Seventh Generation


  HERBERT JESSE FOULGER, (Jesse6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born 21 February 1913 Ipswich died March 1990 Ipswich
    married DOROTHY WINIFRED G BARBER S/1937 Ipswich
    DOROTHY was born 15 March 1914 Ipswich died March 1990 Ipswich
    Children of HERBERT and DOROTHY are:


CHRISTINE D FOULGER, born 1942 Suffolk married KEITH R E COOPER 1966 Suffolk
  ii ALAN H FOULGER, born 1949 Suffolk


  STANLEY CYRIL FOULGER,(Jesse6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born 10 December 1920 Ipswich died April 1995 Ipswich
    married PHYLLIS IRENE BROWN M/1951 Ipswich
    PHYLLIS was born 21 November 1920 Ipswich died 17 May 2013 Liverpool
11   GERALD BERNARD FOULGER(Jesse6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born S/1927 Ipswich died 22 November 2007 buried Lawn Cemetery Rushmere Suffolk
    married MARGARET SEAGON S/1951 Ipswich
    MARGARET was born 16 July 1929 Ipswich died 14 May 1992 Ipswich buried Lawn Cemetery Rushmere
    Children of GERALD and MARGARET are:
  i ANGELA M FOULGER, born 1957 Suffolk married MICHAEL D COOPER 1983 Suffolk
18 ii NIGEL J FOULGER, born 1961 Suffolk
12   HAROLD ROBERT FOULGER, (Robert6,Walter5,Mary4, Sarah3,James2,John1) born 8 April 1922 Rickinghall died 1 March 2007 Gripping Suffolk
    married BARBARA J De MOORE 1948 Suffolk
    Children of HAROLD and BARBARA are:
  i ROBERT J FOULGER, born 1950 Suffolk
  ii CHRISTINE ANN FOULGER, born 1958 Suffolk
13   PETER J FOULGER,(Robert6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born M/1929 Rickinghall
    married AUDREY E DEW 1953 Suffolk
    Children of PETER and AUDREY are:
  i NICHOLAS S FOULGER, born 1958 Suffolk
  ii STEPHANIE S FOULGER, born 1959 Suffolk
14   ROY H FOULGER,(Robert6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born 1933 Suffolk
    married MURIEL N HART 1958 Suffolk
    Child of ROY and MURIEL is:


LINDA ANN FOULGER, born 1961 Suffolk married MICHAEL J AMPS 1984 Suffolk
15   ERNEST VINCENT P FOULGER, (Walter6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born 2 December 1919 Hartismere died 2 December 1996 Bury St Edmunds
    married MOLLY AILEEN ARNOLD D/1947 Hartismere
    MOLLY was born 30 August 1924 died 10 November 2003 Bury St Edmunds
16   NOEL WALTER FOULGER, (Walter6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born 25 December 1925 Hartismere died 1 August 2006 Bury St Edmunds
    married PAMELA J ASHFORD 1953 Suffolk
    Children of NOEL and PAMELA are:
  i DERRICK RICHARD FOULGER, born 1954 Suffolk
  ii DAVID PETER FOULGER, born 1958 Suffolk
19 iii ANDREW JOHN FOULGER, born 1963 Suffolk
17   DENNIS ROLAND FOULGER,(Walter6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1)  born 18 March 1930 Hartismere died 14 April 1991 Bury St Edmunds
    married FREDA M CAMMELL 1956 Suffolk
    Children of DENNIS and FREDA are:
  i ELIZABETH DENISE FOULGER, born 1957 Suffolk married PHILIP S GRAY 1975 Suffolk
  ii JACQUELINE R FOULGER, born 1963 Suffolk married ANDREW L GREEN 1981 Suffolk
                                                                                                  Eight Generation
18   NIGEL J FOULGER, (Gerald7,Jesse6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born 1961 Suffolk
    married MARY L SAUNDERS 1984 Suffolk
    Children of NIGEL and MARY are:
  i JASON DANIEL FOULGER, born 1987 Suffolk
  ii ALEX JAMES FOULGER, born 1992 Suffolk
19   ANDREW JOHN FOULGER, (Noel7,Walter6,Walter5,Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born 1963 Suffolk
    married SARA A BOURNE 1990 Suffolk
    Children of ANDREW and SARA are:
  i BETHANY MEGAN FOULGER, born 1994 Suffolk
  ii FREYA LOUISE FOULGER, born 1997 Suffolk