Descendants of Edmund Barham


                                                                      First Generation.

1   EDMUND BARHAM, son of GEORGE/ELIZABETH BARHAM was baptised 31 December 1746 Mendham Suffolk died 1799 Suffolk
    married SARAH BUCKINGHAM daughter of EDWARD BUCKINGHAM and SUSANNA POWEL 31 August 1775 Mendham
    SARAH was baptised 5 September 1750 Mendham died after 1799
Children of EDMUND and SARAH are:
i MARY BARHAM, baptised 31 December 1777 Mendham died unknown
2 ii ELIZABETH BARHAM, born 1779 died 1839
iii JOHN BARHAM, baptised 9 June 1782 Mendham died unknown
iv EDMUND BARHAM, born 26 April baptised 1 May 1785 Mendham  died unknown
v SARAH BARHAM, born and baptised 4 November 1787 Mendham  died unknown
vi EDWARD BARHAM, born and baptised 5 January 1800 Mendham died unknown

                                                                     Second Generation

2   ELIZABETH BARHAM, (EDMUND1 ) born and baptised 12 December 1779 Mendham died 23 December 1839 Earsham Norfolk
    married MARK WOOLNOUGH son of WILLIAM WOOLNOUGH and ELIZABETH BARHAM  21 September 1802 Mendham
    MARK was baptised  7 June 1778 St. Jame's Church South Elmham Suffolk died 27 June 1860 Harleston Norfolk
    1851 census MARK lives with his son WILLIAM and family at Post Office Road Harleston
    Children of MARK and ELIZABETH are:
3 i MARK WOOLNOUGH, born 1803 Suffolk died 1886 London
4 ii SARAH ANN WOOLNOUGH, 1804 Norfolk died 1833 Suffolk
5 iii WILLIAM WOOLNOUGH, born 1806 Suffolk died 1871 Norfolk
  iv HARRIET MARY WOOLNOUGH, born 16 September 1808 Bungay Suffolk died 27 November 1871 Depwade Norfolk
  v ROBERT WOOLNOUGH, born 25 March 1810 Bungay died 1829 Earsham Norfolk
  vi MARY WOOLNOUGH, born 15 October 1813  Earsham died after 1 April 1851
  vii EDWARD WOOLNOUGH, born 8 July 1818 Earsham died 22 December 1818 Earsham
  viii JOHN WOOLNOUGH, born 8 July 1818 Earsham died 25 August 1818 Earsham
6 ix SUSANNA WOOLNOUGH, born 23 November 1820 Harleston Norfolk died 18 December 1894 Salt Lake City 

