Seventh Generation
80 STEPHEN D FOULGER, (Leonard 6,Arthur E5,George4,Walter3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1937 Birmingham
    Married MARGARET MARY MONE M/1963 Birmingham
    MARGARET was born 17 July 1938 Derrynoose Ireland died 6 September 2009 Birmingham
    Children of STEPHEN and MARGARET are:
  i MOIRA CATHERINE H FOULGER, born 1967 Warwickshire
  ii GERVASE STEPHEN J FOULGER, born 1969 Warwickshire
  iii AIDAN PATRICK M FOULGER, born 1970 Warwickshire
  iv CELINE MARGARET A FOULGER, born 1973 Warwickshire married PAUL M FLEMING 2002 Warwickshire
  v JEROME PIERS B FOULGER, born 1978 Warwickshire

ALAN R FOULGER, (Leslie Gale 6,Alfred Gale5,Theodore4,Walter3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1937 Warwickshire  
    married GLADYS N POWELL 1959 Birmingham
    GLADYS was born 1939 Warwickshire
    Children of ALAN and GLADYS are:
  i JANET A M FOULGER, born 1959 Warwickshire
  ii JACQUELINE L FOULGER, born 1961 Warwickshire married EDWARD T ROBERTSON 1979 Warwickshire
  iii MARK A FOULGER, born 1962 Warwickshire
82 MICHAEL JOHN FOULGER, (John 6,Arthur Bransby5,Theodore4,Walter3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1942 Warwickshire
    married LESLEY M HOPKINS 1969 Warwickshire
    Children of MICHAEL and LESLEY are:
  i SARAH ANNE FOULGER, born 1974 Warwickshire
  ii STEPHEN JOHN FOULGER, born 1977 Merseyside
83 RAYMOND S FOULGER,  (John6,Arthur Bransby5,Theodore4,Walter3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1944 Warwickshire
    married ROSEMARY ANITA RICKARDS daughter of JAMES W RICKARDS and MARJORIE E HAWKES 1966 Warwickshire
    Children of RAYMOND and ROSEMARY are:
  i ROBERT CLIFFORD FOULGER, born 1968 Warwickshire
  ii TERRANCE CONRAD FOULGER, born 1970 Warwickshire
  iii JOHN WILLIAM PAUL FOULGER, born 1977 Warwickshire
84 DAVID P FOULGER, (John6,Arthur Bransby5,Theodore4,Walter3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1949 Warwickshire
    married ANITA DEAN S/1971 Warwickshire
    Children of DAVID and ANITA are:
  i DAVID MATTHEW FOULGER, born 1973 Warwickshire
  ii JOANNE FOULGER, born 28 August 1974 Birmingham died May 1984 Birmingham


LISA MARIE FOULGER, born 1976 Warwickshire
85 PETER R FOULGER, (John6,Arthur Bransby5,Theodore4,Walter3,John2,Lazarus1)  born 1953 Warwickshire
    married LUCY H REID 1978 Warwickshire
    Children of PETER and LUCY are:
  i RICHARD PETER FOULGER, born 1979 Warwickshire
  ii WAYNE CHRISTOPHER FOULGER, born 1981 Warwickshire
86 DOUGLAS FOULGER,(John6,Arthur Bransby5,Theodore4,Walter3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1956 Warwickshire
  married KIMBERLEY TRACEY JONES 1981 Warwickshire
  KIMBERLEY was born  6 February 1961 died 16 September 1999 Birmingham
  Child of DOUGLAS and KIMBERLEY is:


DANIELLE KIRSTY FOULGER, born 1992 Warwickshire

LOUIS HAMILTON FOULGER, (Louis H6,Louis H5,Hamilton4,Horatio3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1942 Norfolk
  married PATRICIA J HILLMAN 1977 Surrey
  Child of LOUIS and PATRICIA is:


MARTIN LOUIS FOULGER, born 1978 Surrey
88 ALAN FOULGER, (Horace6,Clement C5,Clement4,Horatio3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1948 Lancashire
  married MARGARET HALL 1972 Lancashire
  MARGARET was born 1947 Lancashire
  Children of ALAN and MARGARET are:
  i GREGORY A FOULGER, born 1982 Hampshire married SANDRA LONDONO 2011
  child of GREGORY and SANDRA is SANTIAGO GABRIEL FOULGER, born 2013 London
  ii GARETH MAXWELL FOULGER,born 7 January 1985 Lancashire died December 1993 Derbyshire

JULIAN S FOULGER, (Keith6,Percy5,Sidney4,Hamilton Lazarus3,John2,Lazarus1) born 1956 Hampshire
    married BRIDGETT E ELLIOTT 1985 Buckinghamshire
    Children of JULIAN and BRIDGET are:
  i SOPHIE RACHEL FOULGER, born 1991 Somerset
  ii DANIEL JAMES FOULGER, born 1995 Somerset

EDWARD JOHN FOULGER, (Edward J C 6, Edward E 5,Cornelius Alexander4,John Alexander3,Benjamin2,Lazarus1) born 1957 Solihall
married JANET M OWEN 1981 Birmingham
Children of EDWARD and JANET are:
i MATTHEW EDWARD J FOULGER, born 1983 Solihull
ii CRAIG ANTHONY P FOULGER, born 1984 Solihull