Sixth Generation
37   GEORGE ERNEST FOULGER, (Edward H5,George4,William3,Richard2,James1) born 6 November 1912 Greenwich died August 1992 Canterbury
    married KATHLEEN GERTRUDE COOMBES daughter of ALBERT G COOMBES and GERTRUDE N WALL J/1939 Dartford Kent
    GEORGE's best man at the wedding was STANLEY WILSON CHARLES CULMER
    KATHLEEN was born 13 September 1917 Dartford died March 1996 Canterbury
    Children of GEORGE and KATHLEEN are:
54 i GORDON ALAN FOULGER, born 1942 Kent died 2011 Scotland
55 ii DAVID R FOULGER, born 1946 Kent
38   ALFRED GEORGE EDMUND FOULGER,(Alfred5,Alfred4,George3,Richard2,James1) born 9 June 1916 Epsom died April 1997 Durham
    married AGNES FOREMAN daughter of GEORGE W FOREMAN and MARY E T MOORE M/1946 Warminster Wiltshire
    AGNES was born October 1923 Hartlepool Durham died October 1963 Hartlepool
    married (2) MARGARET FRADGLEY 1974 Durham
    Children of ALFRED and AGNES are:
  i JOAN  FOULGER, born 1947 Durham married ARTHUR D WOOD 1966 Durham
  ii CHRISTINE FOULGER, born 1951 Durham married JOHN J GETTINGS 1977 Durham
  iii KAREN D FOULGER, born 1962 Durham
  iv WENDY FOULGER, born 1962 Durham married PAUL G HARRIS 1985 Durham


