First Generation


  JONATHAN FOULGER, born c1751 Suffolk buried 20 July 1825 Clare Suffolk
    married FRANCES WISSETT 20 February 1775 Sapiston Suffolk
    Children of JONATHAN and FRANCES are:


EDWARD FOULGER, baprtised 31 July 1796 Suffolk died 1842 Norfolk
   ii MARIANNE FOULGER, baptised 18 March 1798 Suffolk died unknown
                                                                              Second Generation


  EDWARD FOULGER, (Jonathan1) baptised 31 July 1796 Fakenham Magna Suffolk buried 10 July 1842 Fakenham Magna
    married MARY DOMINEY 21 January 1817 in Suffolk
    MARY was born 1796 Wimborne Dorset buried 9 February 1890 Fakenham Magna,shown as MARIA 1851 census
    Children of EDWARD and MARY are:


i SARAH FOULGER, born 1819 Suffolk
  ii ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 1824 Fakenham Magna died after 3 April 1871 married JAMES JOHNSON S/1845 Thetford
  iii MARIA FOULGER, born 1826 Fakenham Magna died after 4 June 1841
4 iv THOMAS EDWARD FOULGER, born 1828 Suffolk died 1895 Berkshire
5 v JOHN DOMINEY FOULGER, born 1830 Suffolk died 1894 Kent
  vi FRANCES JANE FOULGER, baptised 14 February 1833 Fakenham Magna died after 3 April 1851
  vii EDGAR FOULGER, born 1836 Fakenham Magna died J/1853 Thetford buried 4 May 1853 Fakenham Magna
  viii CHARLES FOULGER, born 1839 Fakenham Magna buried 18 March 1842 Fakenham Magna
                                                                             Third Generation


  SARAH FOULGER,(Edward2,Jonathan1)  born 1819 Fakenham Magna  died unknown. (a SARAH CATHIE married D/1857 at Thetford)
    married FRANCIS CATHIE son of JOHN CATHIE and HANNAH HUNTER 10 August 1843 St Pancras Church St Pancras (says her father is JONATHAN deceased)
    FRANCIS was baptised 11 August 1816 St Marylebone Westminster buried 4 February 1847 Clerkenwell Middlesex
    Child of SARAH and FRANCIS is:


FRANCIS EDWARD CATHIE, born M/1847 Clerkenwell baptised 23 January 1870 Hertfordshire died D/1924 Hertfordshire
    FRANCIS is staying with his grandmother MARY (MARIA) FOULGER 1851 census and his uncle THOMAS EDWARD FOULGER 1861 census


  THOMAS EDWARD FOULGER, (Edward2,Jonathan1) baptised 20 January 1828 Fakenham Magna died J/1895 Newbury Berkshire
    married ANN CRIPPS daughter of WILLIAM and HANNAH CRIPPS 10 October 1858 St Andrews Holborn London
    ANN was born M/1838 Woolhampton Berkshire died S/1903 Newbury
    Children of THOMAS and ANN are:
  i SARAH FOULGER born M/1859 Woolhampton died after 3 April 1891 married ALFRED JAMES CARTER J/1883 Newbury 
  ii ANNIE MARIA FOULGER, born 13 January 1862 Woolhampton died J/1944 Hitchin Hereford  married RICHARD WALKER son of RICHARD WALKER and ALICE BROOKINGS 8 April 1891 Newbury


iii HENRY THOMAS FOULGER, born 1864 Berkshire died 1902 Berkshire
  iv CATHERINE FANNY FOULGER, born and died M/1869 Woolhampton
  v ALFRED TOM FOULGER, born S/1870 Woolhampton buried 23 January 1880 St Peter's Church Woolhampton Berkshire
  vi ELLEN FRANCES FOULGER, born 13 September 1872 Woolhampton died 16 January 1958 Daventry Northamptonshire married HERBERT HENRY BIDWELL D/1903 Hertford
  vii ELIZABETH KATE FOULGER, born 7 June 1875 Woolhampton died M/1955 Reading Berkshire


  JOHN DOMINEY FOULGER, (Edward2,Jonathan1) baptised 10 July 1830 Great Fakenham died D/1894 Lewisham Kent
    as JOHN DOMINIC FOULGER married ELIZABETH STANDLEY daughter of JOHN and SARAH STANDLEY 16 August 1856 East Wretham Norfolk
    ELIZABETH was born M/1840 Rockland Norfolk died M/1913 Newcastle staying with her daughter EMMA and family 1901 and 1911 Censuses
    Children of JOHN and ELIZABETH are:
  i EMMA FOULGER, born S/1857 baptised 22 November 1857 Rushbrooke Suffolk died 13 September 1933 Newcastle married HARRY FARNCOMBE BARTLETT J/1891 Sevenoaks Kent
  ii ALICE ELIZABETH FOULGER, born May 1860 Chipping Campden Gloucestershire baptised 19 April 1877 Sevenoaks died M/1938 Newcastle
    married (1) JOHN SHEARING 23 December 1882 Sevenoaks married (2) JOHN BOYLE S/1916 Newcastle
  iii MARY JANE FOULGER, born J/1863 baptised 17 April 1877 Sevenoaks died after 13 September 1933
    married ALFRED GEORGE PUTTOCK son of WILLIAM P PUTTOCK and RHODA R PLAISTERER 23 December 1882 St John's Church Sevenoaks
  iv FANNY MARIA FOULGER, born S/1866 baptised 26 April 1874 Sevenoaks died J/1878 Sevenoaks


v EDWARD THOMAS FOULGER, born 1869 Kent died unknown shown as THOMAS 1891 census
  vi MARGARET EDITH FOULGER, born D/1871 Sevenoaks died after 3 April 1911 married JOHN EATON S/1901 Greenwich shown as a widow 1911 census
  vii MINNIE FOULGER, born M/1874 baptised 26 April 1874 Sevenoaks buried 12 October 1893 Greenwich Cemetery London