 November 1953 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery  
    married CLAIRE ISABELLA BOCKHOLT daughter of DIRK BOCKHOLT and CHRISTINA OLIVER 3 November 1898 Ogden Weber.  
    CLAIRE was born 13 September 1873 Salt Lake City died 17 June 1968 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
    Family living at 727 North East West Street Ogden 1900 census
    Children of WILLIAM  and CLAIRE  are:
  i NORMA LOUISE FOULGER, born 31 July 1903 Salt Lake City died 8 January 1988 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery       
    married ROY VERNON KNIGHT son of MILAND KNIGHT and SARAH ANN JONES 14 August 1924 Salt Lake City.
    ROY was born 23 January 1894 Salt Lake City died 5 November 1965 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
  ii CLAIRE ARDELL FOULGER, born 14 June 1909 Salt Lake City died 2 April 2002 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
    married CARL WILLIAM HUHL son of CARL WILLIAM HUHL and CARRIE EMMA CHAMBERLAIN 7 October 1933 Salt Lake City
    CARL was born 27 September 1908 Salt Lake City died 28 March 1975 Salt Lake City.
    born 11 April 1876 Salt Lake City died 22 January 1944 buried Salt Lake City Cemetery (Cemetery headstone says he was born 1879)
    married MYRTLE CHESLEY daughter of WILLIAM ALEXANDER CHESLEY and MATILDA ELIZABETH ROBERTSON  25 September 1907 Salt Lake City. (Divorced)
    MYRTLE was born 6 March 1888  Provo Utah died  5 August 1971 Covina Los Angeles California.(shown as a widow 1940 Census)
    Wrote a short biography of her grandfather ALEXANDER PHILLIP CHESLEY 1814-1884
    Children of ALBERT  and MYRTLE  are:
  i IVY ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 15 September 1908 Salt Lake City died 20 February 1994 Richfield buried Monroe City Cemetery Utah
    married LYNN RULON QUIST son of JOHN LESTER QUIST and MINNIE NEAL SEEGMILLER 22 June 1934.Santa Ana Orange County California
    LYNN was born 27 August 1904 Richfield Sevier Utah died 22 February 1984.buried Monroe City Cemetery
  ii FAY MATILLDA FOULGER, born 12 January 1910 Salt Lake City, died 7 December 1984 San Diego California.buried Forest Lawn Memorial Park California
    married ARNOLD EDWARD NELLIS DeWALD son of EDWARD GEORGE DeWALD and CLARA CEILIA HORN 12 August 1938 Los Angeles California.
    ARNOLD was born 16 July 1901 Ohio died 21 November 1959 Los Angeles
40 iii SCOTT WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1912 Salt Lake City died 1994 Utah.
  iv BETTY FOULGER, born 6 April 1916 Salt Lake City died 19 January 1999 Riverside California.
    married MARTELL HOLDAWAY son of DAVID DEAN HOLDAWAY and MAY ARROWSMITH 14 September 1943 Mesa Arizona
    MARTELL was born 3 January 1909 Bingham Utah died 13 August 1988 Los Angeles
  v DOROTHY FOULGER, born 2 August 1922 Salt Lake City died 12 October 2013 San Diego with her mother and sister BETTY 1940 Los Angeles Census
    married ROWAN SHAW TAYLOR son of HUGH ALFRED TAYLOR and MARY LUCILLE OLSON 22 June 1946 Salt Lake City
    ROWAN was born 1 June 1927 Ogden died 6 September 2005 California
    born 6 September 1884 Salt Lake City died 7 April 1944 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery (died with his brother CHARLES)
    married ARDELL BURNS daughter of JOHN BENJAMIN BURNS and MARY ELLEN ARNOLD 20 September 1906 Salt Lake City.
    ARDELL was born 7 February 1885 Salt Lake City died 4 June 1960 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
    residence 1942 4500 Highland Drive Salt Lake City
    Children of FREDERICK and ARDELL are:
  i FREDERICK BURNS FOULGER, born 5 February 1908 Salt Lake City (Family lived at 86 Fir Street)
    died 4 November 1915 Long Beach California buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
  ii MARCELL FOULGER, born 10 October 1909 Salt Lake City died 26 June 1995 buried Mount Olivet Cemetery Salt Lake City
    married LINCOLN SPRY KELLY son of LINCOLN GRANT KELLY and JANE EMELINE READ 5 August 1936 Salt Lake City
    LINCOLN was born 1 July 1912 Salt Lake City died 3 December 1989 buried Mount Olivet Cemetery
  iii JOHN WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1 July 1912 Los Angeles California died 13 August 1942 at sea. (USNR)
    born 4 March 1886 Salt Lake City died 21 May 1945 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
    married MARY CLEOFA FOLSTER daughter of CHRISTIAN MORTENSEN FOLSTER and MARY ANN BEAL 6 September 1911 Ephraim Sanpete Utah
    MARY was born 21 October 1890 Ephraim Sanpete died 6 July 1979 Salt Lake City buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
    Children of FRANK and MARY are
  i MARY PHYLLIS FOULGER, born 23 June 1912 Salt Lake City died 1 February 1991 Bountiful Davis buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
    STERLING was born 23 June 1911 Salt Lake City died 13 November 1994 Bountiful Davis buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
41 ii FRANK ROBERT FOULGER,  born 1914 Utah died 2006 Utah
