Fourth Generation


  GEORGE WILLIAM FOULGER,(William3,Richard2,James1)  born 6 November baptised 26 December 1847 St Martin's Church Epsom died 22 January 1898 Greenwich
    married ELIZA NORTON daughter of HENRY NORTON and SARAH JOLLY 2 July 1871 Greenwich
    ELIZA was born J/1847 Garboldisham Norfolk died D/1934 Lewisham London
    Children of GEORGE and ELIZA are:
  i GEORGE HENRY FOULGER, born 25 March baptised 25 May 1872 Deptford London died D/1894 Greenwich
  ii AMELIA EMMA FOULGER, baptised  9 June 1874 Lewisham died 31 August 1964 Battersea London
19 iii EDWARD HARRY FOULGER, born 1880 Deptford died 1959 Kent
20 iv WILLIAM THOMAS FOULGER, born 1883 Deptford died 1969 Sedburgh
  v EVA MARY FOULGER, born 14 April baptised 18 July 1887 Deptford died 11 February 1960 Greenwich
  vi CHARLES FREDERICK FOULGER, born 19 October 1888 Deptford baptised 9 January 1889 Lewisham died 15 September 1916 Somme France


  THOMAS CHARLES FOULGER,(William3,Richard2,James1)  born 6 March baptised 13 April 1851 St Martin's Church Epsom buried 23 April 1936 Epsom Cemetery
    married JANE ROBBINS daughter of CORNELIUS ROBBINS and JANE LIDDALL M/1882 Epsom
    JANE was born J/1858 Hackney Middlesex died Soho Square Hospital London buried 10 February 1885 Epsom Cemetery
    married (2) FLORENCE ROSE BARNES daughter of HENRY BARNES and MARIA THOMAS D/1900 Guildford
    FLORENCE was baptised 17 September 1871 Andover Hampshire as FLORENCE ROSA BARNES died J/1956 Surrey
    Child of THOMAS and FLORANCE is:


DORIS VERA FOULGER, born 25 October 1902 baptised 4 January 1903 Epsom died October 1992 Surrey


  ALFRED WILLIAM FOULGER,(George3,Richard2,James1)  born 25 November baptised 24 December 1854 St Martin's Church Epsom buried 28 February 1928 Epsom Cemetery
    married MARY TAYLOR  daughter of RICHARD TAYLOR and LOUISA AUSTIN 5 July 1877 Christ Church Epsom
    MARY was born 1857 Ashtead Surrey buried 23 May 1913 Epsom Cemetery
    Children of ALFRED and MARY are:
  i SARAH LOUISE FOULGER, baptised 10 February 1878 Epsom buried 28 June 1878 Epsom Cemetery
  ii ALICE MARY FOULGER, born D/1880 baptised 2 January 1881 Epsom buried 8 June 1912 Epsom Cemetery married FREDERICK WILLIAM MEAD 20 October 1906 Epsom
21 iii ALFRED GEORGE EDWARD FOULGER, born 1882 Surrey died 1921 Surrey
22 iv WALTER JAMES FOULGER, born 1884 Surrey died 1944 Surrey
23 v GEORGE FREDERICK FOULGER, born 1887 Epsom died 1963 Dorset
24 vi THOMAS FRANK FOULGER, born 1890 Surrey died 1937 Kent
25 vii FLORENCE SUSAN FOULGER, born 1891 Surrey died 1957 Hampshire
  viii WILLIAM ARTHUR FOULGER, born 29 March baptised 20 May 1894 Epsom died 19 November 1914 near Lindenhoek France
  ix LILIAN MAY FOULGER, born 9 May baptised 19 July 1896 Epsom died D/1966 Chatham Kent
    married EDWIN GEORGE GILES son of GEORGE GILES 24 December 1921 Epsom
  x HARRY RICHARD FOULGER, born 30 March baptised 28 April 1899 Epsom died 25 October 1918 Ootegem buried Heestert Military Cemetery Belgium


