ROBERT FOULGER born c1793 Westerfield died 12 August 1846 Bentley Suffolk
    married ELIZABETH FAIRES 14 December 1812 Burstall Suffolk
    ELIZABETH was born c1796 Waldringfield Suffolk died 24 February 1853 Samford Suffolk
    ELIZABETH married (2) WILLIAM HAVEY JOHNSON J/1848 Samford
    WILLIAM was born c1798 Tattingstone Suffolk died D/1873 Tattingstone
    Children of ROBERT and ELIZABETH are:
  i ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 1813 baptised 7 June 1829 Bentley died J/1845 Samford
1 ii ROBERT FOULGER, born 1818 Suffolk died 1845 Suffolk
  iii LOUISA FOULGER,  baptised 31 January 1821 Westerfield died S/1875 Samford
    married PHILIP BURCH.M/1843 Samford
    PHILIP was born 1808 Tunstall Suffolk died D/1879 Samford (shown as 77)
  iv HARRIET FOULGER, born c1825 Westerfield died M/1889 Bishops Stortford Essex
    married WILLIAM FAYERS 20 August 1850 Tendring Essex
  v AMELIA FOULGER, born 1827 baptised 11 March 1834 Bentley, not found in the 1841 census
2 vi BENJAMIN FOULGER, born 1828 Suffolk died 1855 Australia
  vii SARAH FOULGER, born 1831 Bentley died 4 November 1888 Cambell Town New Zealand
    married WILLIAM OSBORN  24 February 1850 Samford (names changes OSBORN to OSBORNE in different documents)
    WILLIAM was born 1825 Suffolk died 1908 New Zealand
    Emigrated to New Zealand 1865 on the OLIVER LANG
  viii SOPHIA FOULGER, born 1831 baptised 24 December 1837 Bentley died after the 1851 census
  ix EMMA FOULGER, born 1833 baptised 24 December 1837 Bentley shown as FOLGER 1851 census
    married HENRY SMITH son of JOHN and MARY SMITH 11 March 1853 Tattingstone Suffolk
                                                                    SECOND GENERATION
1   ROBERT FOULGER,( Robert1) born 1818 baptised 23 January 1819 Westerfield buried 26 January 1845 St Mary's Church Bentley
    married REBECCA PAYNE D/1840 Samford (REBECCA'S name changes from PAYNE to PAIN in different records)
    REBECCA was born c1815 Holbrook Suffolk lives with her Parents (THEDENCE and MAY PAIN) 1851 Census
    Children of ROBERT and REBECCA are:
  i ELLEN REBECCA FOULGER, baptised 19 July 1841 Bentley as ELEANOR REBECCA FOULGER, died J/1843 Samford Suffolk shown as ELLEN REBECCA FOULGER
  ii ROBERT FOULGER, baptised 17 December 1844 Holbrook Suffolk died M/1845 Samford
2   BENJAMIN FOULGER,(Robert1) born 25 December 1828 baptised 7 June 1829 Bentley died 30 May 1855 N.S.W.Australia
    married ANNE TAYLOR  5 August 1851 Ipswich Suffolk
    ANNE married (2) NATHANIEL NORRIS HILL c1856 Sydney N.S.W.
    Child of BENJAMIN and ANNE is:
    i BENJAMIN FOULGER, born D/1853 Hendon
    Family emigrated to Australia aboard the SAMUEL BODDINGTON arrived Sydney 16 February 1855