FRANCIS FOULGER, born c1793 Norfolk buried 12 July 1854 Victoria Park Cemetery Hackney Middlesex
    married  ELIZABETH TUCK 1 January 1815 Norwich Norfolk
    ELIZABETH was born c1795 Norfolk buried 2 October 1854 Victoria Park Cemetery Hackney Middlesex
    family shown as JONLGER 1851 census
    Children of FRANCIS and ELIZABETH are:
  i SARAH FOULGER, baptised 5 November 1815 Norwich died after 4 June 1841
1  ii FRANCIS FOULGER, baptised 18 April 1819 Norwich died 1885 London
  iii WILLIAM FOULGER, baptised 18 April 1819 Norwich buried 21 July 1819 Norwich
  iv ROWLAND SAMUEL FOULGER, born 6 August 1822 baptised 18 February 1827 Westminster buried 14 November 1827 St Pancras
  iv EMMA ELIZABETH FOULGER born 20 May baptised 15 June 1824 Marylebone
    EMMA married JAMES HAYES son of JAMES HAYES and SARAH JACOBS 16 December 1844 Clerkenwell Middlesex
    JAMES was born 1823 Clerkenwell
                                                                            Second Generation
1   FRANCIS FOULGER, (Francis1) born c1815 Norwich baptised 18 April 1819 Norwich died J/1885 Islington London
    married MARY THOMAS daughter of DAVID THOMAS 12 March 1838 St Pancras London
    MARY was born 1813 Swaffham Norfolk died D/1860 Clerkenwell London
    married (2) SARAH HAYES daughter of JAMES HAYES and SARAH JACOBS 28 January 1863 St Pancras
    SARAH was born 1827 Clerkenwell died after 3 April 1881
    Family shown as FOWLER 1851 census TOULOW 1861 census and FINEGER 1881 census
    Children of FRANCIS and MARY are:
 2 i FRANCIS THOMAS FOULGER, 1839 Yorkshire died 1862 Clerkenwell
  ii ROBERT ROWLAND HENRY FOULGER, born 20 November 1845 Clerkenwell baptised 7 July 1852 Clerkenwell died Unknown
  iii MARION RHODA FOULGER, born 7 September 1848 baptised 7 July 1852 Clerkenwell died J/1918 St Olave London
    married CHARLES PARTNER son of GEORGE PARTNER and HARRIET PLUM J/1870 Southwark London
    CHARLES was born M/1844 Finchingfield Essex died 29 August 1914 Guy's Hospital Surrey
  iv ELIZABETH ALICE FOULGER, born and died 1851 buried 24 August Clerkenwell aged 6 months
  v JOHN EDWARD FOULGER, born 12 June baptised 7 July 1852 Clerkenwell died after 3 April 1861
  vi WILLIAM GEORGE FOULGER, born M/1857 Clerkenwell buried 11 January 1858 Hackney Middlesex
    Children of FRANCIS and SARAH are:
  i ARTHUR HENRY FOULGER, born 29 May 1864 Clerkenwell died S/1868 St Pancras
  ii FRANCIS JAMES FOULGER, born S/1866 died S/1867 St Pancras
  iii ALICE EMILY FOULGER, born 25 July 1869 St Pancras baptised 20 December 1874 Pentonville London died after 3 April 1881
                                                                                 Third Generation
 2   FRANCIS THOMAS FOULGER (Francis2 Francis1) born 14 February baptised 10 July 1839 Kingston upon Hull Yorkshire died S/1862 Clerkenwell
    married EMMA LANE (widow) daughter of GEORGE GILLHAM and MARIA ELIZABETH SCOTT 7 October 1860 Bethnal Green London
    EMMA was born 1821 Romford Essex died  April 1884 Holborn
    EMMA married (1) CHARLES WILLIAM LANE son of JAMES LANE 8 December 1839 (both shown as of full age)
    CHARLES was born 1816 London City died D/1852 Clerkenwell
    Children of EMMA and CHARLES are:
  i CHARLES LANE, born 1840 Clerkenwell
  ii JAMES WILLIAM LANE, born 9 October 1843 Clerkenwell died 18 February 1903 Holborn
  iii MATTHEW LANE, born 1845 Clerkenwell
  iv EMMA LANE,born 1846 Clerkenwell
  v MARK LANE, born 1849 Clerkenwell
  vi JOHN LANE, born 1850 Clerkenwell
  vii KATE LOUISA LANE,born 4 December 1852  baptised 3 January 1853 Clerkenwell died D/1916 Hackney
    Child of FRANCIS and EMMA is:
 3   i FRANCIS THOMAS FOULGER, born 1863 Clerkenwell died 1952 Wiltshire