  WALTER JAMES FOULGER,(George3,Richard2,James1)  born 22 December 1858 baptised 13 February 1859 St Martin's Church Epsom buried 9 February 1932 Epsom Cemetery
    married FANNY JANE TANKARD daughter of FRANCIS TANKARD S/1887 West Ham
    FANNY was born D/1863 Bethnal Green buried 20 November 1945 Epsom Cemetery
    Children of WALTER and FANNY are:
  i ETHEL FRANCES MAY FOULGER, born S/1888 Epsom baptised 26 January 1890 St Martin's Church Epsom died 17 Dec 1957 Epsom


ii LEONARD WALTER FOULGER, born 1890 Surrey died 1977 Surrey
  iii ELSIE GLADYS FOULGER, born D/1894 Epsom baptised 18 August 1895 St Martin's Church Epsom died M/1938 Surrey emigrated to New Zealand on the MAHANA 27 May 1920
    EDWARD was born 5 January 1894 Lyell New Zealand died after 1938
  iv GERTRUDE HILDA FOULGER ,born M/1898 Epsom baptised 15 May 1898 St Martin's Church Epsom buried 28 December 1909 Epsom Cemetery
12 ARTHUR THOMAS FOULGER,(James3,Richard2,James1) born 1853 Brighton died 2 December 1931 Brighton
  married EMMA ELIZABETH GORRINGE daughter of WILLIAM GORRINGE and BETSY TUCKWELL 30 September 1879 Cuckfield Sussex
  EMMA was born S/1856 Lewis Sussex died after 1885
  Children of ARTHUR and EMMA are:
  i FLORENCE MAY FOULGER, baptised 3 October 1880 Brighton died unknown sailed to Melbourne aboard the MILTIADES 29 March 1904 occupation Nurse returned June 1905
  ii EDITH ALICE FOULGER, born M/1883 Brighton married FREDERICK VICTOR BECKLEY J/1906 Brighton
27 iii ROMILEY ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1886 Sussex died 1917 France
13 RICHARD FOULGER, (James3,Richard2,James1)  born J/1867 Brighton died 25 September 1934 Brighton
  married KATHLEEN SARAH PEACHEY S/1887 Brighton
  KATHLEEN was born M/1865 Brighton died M/1893 Brighton
  married (2) ADA BLOW daughter of FREDERICK BLOW and ELIZABETH ANN DRAY D/1894 Brighton
  ADA was born M/1872 Brighton died S/1918 Brighton (coroners inquest number 3/2/1918/112)
  Children of RICHARD and KATHLEEN are:
  i LILY FOULGER, born M/1888 Brighton died S/1961 Maidstone Kent (shown as LILIAN 1901-1911 censuses)
  ii KATHLEEN FLORENCE FOULGER, born 9 February 1893 Brighton died 28 December 1951 Lewisham London
  married STEVEN ROBERT PACKHAM son of STEVEN PACKHAM and ELLEN MARTHA GOOCH 13 September 1913 Woolwich Kent
  STEVEN was born 1 January 1892 Gillingham Kent died M/1969 Bromley Kent
  Children of RICHARD and ADA are:
28 i RICHARD ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1896 Brighton died 1976 Brighton
  ii MABEL ALICE FOULGER, born J/1898 Brighton died after 25 September 1934
  iii STANLEY WILFRED FOULGER, born 4 January 1900 Brighton died M/1983 Lewes Sussex married BEATRICE ELIZA TURNER S/1928 Brighton
14 WILLIAM ROBERT FOULGER, (James3,Richard2,James1) baptised 6 December 1869 St Nicholas Church Brighton died S/1901 Brighton
  married EMILY JANE PRODGER  daughter of EDWARD PRODGER and MARY ANN MOORE D/1899 Brighton
  EMILY was born S/1865 Eastbourne died S/1949 Eastbourne Sussex


  THOMAS EDWARD FOULGER,(Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 13 December 1858 Hasketon Suffolk baptised 13 October 1861 St Martin's Church Epsom died 24 April 1904 Greenwich London
  married ANNIE ELIZA ALLCOCK daughter of GEORGE ALLCOCK and ELIZABETH GODDARD D/1879 Lewisham London
  ANNIE was born c1855 Littlehampton Sussex died D/1892 Greenwich
  married (2) EMMA HAMER daughter of JAMES HAMER and MARY ANN RUFFELL 12 May 1894 Greenwich
  EMMA was born 24 June 1852 Bolton Lancaster died D/1940 Surrey
  Children of THOMAS and ANNIE are:
29 i CHARLES EDWARD FOULGER, born 1881 Southwark died 1941 Surrey
30 ii THOMAS GEORGE WILLIAM FOULGER, born 1882 London died 1967 Surrey
31 iii JOHN HERBERT FOULGER, born 1884 London died 1958 Sussex
  iv ELIZABETH OLIVE FOULGER, born M/1886 Peckham London died 5 December 1957 Torbay Hospital Torquay
  married GEORGE PEMBERTON D/1909 Marylebone London GEORGE died before his wife.