                                                                 Third Generation

3 MARK WOOLNOUGH,(MARK2, EDMUND1 ) born 19 August 1803 Winfield Suffolk died M/1886 Hackney Workhouse
    married RACHEL SKINNER daughter of JOHN SKINNER and SARAH PALMER 19 August 1830 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk
    RACHEL was born 1806 St Margaret's Ilketshall Suffolk died D/1880 Wangford Suffolk
  Children of MARK and RACHEL are:
  i ELIZABETH WOOLNOUGH, born 7 September 1832 Bungay Suffolk died 2 September 1910 Madison Idaho
  married MICHAEL EARL son of LANCELOT EARL and AGNES JACKSON  20 June 1859 Islington London
  living with her daughter ELIZABETH (LEE) and family 1900 and 1910 Federal censuses buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
  ELIZABETH/MICHAEL and son LANCELOT MARK EARL born 2 July 1862 Islington London
  sailed to New York aboard the AMAZON arrived 18 July 1863.arrived Salt Lake City 3 October travelled with Daniel Duncan McArthur Wagon Train.
  ii WILLIAM WOOLNOUGH, born 26 March 1834 Bungay Suffolk died M/1917 Hackney
  married ANN TRADER daughter of THOMAS AVERIS TRADER and ANN FRANKLIN 15 October 1868 Hackney London
  ANN was born D/1842 Stoke Newington Middlesex died M/1902 Hackney
  iii HARRIET WOOLNOUGH, born 31 January 1840 Bungay died 6 February 1879 Bungay
  married GEORGE SPINK son of BENJAMIN SPINK and SARAH CHATTON 10 May 1870 Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk
4   SARAH ANN WOOLNOUGH, (MARK2, EDMUND1) born 16 November 1804  Earsham Norfolk died 21 January 1833 Suffolk
    married CHARLES FRESTON 19 August 1830 St Mary's Church Redenhall Norfolk
    CHARLES  was born 1807 Harleston Norfolk died 7 June 1881 Redenhall Norfolk
    CHARLES married (2) EMILY JUBY 18 October 1833 Mendham Suffolk.
    EMILY was born 1811 Mendham died D/1893 Mutford Suffolk
    Child of CHARLES and SARAH  is
  i CHARLES FRESTON, born 1833  Bungay Suffolk; died after 1 April 1851
    born 10 October 1806  Bungay Holy Trinity Suffolk died 7 October 1871 Depwade Norfolk
    married ELIZA GIBBS daughter of ROBERT GIBBS and ANN DADE 22 October 1840 St Mary's Church Redenhall Norfolk
    ELIZA was born 1812 in Harleston Norfolk died S/1888 Depwade Norfolk
    Residence: 1881 census Broad Street Redenhall with her daughter ELLEN JANE and family
    Children of WILLIAM  and ELIZA  are
  i ANNA MARIA WOOLNOUGH, born S/1845 Harleston Norfolk died M/1940 Surrey married HENRY THOMAS CAVE D/1872 Hendon Middlesex
  ii EMMA ELIZA WOOLNOUGH, born D/1848 Harleston died after 1 April 1871
7 iii HERBERT WILLIAM WOOLNOUGH, born 1851 Harleston died 1931 London
  iv HARRIET MARY WOOLNOUGH, born 7 October 1853 Harleston died 4 December 1929 Norwich
    married WALTER GEORGE CROTCH son of GEORGE CROTCH and MARGARET WATLING 25 October 1877 Norwich
8 v ELLEN JANE WOOLNOUGH, born 1856 Norfolk died 1926 Norfolk
                                                          Fourth Generation
7   HERBERT WILLIAM WOOLNOUGH,(WILLIAM3, MARK2, EDMUND1) born 23 August 1851 Harleston died D/1931 Poplar London
    married MARY ANN SIMMONS daughter of PHILIP SIMMONS 16 October 1879 Yarmouth Norfolk
    Children of HERBERT and MARY ANN are:
  i ARTHUR HERBERT WOOLNOUGH, born 1880 Great Yarmouth died S/1964 Yarmouth married FRANCES RUDRUM S/1908 Yarmouth
  ii ETHEL WOOLNOUGH, born J/1881 Great Yarmouth died after 3 April 1911
  iii HERBERT WILLIAM WOOLNOUGH, born D/1889 Great Yarmouth died after 3 April 1911
  iv ADA GERTRUDE WOOLNOUGH, born 6 July 1896 Great Yarmouth died J/1982 Great Yarmouth,married OLIVER WRIGHT J/1922 Depwade Norfolk
8 ELLEN JANE WOOLNOUGH, (WILLIAM3, MARK2, EDMUND1) born 18 December 1856 Harleston Norfolk died S/1926 Depwade Norfolk
    married ARTHUR ALLURED 26 August 1880 St Mary's Church Redenhall Norfolk
    ARTHUR was born S/1857 Mendham Norfolk died J/1910 Depwade
    Children of  ARTHUR  and ELLEN JANE are
  i WALTER ALLURED, born D/1880 Harleston died 23 March 1955 Depwade
  ii MABEL BESSIE ALLURED, born M/1884 Harleston died 23 February 1931 Depwade
  iii ARTHUR WILLIAM ALLURED, born D/1885 Harleston died S/1946 Rochford Essex
  iv MARJORIE WOOLNOUGH ALLURED, born 25 September 1891 Harleston died D/1969 Norwich
  v CLARE GERTRUDE ALLURED, born 19 October 1895 Harleston  died M/1987 Depwade