Descendants of JAMES FOULGER c1776- 1845
                                                              First Generation
1   JAMES FOULGER, born c1776 died 29 May buried 5 June 1845 St Peter's Cemetery Weston Suffolk
    married ROSE WYMER SKIPPER daughter of ELIZABETH SKIPPER 1 January 1810 Church of St Andrew by the Wardrobe London
    ROSE was baptised 7 December 1778 South Walsham Norfolk buried 27 August 1826 St Andrew's Church Cemetery Weston
    married (2) MARTHA ROBERTS 28 October 1827 Weston
    MARTHA was born 1781 Ringsfield Suffolk buried 18 April 1861 Weston St Peter Suffolk
    Children of JAMES and ROSE are:
  i EMILY FOULGER, baptised 20 February 1814 Weston died D/1893 buried St Andrew's Church Cemetery Weston
    married SAMUEL EDWARDS 21 January 1834 Wenhaston Suffolk
    SAMUEL was born 1809 Halesworth Suffolk died S/1881 buried St Andrew's Church Cemetery Weston
  ii SUSAN FOULGER, baptised 11 February 1816 Weston Suffolk died unknown
2 iii JAMES FOULGER, 1818 Suffolk died 1873 London.
  iv WILLIAM FOULGER, baptised 20 October 1820 Weston buried 13 August 1856 St Andrew's Church Cemetery Weston
    Child of JAMES and MARTHA is:
  i ROBERT FOULGER, born 18 October baptised 2 November 1828 Weston buried 4 June 1844 Weston St Peter Suffolk
                                                       Second Generation


  JAMES FOULGER, (James1 ) baptised 26 April 1818 Weston Suffolk died S/1873 Stepney London.
    married ISABELLA ROSETTA BAILIE daughter of JOHN and ELIZABETH BAILIE 6 May 1838 Poplar London (JAMES and ISABELLA shown as minors)
    ISABELLA was born 26 October 1820 Wapping London died M/1897 West Ham London
    Children of JAMES and ISABELLA are:
  i ISABELLA ELIZABETH FOULGER, born J/1841 Stepney died S/1859 Marylebone London


ii JOHN JAMES FOULGER, born 1843 London died 1889 London
iii MARY ANN FOULGER, born 10 February 1846 Stepney baptised 11 March 1848 Tower Hamlets died after 3 April 1871
  iv ROSETTA FOULGER, born D/1848 Stepney (as ROSE) died D/1908 Romford Essex
    married MATTHEW BRADBURY son of HENRY BRADBURY  9 June 1867 Tower Hamlets (MATTHEW shown as of Full age)
    MATTHEW was born 1846 St Pancras died D/1924 Romford Essex
  v MATILDA FOULGER, born 24 March 1851 Stepney died M/1909 West Ham
    married DAVID CUTBILL son of HENRY and ELISABETH CUTBILL 23 November 1868 St James the Great Church Bethnal Green
  vi NANCY FOULGER, born J/1856 Stepney buried 22 December 1856 Tower Hamlets
  vii SARAH FOULGER, born 21 February 1861 Stepney baptised 4 February 1869 Tower Hamlets died 7 April 1937 Essex
    married ROBERT TREND BINKS son of CORNELIUS BINKS and SUSANNA ELIZA PERRY 25 December 1884 Mile End Old Town
  viii JAMES FOULGER, born 27 October 1860 baptised 17 December 1863 Tower Hamlets with his sister HARRIET buried 6 November 1869 Hackney Middlesex (shown as aged 6)
  ix HARRIETT FOULGER, born 18 February baptised 17 December 1863 Tower Hamlets with her brother JAMES died J/1865 Stepney
  x GEORGE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1 August baptised 26 August 1866 Tower Hamlets died S/1866 Stepney
    JAMES and his family are shown in the 1851 Census as FANDGER
    birth dates given in Church baptism records for JAMES and SARAH do not make sense.
                                                          Third Generation


  JOHN JAMES FOULGER, (James2,James1 ) born 1843 Stepney died D/1889 Stepney London
    married CAROLINE ELIZABETH HOLLAND 25 September 1864 St John's Church Stepney
    CAROLINE was born J/1845 St George Southwark London died D/1923 Croydon
    CAROLINE married (2) HENRY SAWYER son of WILLIAM JOHN SAWYER and SARAH ANN NEWSON 22 February 1891 Poplar London
    HENRY was born S/1846 Stepney died after 3 April 1901
    Children of JOHN and CAROLINE are:
4 i JOHN JAMES FOULGER, born 1865 London died 1915 London
5 ii GEORGE JOSEPH FOULGER, born M/1871 Stepney died J/1951 Essex
  iii NANCY FOULGER, born J/1874 Stepney died M/1920 Poplar London
  iv ELIZABETH FOULGER, born D/1876 Stepney married WILLIAM POWELL son of WILLIAM POWELL 5 January 1913 Stepney
6 v FRANCIS FOULGER, born 1880 London died 1962 London