Descendants of JAMES TRIBE and MARY HAYLER



                                                                                                     First Generation


JAMES TRIBE baptised 4 July 1751 Thakeham Sussex died 18 March 1825 Findon Sussex (son of JAMES and DINAH TRIBE)

    married MARY HAYLER daughter of THOMAS and ELIZABETH HAYLER 22 February 1775 at Saint Peter the Great Church Chichester Sussex
    MARY was baptised 1 July 1749 Aldingbourne Sussex died 14 March 1825 Findon
    both buried 21 March 1825 at St John the Baptist Church Findon

Children of JAMES and MARY are:

  i CHARLOTTE TRIBE, baptised 22 July 1775 Findon
  ii MARIA TRIBE, baptised 7 November 1778 Findon
  iii DIANA TRIBE, baptised 31 December 1779 Findon



GEORGE HARRISON TRIBE, born 1781 Findon died 1840 Sussex

  v JAMES PARLET TRIBE, baptised 10 July 1783 Findon died 20 June 1831 Brighton Sussex married CHARLOTTE PAYN 7 March 1803 Brighton
  vi CHARLES TRIBE, baptised  25 April 1791 St John the Baptist Church Findon died 1830 Brighton Sussex
    married  CATHERINE CHILD daughter of THOMAS and ELIZABETH CHILD 25 August 1814 St Mary's Church Pullborough
    CATHERINE baptised 22 June 1789 St Mary's Church Pullborough died 19 May 1848 Brighton
                                                                               Second Generation



GEORGE HARRISON TRIBE, (James1) baptised 5 May 1781 Findon Sussex died 17 June 1840 Worthing Sussex

    married LUCY JARRATT 25 December 1809 Storrington Sussex.
    LUCY was baptised 12 July 1786 Findon died November 1819 Sussex
    married (2) MARY PYKE 1823 Brighton Sussex



Children of GEORGE and LUCY are:

  i GEORGE HARRISON TRIBE,(George2,James1) baptised 15 July 1810 St Mary's Church Storrington died M/1893 East Preston Sussex. 
    married (1) MARY MANSER 28 November 1834 St George Hanover Square London
    married (2) SARAH BAKER daughter of JAMES BAKER and CHRISTIAN DRAPER S/1871 London
  ii MARIA TRIBE, baptised 22 May 1814 Washington Sussex died M/1901 East Preston Sussex
    married GEORGE CHANDLER son of WILLIAM CHANDLER 13 August 1839 Broadwater Sussex



JOSEPH TRIBE, (George2, James1) born 27 March 1816 Findon baptised 1 April 1816 Washington Sussex England died 3 August 1854 St Louis Missouri



married SARAH ANN MATES daughter of ROBERT MATES and MARY BARBER 15 November 1841 Highgate Middlesex England



SARAH was born 16 October 1816 Peckham Sussex England died 27 November 1888 Ogden buried Ogden City Cemetery


JOSEPH and SARAH TRIBE with their 5 children departed Liverpool  aboard the "Germanicus" 4 April arrived  New Orleans 13 June 1854



HENRY TRIBE (3) departed Mormon Grove Kansas 3 June 1855 arrived Salt Lake City 15 August 1855 travelled with Livingston and Kinkead Freight Train



SARAH TRIBE and her four children departed Mormon Grove Kansas 4 August 1855 arrived Salt Lake City 24 October 1855 travelled with Milo Andrus Wagon Train



SARAH married (2) THOMAS COLBORN son of JONATHAN COLBORN and HANNAH HAMILTON 3 August 1856 Salt Lake City

    THOMAS was born 3 August 1801 Cayuga New York died 3 May 1887 Salt Lake City
                                                                                                           Third Generation



Child of JOSEPH is:



HENRY TRIBE,  born 1838 Sussex died 1909 Utah (unsure who the mother of HENRY is JOSEPH may have been married twice) but shown as a Batchelor when he married SARAH

    Children of JOSEPH and SARAH are.



MARY ANN TRIBE, born 24 August 1842 London died 15 March 1913 Ogden Weber

    married EMMERSON DAVIS SHURTLEFF son of  VINCENT SHURTLEFF and ELIZABETH LOOMIS 13 February 1859 Salt Lake City

EMMERSON was born 29 July 1839 Russell Hampton Massachusetts died 9 August 1868 Millcreek Salt Lake County



GEORGE HARRISON TRIBE, born 1844 London died 1914 Utah.



EMMA JANE TRIBE, born 21 December 1846 London baptised 23 January 1848 London died 24 January Ogden Weber buried 27 January 1914 Ogden City Cemetery



married JOSEPH GODDARD son of GEORGE GODDARD and ELIZABETH HARRISON 18 April 1865 Salt Lake City



JOSEPH was born 5 April 1843 Leicester England died 22 July 1911 Ogden Weber



GODDARD family departed Liverpool aboard the Essex  9 October arrived St.Louis Missouri 1 January 1852 arrived Salt Lake City 15 September 1852



DAVID WILLIAM TRIBE, born 1848 England died 1925 Utah



LUCY TRIBE, born 22 January 1851 London died J/1853 Kensington London



JOSEPH TRIBE, born and died 1854 St Louis Missouri