Fifth Generation
7 GEORGE JOHN FOULGER, (George 4,John3, James2,James1)  born 7 September baptised 29 September 1895 Limehouse died M/1979 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
    married ALICE ELIZABETH COVELL D/1922 West Ham
    ALICE was born 30 September 1892 West Ham died J/1969 Havering London
    Children of GEORGE and ALICE are:
  i ALICE ELIZABETH H FOULGER born 1924 West Ham
  ii FLORENCE L FOULGER born 1926 West Ham


  JOSEPH JOHN FOULGER (Francis4,John3, James2,James1,)  born 18 October 1905 Stepney, died S/1982  Barking Essex.
    married AGNES VERNON  daughter of ARTHUR VERNON and AGNES CUNNINGHAM  26 December 1936 Limehouse Stepney
    AGNES was born 14 May 1910 Mile End Old Town London, died March 1989 Dagenham Essex
    Children of JOSEPH and AGNES are:


JOYCE AGNES FOULGER, born 10 March 1938 Stepney; died 2001 Vancouver Canada
    married NORMAN ROBERT BUCK S/1956 Romford Essex
    NORMAN was born 10 March 1932  London


ii  TERRY FOULGER,  born 1940 Essex
  iii  JANICE FOULGER,  born 1946 London
    married VICTOR DEREK IXER son of VICTOR IXER and HANNAH COOK 1964 Romford Essex
    VICTOR was born 1940 Islington London


  FREDERICK FOULGER, (Francis4,John3, James2,James1) born 21 September 1916 Stepney died September 1997 Redbridge Ilford London
    married MARGARET A E BRYANT D/1938 Stepney
    MARGARET was born 25 May 1915 Greenwich London died after 5 September 1939
    Children of FREDERICK and MARGARET are:
11  i   BRIAN F FOULGER, born 1939 Stepney


 ANN FOULGER, born S/1941 Chelmsford Essex died M/1943 Brentwood Essex
iii FREDERICK FOULGER, born S/1941 Chelmsford Essex
                                                                   Sixth Generation


TERRY FOULGER, (Joseph5,Francis4,John3, James2,James1 )  born 1940 Chipping Ongar Essex
    married CAROL MORTON 1961 Romford Essex
    CAROL was born 1940 London
    Children of TERRY and CAROL are:
  i MAXINE FOULGER, born 1967 Essex
  ii JOANNE FOULGER, born 1968 Essex
11    BRIAN F FOULGER, (Frederick 5,Francis4,John3, James2,James1) born 1939 Stepney
    married CAROL A  IVERS 1962 Ilford Essex
    Children of BRIAN and CAROL are:
  i CAROLE A FOULGER, born 1962 London married KWOK L LAU 1988 Essex
  ii ANNETTE FOULGER, born 1964 London married JOHN A HYAMS 2000 Essex