  iii KATHLEEN ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 26 July 1916 Salt Lake City died 20 September 1957 Arizona buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
    married JAMES SHUPE son of JAMES RILEY SHUPE and ELENORA DALTON 30 August 1936 Farmington Davis Utah
    married (2) LeROY WALTER JOHNSON son of LARS WALTER JOHNSON and VALBORG ANDRESEN 8 April 1954 Salt Lake City
  iv HELEN MONTEZ FOULGER, born 16 December 1923 Salt Lake City died 19 November 2013 Salt Lake City buried Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery
    married LAWRENCE THATCHER 28 May 1947 Salt Lake City 
    born 27 November 1893 Salt Lake died 3 August 1971 Salt Lake City buried American Fork Cemetery 
    married JENNIE ESMERELDA TURNER daughter of ELMER CHARLES TURNER and MARY ANNE CROOKSTAN 1 September 1915 Salt Lake City
    JENNIE was born 12 August 1896 American Fork Utah died 22 April 1981 Salt Lake City buried American Fork Cemetery 
    Children of JESSE  and JENNIE are
  i DONNA MAE FOULGER, born 27 April 1916 Salt Lake City died 1 April 2011 Salt Lake City buried American Fork Cemetery
    married NELDON JOSEPH HOLSTEN son of WILLIAM ERNEST HOLSTON and IDA KING 1 November 1933  Bingham Utah
  ii GENEVIEVE LOUISE  FOULGER, born 22 January 1919 Salt Lake City died 13 April 1994 Utah buried Redwood Memorial Park Utah
    married PETER VAN GERVEN son of GERARDUS VAN GERVEN and JOHANNA MEIR 13 June 1938 Salt Lake City
    PETER was born 7 November 1916 Holland died 29 August 2002 Utah buried Redwood Memorial Park Utah
  iii MARJORIE MARIE FOULGER, born 16 December 1921 Salt Lake City, died 1 January 2004 Kyle buried Kyle Cemetery Texas
    married (1) JOHN ERNEST AULTMAN  son of ERNEST MELVIN AULTMAN and BELLE MARY ROBINSON 4 January 1942 Evanston Wyoming
    JOHN was born 12 September 1921 Eureka Utah died 1998 Salt Lake City buried Eureka Utah
    married (2) O G HERZOG son of OLLIE HERMAN HERZOG  and JULIA MAE McMULLIN 18 April 1952 Sequin Guada lupe County Texas  
    O G was born 24 August 1917 Kyle Hays County Texas died 6 March 1984 Travis County Texas buried Kyle Cemetery Texas
  iv JESSE KEITH FOULGER, born 21 May 1924 Salt Lake City died 24 July 1990 California buried Elysian Burial Gardens Mill Creek Utah   
    married SHIRLEY LOREENE JENSEN daughter of ORLANDO BUD JENSEN and FAY IRENE MILLER 5 July 1942 Evanston Uinta Wyoming.
    SHIRLEY was born 19 May 1927 Salt Lake City died 8 February 2001 Salt Lake City buried Elysian Burial Gardens Mill Creek    
    Children of JESSE and SHIRLEY are:
  i SHIRLEY KAY FOULGER, born 1943 Utah
  ii JACKALYN FOULGER, born Utah married KIM DAVIS
  iii CHERYL FAYE FOULGER, born 5 August 1947 Utah died 30 July 2011 Utah buried Wasatch lawn memorial park
42 v GENE CHARLES FOULGER, born 1932 Salt Lake City died 2001 Salt Lake City
    born 16 May 1878 Salt Lake City died 6 October 1957 buried Ogden City Cemetery.
    married ETHEL ROMANIA CLARK  daughter of ISAAC LEMUEL CLARK and ROMANIA SHAW 29 September 1903 Salt Lake City.
    ETHEL was born 13 February 1880 Provo Utah died 13 June 1960 Provo buried Ogden City Cemetery
    Children of JOSEPH  and ETHEL are:
  i FERN FOULGER, born 24 October 1904 Ogden Utah died 7 January 1966 Roy Weber Utah.
    married JASPER LYMAN SHEPHERD son of LYMAN ANDREW SHEPHERD and SARAH ANN STONEY 13 February 1937 Salt Lake City.. 
    JASPER was born 11 April 1887 Beaver Utah died 26 August Roy Weber buried 28 August 1970 Salt Lake City
  ii JOSEPH CLARK FOULGER, born 14 September 1906 Ogden died 1 August 1998 Penn Valley Nevada California
    married (1) MARY ETHEL WALKER daughter of GEORGE F WALKER and JANIE SMITH in Messa Arizona,
    MARY was born 13 June 1906 Howard Missouri died 12 August 1957 Gardina California.
    24 August 1968 Lawndale Los Angeles California
    BESSIE was born 14 February 1912 Felsberg Edwards Kansas died 24 May 1999 Penn Valley Nevada California.
  iii DELSA FOULGER, born 2 September 1908 Ogden died 28 August 2000 Ogden buried Washington Heights Memorial Cemetery Ogden Utah
    married HUBERT KAY CROOK son of WILLARD HYRUM CROOK and ALZADA ANGELINE WELKER  2 September 1942 Salt Lake City
    HUBERT was born 14 January 1915 Smoot Lincoln Wyoming died 5 July 2005 Ogden buried Washington Heights Memorial Cemetery Ogden
  iv FRED FOULGER, born cJuly 1909 shown as 9 months old 15 April 1910 census (see note)
  v LAWRENCE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 25 May 1915 Ogden Utah died 24 January 1916 buried Ogden City Cemetery
  vi LOUISE FOULGER, born 29 January 1919 Ogden died 19 September 2008 Ogden buried Washington Heights Memorial Park Cemetery Utah
    married KEITH RUSSELL KERR son of FRANKLIN RAYMOND KERR and DORA OPENSHAW  24 February 1944.Utah
    KEITH was born 23 December 1917 Payson Utah died 24 January 2003 Ogden Weber Utah
    NOTE.Family member said the FRED entry is a error and the 1910 census record should have said DELSA.