Third Generation


  SARAH FOULGER, (James2,John1) born 23 February baptised 28 February 1799 Redgrave cum Botesdale died J/1858 Rickinghall Superior
    married EDWARD BAILEY 8 November 1823 Rickinghall Superior
    EDWARD was born 1797 Rickinghall Superior died M/1873 Rickinghall Superior
    1851 census shows family has a visitor HANNAH FOULGER born 1837 Rickinghall (daughter of MARY)
                                                                                        Fourth Generation
    Children of SARAH are:
  i HENRY FOULGER, baptised 22 October 1816 Redgrave buried 23 April 1817 St Mary's Church Botesdale (shown as 36 weeks old)


MARY FOULGER,(Sarah3,James2,John1) born 1819 Rickinghall Superior died after 3 April 1891
    Children of MARY are:
 4   i HANNAH FOULGER, born 1837 Rickinghall died 1900 London


ii WALTER FOULGER, born 1854 Suffolk died 1932 Suffolk
  iii SARAH THURLOW FOULGER, born J/1860 Hartismere died J/1861 Hartismere Suffolk
                                                                                            Fifth Generation
 4   HANNAH FOULGER,(Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1 ) baptised 31 December 1837 Rickinghall died M/1900 Lambeth London
    married ROBERT BROWN son of JAMES BROWN 18 August 1863 Lambeth
    ROBERT was born S/1841 Lambeth died M/1883 Lambeth
    1891 census HANNAH lives with her mother MARY
    on her marriage certificate HANNAH shows her father as SAMUEL FOULGER a Publican


  WALTER FOULGER, (Mary4,Sarah3,James2,John1) born J/1854 baptised 6 June 1858 Rickinghall Superior died J/1932 Stow Suffolk
    married RUTH FRYETT daughter of JOHN FRYETT and MARTHA HOLMES D/1877 Hartismere
    RUTH was born J/1858 Botesdale died M/1933 Depwade Norfolk
    Children of WALTER and RUTH are:


i JESSE HERBERT FOULGER, born 1883 Suffolk died 1950 Suffolk
  ii MARTHA SUSAN FOULGER, born M/1886 Rickinghall died M/1965 Ealing London married SIDNEY RUTLAND D/1918 Hammersmith London
    SIDNEY was born 7 November 1874 Brentford Middlesex died S/1969 Ealing London


iii ROBERT HAROLD FOULGER, born 1889 Suffolk died 1963 Suffolk


iv WALTER JOHN FOULGER, born 1890 Suffolk died 1932 Suffolk
  v ERNEST NATHAN HOLMES FOULGER, born D/1894 Botesdale died 18 August 1916 buried Thiepal Memorial Cemetery Somme France