Fourth Generation


ERNEST WILLIAM FOULGER, (Robert George3, William2, Robert1)  born 12 February 1880 Carlton Colville,
killed in Action aboard H.M.S.Turbulent at the Battle of Jutland 1 June 1916
married ETHEL MARY MILLS daughter of EDWARD MILLS and SARAH ANN YALLOP  M/1910 St Peter's Church Carlton Colville
ETHEL was born 7 February 1883 Carlton Colville  buried 20 March 1962 Kirkley Cemetery Suffolk
Children of ERNEST and ETHEL are:
10  i REGINALD JOHN ERNEST FOULGER,born 1910  Suffolk died 1983 Great Yarmouth


ERNEST WILLIAM FOULGER, born 18 January 1917 Suffolk died January 2002 Maidstone Kent buried Kirkley Cemetery Suffolk


AMY GEORGINA FOULGER, (Robert George 3, William2, Robert1)  born 25 March 1882 Carlton Colville died 1962 Sydney Australia
married GEORGE EDWIN CHEESEMAN WHITE son of EDWIN JAMES WHITE and MARY SUSAN CHEESEMAN 20 January 1907 St Peter's Church Carlton Colville
GEORGE was born M/1878 Kennington Surrey died 1959 Sydney Australia
  Child of AMY is
  i PHYLLIS CLARA FOULGER, (Amy Georgina4, Robert George 3, William2, Robert1) born 1 August 1905 Carlton Colville died April 1993 Ipswich
Children of GEORGE and AMY are:


MARJORY MAY WHITE, born 1 May 1909 Poole Dorset died September 1997 Ashford Kent
married GEORGE DONALD RALPH ROSCOE 19 March 1949 Hampstead Middlesex
a record shows a GEORGE DONALD ROSCOE born 21 October 1896 died September 1977 Ashford Kent(unsure if correct GEORGE)
 ii FLORENCE AMY WHITE, born 31 January 1911 London died 13 December 2006 Camden London


FLORENCE PRISCILLA FOULGER, (Robert George 3, William2,Robert1)  born D/1887 Wrentham Suffolk died D/1916 Mutford Suffolk
Children of FLORENCE are:
i EDITH FLORENCE MAY FOULGER, born S/1909 Mutford Suffolk buried 2 May 1910 Kirkley Cemetery Suffolk


ii CHARLES FOULGER, born 1914 Suffolk died 2004 Suffolk


iii ERNEST FOULGER, born 1914 Suffolk died 1978 Suffolk


JOHN FREDERICK FOULGER, (Robert George3, William2, Robert1) born 14 September 1894 Wrentham Suffolk died D/1964 Ipswich Suffolk
married MILDRED MAUDE JENNER daughter of ARTHUR JENNER and MARGARET CARD 27 January 1921 Woolwich London
MILDRED was born 15 February 1898 Mutford Suffolk died 19 September 1982 Ipswich Suffolk
Children of JOHN and MILDRED are:
i PAMELA F M FOULGER, born M/1922 Woolwich London
married STANLEY EVANS D/1947 Ipswich Suffolk
STANLEY was born 13 September 1920 died 9 July 2005 Ipswich
13 ii JOHN KENNETH FOULGER, born 1922 London died 2003 Hampshire
iii PATRICIA E MILDRED FOULGER, born 28 April 1927 Mutford Suffolk died 28 February 2005 Ipswich
married GEOFFREY JOHN BLOWERS son of PERCY J BLOWERS and EDITH M WILSON 3 September 1949 Ipswich Suffolk
GEOFFREY was born 11 April 1927 Mutford Suffolk died 22 November 2005 Ipswich Suffolk
                                                              Fifth Generation
10   REGINALD JOHN ERNEST FOULGER, (Ernest W4,Robert George3, William2, Robert1) born 7 November 1910 Lowestoft Suffolk died J/1983 Great Yarmouth
married ETHEL M KNIGHTS 1934 Suffolk
Ethel was born 18 April 1911 Woodbridge Suffolk died J/1967 Lothingland Suffolk
Child of REGINALD and ETHEL is:
i DAVID CYRIL FOULGER, born 1 December 1937 Lothingland  went to Australia 1970


CHARLES FOULGER, (Florence4, Robert George 3, William2, Robert1) born 23 January 1914 Mutford Suffolk died 24 January 2004 Lowestoft Suffolk
married VIOLET EMILY BOYCE daughter of RICHARD J BOYCE and EMILY M CRAWFORD 23 August 1938 Lothingland Suffolk
VIOLET was born 20 June 1913 Mutford died 9 February 1995 Great Yarmouth Norfolk
CHARLES and VIOLET are buried St Mary's Churchyard Somerlayton Norwich
Child of CHARLES and VIOLET is:
i PATRICIA A FOULGER, born 1946 Lothingland


ERNEST FOULGER,  (Florence 4, Robert George 3, William2, Robert1)
born 23 January 1914 Mutford died 30 November 1978 Waveney Suffolk buried Lowestoft Cemetery Suffolk
married OLIVE MARY GOOCH daughter of WILLIAM JAMES GOOCH and ELLEN HARRIS 12 March 1938 Congregational Church London Road Lowestoft
OLIVE was born 16 July 1914 Mutford buried 1 August 2001 Lowestoft Cemetery
Child of ERNEST and OLIVE is:


i MALCOLM JOHN FOULGER, born 1939 Suffolk died 1973 Suffolk
13 JOHN KENNETH FOULGER, (John F4,Robert George3, William2, Robert1)
born 23 January 1922 Woolwich London died September 2003 Basingstoke Hampshire
married IRIS D HAROLD daughter of FREDERICK G HAROLD and ETHEL M SAWYER S/1947 Ipswich
IRIS was born D/1926 Ipswich
Children of JOHN and IRIS are:
15 i ROBERT JOHN FOULGER, born 1949 Suffolk
16 ii TERENCE R FOULGER, born 1951 Suffolk
iii MARION IRIS FOULGER, born 1958 Suffolk married NEIL CARMICHAEL 1985 Hampshire
                                                              Sixth Generation


MALCOLM JOHN FOULGER, (Ernest 5,Florance 4, Robert George 3, William2,Robert1)
born 6 March 1939 Lothingland Suffolk died 5 buried 11 April 1973 Lowestoft Cemetery Suffolk
married ROSETTA MARIE DAVIS 1960 Suffolk
ROSETTA was born 1937 Suffolk
Children of MALCOLM and  ROSETTA are:
17 i STEPHEN JOHN FOULGER, born 1961 Suffolk
18 ii LINDA ANN FOULGER, born 1963 Suffolk
iii TERENCE NEAL FOULGER, born 1966 Suffolk
19 iv LIZA KAREN FOULGER, born 1970 London
15 ROBERT JOHN FOULGER, (John K 5,John F4,Robert George3, William2, Robert1) born 1949 Suffolk
  married STELLA M WAGSTAFF 1973 Hampshire
  Children of ROBERT and STELLA are:
  i CHRISTOPHER JOHN A FOULGER, born 1974 Hampshire
  ii JAMES ROBERT M FOULGER born 1976 Hampshire
  iii MATHEW ALEXANDER T FOULGER born 1978 Hampshire
16 TERENCE R FOULGER, (John K 5,John F4,Robert George3, William2, Robert1) born 1951 Suffolk
married JULIE E LANCASHIRE 1977 Hampshire
Child of TERENCE and JULIE is:
i JUSTIN DAVID FOULGER, born 1993 Hampshire