First Generation
    a JOHN FOULGER  married a ELIZABETH  CALVER  21 January 1815 Suffolk  both died Trimley
    JOHN believed died M/1839 and ELIZABETH J/1840
    Children of JOHN and ELIZABETH are:
   i AMY FOULGER, born 6 May Trimley St Mary baptised 1 October 1815 St Mary's Church Trimley died J/1902 Trimley.
    married JOHN HOWELL D/1842 Trimley
  ii SARAH FOULGER, baptised 25 January 1818 St Martin's Church Trimley died D/1888 Woodbridge
    married JOHN PAGE D/1840 Woodbridge.
    They have WILLIAM (11) and JOHN (4) FAULDAER living with them 1841 census and JOHN GOLDER (13) in the 1851 census JOHN shown as a relative
    SARAH and JOHN had several children including a JOHN FOULGER PAGE (1859-1933) JOHN had a son STANLEY JOHN PAGE(1884-1966)
    when JOHN FOULGER (2) 1837-1915 died he left money to JOHN and STANLEY.
  iii HARRIET FOULGER, born 9 October 1820 Trimley St Martin died 13 February 1866 Trimley married STEPHEN GORHAM 24 May 1847 Trimley.
    They have WILLIAM FOULGER (20) as a lodger in the 1851 census
   IV SUSANNAH FOULGER, born 11 January baptised 31 March 1823 St Martin's Church Trimley died D/1893.
    Married (1) JAMES HOCKLEY D/1851 and (2) ROBERT GORHAM S/1865 both at Woodbridge.
    SUSANNAH some times shown as SUSAN
    STEPHEN GORHAM (1819-1897) and ROBERT GORHAM (1825-1901) were sons of EDWARD GORHAM and SARAH HADMAN
    ROBERT GORHAM had a son ROBERT (1850-1915) who married a ROSANNA NEWMAN daughter of JAMES NEWMAN and ELIZABETH SCRUTTON D/1873
    In the 1881 census they have a JOHN FOULGER (27) as a lodger and his mother ELIZABETH (shown as 44) is visiting
    ROSANNA sometimes shown as ROSANNAH was baptised 26 February 1854 at Trimley, married (2) JAMES WARNER 1916 Woodbridge
    SUSANNAH and JAMES had a daughter EMMA ELIZABETH HOCKLEY born D/1858 baptised 9 October 1859 St Martin's Church Trimley died 19 March 1938 Trimley
    married HENRY LUMMIS  J/1879 Trimley
  v CHARLOTTE FOULGER, baptised 19 October 1827 St Mary's Church Trimley died 1829 Trimley
 1 vi WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1830 Trimley St Martin died 1911 Suffolk
  vii ANNE FOULGER, born 20 November baptised 25 November 1833 Trimley St Martin
 2  viii JOHN FOULGER, baptised 1837 St Martin's Church Trimley died 1915 Woodbridge
                                                                                           Second Generation
1   WILLIAM FOULGER,(John1) born 20 June baptised 11 September 1830 St Martin's Church Trimley died M/1911 Ipswich Suffolk
    married ELIZABETH NEWMAN daughter of JOHN and MARY NEWMAN 16 October 1853 Trimley St Martin
    ELIZABETH was born c1834 Trimley St Martin died M/1915 Woodbridge Suffolk
    family shown as FOLGER 1861 census
    Children of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH are:
  i JOHN CHARLES FOULGER, born 24 December 1853 baptised 26 February 1854 St Martin's Church Trimley buried 9 April 1885 Trimley St Martin
  ii JAMES FOULGER, born 6 May baptised 3 June 1855 St Martin's Church Trimley died 9 February 1911 Marylebone
3 iii WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1857 Suffolk died 1926 Suffolk
4 iv ALICE FOULGER, born 1859 Suffolk died 1895 Suffolk
  v EDGAR FOULGER, born 24 October 1859 Trimley St Martin died D/1860 Trimley St Martin
  vi ELIZABETH FOULGER, baptised 4 August 1861 St Martin's Church Trimley died after 3 April 1911 married GEORGE HENRY STOKES J/1884 Woodbridge
5 vii HENRY S FOULGER, born 1864 Suffolk died 1929 Suffolk
  viii ROBERT FOULGER, born J/1867 Trimley St Martin died 13 buried 18 January 1891 Trimley St Martin
  ix EMILY FOULGER, born D/1868 Trimley St Martin died D/1869 Trimley St Martin
  x ARTHUR FOULGER,born D/1868 Trimley St Martin died D/1869 Trimley St Martin
  xi ARTHUR FOULGER, born S/1870 Trimley St Martin died M/1959 Ipswich