  OSWALD GEORGE FOULGER, (Walter 5,Alfred4,George3,Richard2,James1) born 27 October 1919 Bath died 23 February 2004 Dorset
    married VERA BERRY daughter of GEORGE HENRY BERRY and MABEL MARY HONEYBUN 21 September 1946 St Andrew's Church Rowbarton Taunton Somerset
    VERA was born 16 August 1923 Taunton died 11 March 1985 Wimborne Dorset
    Children of OSWALD and VERA are:
56 i PETER JOHN FOULGER, born 1948 Dorset
  ii JANE MARYLYN FOULGER, born 1951 Dorset married WILLIAM GERD 1972 Dorset
40 ROMILEY ARTHUR THOMAS FOULGER, (Arthur5,Arthur4,James3,Richard2,James1) born 17 November 1911 Willesden died S/1983 Waverly
  married LILY WARE daughter of JOHN THURGAR WARE and ALICE BLANCE SOUTH J/1940 Willesden
  LILY was born 18 October 1911 Willesden died February 1995 Great Yarmouth
  Child of ROMILEY and LILY is:
  i PATRICIA FOULGER, born 1944 London
41 ALBERT GEORGE FOULGER, (Arthur5,Arthur4,James3,Richard2,James1) born 4 February 1916 Willesden
  married MAISIE IRENE GILL daughter of PERCY A GILL and ANNIE M HAMPTON J/1940 Brentford
  MAISIE was born 28 October 1918 Pancras died January 2004 Poole Dorset
  Children of ALBERT and MAISIE are:
57 i JEFFERY A FOULGER, born 1943 Uxbridge
  ii SUSAN I FOULGER, born 1948 Harrow married JOSEPH M KIRBY 1971 London
42 WILLIAM RICHARD FOULGER, (Richard A 5,Richard4,James3,Richard2,James1) born 16 June1927 Brighton died December1992 Haywoods Heath Sussex
  married BARBARA A PAYNE 1951 Sussex
  Children of WILLIAM and BARBARA are:
  i PENELOPE A FOULGER, born 1959 Sussex married PAUL C SKIPPONS 1983 Sussex
  ii SUSAN J FOULGER, born 1961 Sussex
43 DENIS FOULGER, (Richard A5,Richard4,James3,Richard2,James1) born 1938 Sussex
  married JENNIFER M STEDMAN 1962 Sussex
  Children of DENIS and JENNIFER are:
  i ANTHONY D FOULGER, born 1963 Sussex
  ii VANESSA JANE FOULGER, born 1966 Sussex
44 CHARLES WILLIAM FOULGER, (Thomas G5,Thomas4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 15 March 1903 Deptford London buried 24 May1963 Romford Cemetery Havering
  married GWENDOLINE ANNIE FORD daughter of TOM FORD S/1929 West Ham
  GWENDOLINE was born J/1905 Gloucester died D/1960 Romford Essex
  Children of CHARLES and GWENDOLINE are:
  i PETER FOULGER, born 1931 West Ham
  ii JACK FOULGER, born 1934 West Ham
  iii ANN FOULGER, born 1936 East Ham
45 THOMAS GEORGE FOULGER, (Thomas G5,Thomas4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 29 July 1905 East Dulwich London died December 1984 Tower Hamlets
  married AGNES MARGUERITE N HORNE D/1927 Hackney
  AGNES was born 25 December 1900 Epsom died J/1975 Brent Middlesex
  Children of THOMAS and AGNES are:
  i MARGUERITE OLIVE FOULGER, born 2 January 1928 Epsom died August 2005 Ealing London married MARIAN PIWONSKI S/1952 Hammersmith
58 ii GORDON MICHAEL THOMAS FOULGER, born 1935 Hackney died 2015 Essex
46 ALFRED LIONEL FOULGER, (Thomas G5,Thomas4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 27 August 1911 Camberwell died August 1984 Ashtead Surrey
  married JOAN OLIVE GRAVES J/1936 Surrey
  JOAN was born 11 April 1911 Epsom died December 1998 Chichester Sussex
  Children of ALFRED and JOAN are:
59 i ANTHONY RICHARD FOULGER, born 1938 Surrey
  ii DEIRDRE MARY FOULGER, born 1943 Surrey married JORGEN CHRISTIANSON 1967 Surrey
47 JOHN HERBERT FOULGER, (Thomas G5,Thomas4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 28 March 1914 Camberwell died November 2002 Surrey
  CHARLOTTE was born 23 October 1912 Pontypridd died 28 June 2001 Chichester Sussex
  Child of JOHN and CHARLOTTE is:
  i JOHN A FOULGER, born J/1943 Surrey died 2007 Middleton on Sea Sussex
48   THOMAS RICHARD  FOULGER, (Thomas R5,William4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1)  born 16 June 1909 Walworth 2 died November 1998 Bexley Kent
  married DOLORES BURT S/1939 Surrey
  DOLORES was born 16 February 1912 died 28 April 2005 Bexley
  Children of THOMAS and DOLORES are:
60 i ROGER FOULGER, born 1942 Surrey
61 ii RICHARD J FOULGER, born 1946 London
  iii MARION E FOULGER, born1948 London
49   JOHN JAMES FOULGER, (Thomas R5,William4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 2 February 1922 Southwark died 9 October 2008 Tadworth Surrey
  married BARBARA J KIFT daughter of WILLIAM H KIFT and ETHEL M BOUGHEN 1949 Surrey
  BARBARA was born D/1925 Southwark
  Child of JOHN and BARBARA is:
  i LYNNE A FOULGER, born 1957 Surrey married JOHN W  RITCHIE 1997 Surrey
50 EDWIN F FOULGER, (Charles5,William4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born D/1929 Camberwell
  married COLLEEN D REEVES S/1954 Sidcup Kent
  COLLEEN was born M/1931 Lambeth London died 2009
  Children of EDWIN and COLLEEN are:
  i STEPHEN E FOULGER, born 1955 Kent
  ii GARY A FOULGER, born 1960 Hertfordshire
51   JAMES HENRY FOULGER,(James5,James4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 10 July 1921 Shoreditch died 17 February 1980 Hackney buried Manor Park Cemetery Newham London
    married ROSE VIOLET ANN DAISY DAVIS daughter of HENRY DAVIS and ROSE V KNIGHT J/1954 Shoreditch
    ROSE was born J/1921 Shoreditch died 26 June 2011 Newham
    Child of JAMES and ROSE is:


ANN R FOULGER, born 1956 London


  ROBERT MICHAEL FOULGER, (James5,James4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 10 December 1922 Shoreditch died 27 August 1975 Hackney
    married DORIS M LAMB D/1948 Shoreditch
    Child of ROBERT and DORIS is:




  DENNIS WILLIAM FOULGER, (James5,James4,Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 7 December 1925 Shoreditch died March 1993 Essex
    married EILEEN H C BOND M/1949 Essex
    Children of DENNIS and EILEEN are:
  i DENISE E L FOULGER, born 1950 London
  ii KAREN A FOULGER, born 1953 Essex
  iii PAUL D FOULGER, born 1958 London