2   JOHN FOULGER,(John1) baptised 5 August 1837 St Martin's Church Trimley died 16 March 1915 Woodbridge
    married (1) MARY ANN CHAPLIN S/1868 Tendring Essex
    MARY ANN was born 1836 Rettendon Essex died between 1871 and 1879
    married (2) ELIZABETH AMELIA HILL M/1880 Tendring
    ELIZABETH was born 1837 Hackney Middlesex died J/1912 Woodbridge
    JOHN and ELIZABETH (shown as ELIZA AMELIA) are buried in Trimley St Martin's Church Cemetery
                                                                                                   Third Generation
3   WILLIAM FOULGER, (William2,John1) born 27 August 1857 baptised 2 May 1858 St Martin's Church Trimley died J/1926 Woodbridge
    married ELIZABETH WARNER S/1880 Woodbridge
    ELIZABETH was born 1854 Trimley St Martin died J/1937 Deben Suffolk
    Children of  ELIZABETH are:
  i ALICE WARNER, born S/1874 Trimley St Martin died after 3 April 1891
  ii JAMES WILLIAM WARNER, born 18 October 1877 Trimley St Martin died D/1957 Samford Suffolk
    Children of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH are:
  i ADELAIDE FOULGER WARNER, born 10 May 1880 Trimley St Martin died M/1957 Samford Suffolk
    as ADELAIDE FOULGER married WILLIAM STANIFORTH D/1902 Woodbridge
  ii JOHN CHARLES FOULGER, born M/1882 Trimley St Mary baptised 6 March 1882 Ipswich died after 3 April 1911
    married SARAH GARDINER M/1910 Ipswich.
    SARAH was born 1887 East Finchley London died after 3 April 1911
6 iii GERTRUDE LILY FOULGER,born 1883 Suffolk died 1956 Suffolk
  iv MAUD ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 1 January 1885 Trimley St Mary died 31 August 1951 Ipswich
    married HENRY LAMPARD son of WILLIAM LAMPARD and EMILY CANNINGS S/1906 Woodbridge
    HENRY was born 19 June 1878 Coombe Bissett Wiltshire died 25 April 1949 Felixstowe .
    MAUD and HENRY are buried in Town Municipal Cemetery Felixstowe
7 v JESSIE FOULGER, born 1887 Suffolk died 1957 Suffolk
8 vi HORACE FOULGER,born 1890 Suffolk died 1961 Suffolk
4   ALICE FOULGER, (William2,John1) born 24 November 1859 baptised 15 April 1860 St Martin's Church Trimley died M/1895 Woodbridge
    married ROBERT FREDERICK DAWSON son of JOHN DAWSON and DEBORAH GLANFIELD 22 October 1881 Woodbridge
    ROBERT was born 8 January 1859 Trimley St Martin died J/1944 Deben Suffolk
    Child of ALICE is:
  i ROSA FOULGER, born J/1879 Trimley St Martin died S/1903 Woodbridge
5   HENRY S FOULGER, (William2,John1)  born S/1864 Trimley St Martin died S/1929 Woodbridge
    married MARIA DAVEY daughter of JOSEPH DAVEY and REBECCA CURTIS NEWMAN D/1893 Woodbridge (record shows HARRY FOULGER married MARIA DAVY)
    MARIA was born 13 March 1869 Ipswich died M/1924 Woodbridge
    Child of MARIA is:
  i FLORENCE KATE DAVEY born M/1892 Nunhead Southwalk London died after 3 April 1911
    (a FLORENCE K FOULGER aged 44 died J/1936 Deben Suffolk is buried in Trimley St Martin's Church Cemetery)
    Children of HENRY and MARIE are:
  i VIOLET EVA FOULGER, born 29 October 1893 baptised 28 January 1894 St Martin's Church Trimley died M/1918 Woodbridge
  ii MABEL ALICE JOSEPHINE FOULGER, born 20 March baptised 18 October 1896 St Martin's Church Trimley died M/1970 Acle Norfolk
  iii HENRY FOULGER,born 28 April baptised 30 May 1897 St Martin's Church died M/1961 Samford Suffolk
  iv ADA FOULGER, born 25 October baptised 3 December 1899 St Martin's Church Trimley died S/1976 Ipswich married GEORGE STEVENS S/1919 Woodbridge
  v JESSIE FOULGER, born 10 March 1906 Trimley St Martin arrived in Florida U.S.A.11 December 1972
    GEORGE gives his birth date as 17 January 1897 in the 1939 Registry died D/1945 Ipswich
  vi ROSE FOULGER, born 1 January 1909 Trimley St Mary died August 2001 Ipswich married HERBERT C BUXTON J/1934 Ipswich