  WILLIAM ALBERT FOULGER,(Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 6 March Southwark Surrey baptised 30 August 1861 St Martin's Church Epsom buried 8 January 1938 Manor Park Cemetery Newham London
    as WILLIAM HERBERT FOULGER married SUSAN HALES daughter of THOMAS A and MARY ANN HALES 28 March 1880 Lambeth London,wedding witness his sister MARY
    SUSAN was born 1857 Southwark Surrey died 26 July Banstead Surrey buried 3 August 1911 Manor Park Cemetery Newham
    as WILLIAM HERBERT, married (2) MARIA LAWRENCE (widow) daughter of ROBERT and MARGARET JAMES 16 March 1913 Southwalk
    MARIA was born c1849 died M/1934 Lambeth.married (1) ROBERT THOMAS LAWRENCE son of ROBERT LAWRENCE 1 October 1865 Southwark
    both shown as of full age on marriage certificate
    Children of WILLIAM and SUSAN are:
32 i WILLIAM HERBERT FOULGER, born 1881 Surrey died 1913 Surrey
33 ii THOMAS RICHARD FOULGER, born 1883 Surrey died 1948 Surrey
  iii JOHN HENRY FOULGER, born c1886 Southwark died D/1900 Southwark
  iv LOUISA FOULGER, born 9 March 1891 Southwark married CHARLES FREDERICK WRIGHT son of GEORGE WRIGHT and MARY ANN REYNOLDS 13 April 1918 Southwark
  v CHARLOTTE AMELIA FOULGER, born 3 January baptised 26 March 1893 Southwark buried 7 January 1895 Manor Park Cemetery Newham


vi CHARLES EDWARD FOULGER, born 1898 Southwark died 1971 Hertfordshire


  RICHARD FOULGER,(Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 6 September 1862 Epsom died 9 August 1924 Lambeth
    married ANNIE CAGNEY daughter of PATRICK JOSEPH CAGNEY and ELLEN CALLAGHAN 2 November 1884 Battersea London
    ANNIE was born 3 July 1864 Hackney died 12 July 1903 Lambeth
    REBECCA married (1) HENRY BATEMAN (1863-1903)  J/1884 Lambeth
    REBECCA was born 26 November 1866 St Giles London died 12 July 1937 Camberwell
    Children of RICHARD and ANNIE are:
  i ELLEN FOULGER, born 4 December 1886 Southwark died 23 October 1968 Eastleigh Hampshire buried Brookwood Cemetery Eastleigh
    married RALPH SHEWRY son of JOHN SHEWRY and EMILY HANDCOCK 7 August 1904 Newington London.
    RALPH was born 31 October 1880 Lambeth died 2 July 1960 Eastleigh buried Brookwood Cemetery Eastleigh
  ii FLORENCE EMILY FOULGER, born 27 January 1890 Southwark died 1980 Felton Middlesex
    married JAMES THOMAS COWELL son of  WILLIAM HENRY COWELL and MARY ANN FOULGER 20 December 1914 Southwark.
    JAMES was born 19 August 1889 Southwark died April 1962 Barking Essex
  iii CAROLINE ESTHER FOULGER, born 19 August baptised 7 September 1892 Southwark died M/1966 Merton London
    married RICHARD KERNER son of  JOSEPH CHARLES KERNER and CAROLINE NORRIS 16 April 1916 Lambeth
    RICHARD  was baptised 2 April 1893 Lambeth died D/1947 Surrey


iv RICHARD FOULGER, born 1895 Surrey died 1931 London
  v ALICE MAY FOULGER, born S/1897 Vauxhall died after 1934 married LEON LEOPOLD JAUNET son of EUGENE and JULIA JAUNET 7 September 1919 St Mary Newington London
    LEON was born 27 February 1894 Richmond Surrey died J/1969 Sutton Surrey
  vi OLIVE EDITH ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 17 May baptised 4 June 1899 Lambeth died M/1975 Sutton Surrey
    WILLIAM was born 27 March baptised 12 April 1896 Lambeth died J/1973 Sutton Surrey
  vii EMMA FOULGER, born 4 October 1901 Lambeth died D/1983 Kingston Upon Thames
    THOMAS was baptised 31 May 1903 Southwark died 25 January 1947 Surrey
    Children of RICHARD and REBECCA are:
  i CONSTANCE HENRIETTA FOULGER ,born 8 April 1906 Lambeth died S/1908 Lambeth
  ii GEORGE FRANCIS FOULGER, born S/1908 Lambeth died J/1924 Lambeth


  JAMES FOULGER,(Thomas3,Richard2,James1) born 1 January 1869 baptised 27 July 1874 Southwark died J/1940 Shoreditch
    married FLORENCE HODSON daughter of HENRY THOMAS HODSON 1 June 1895 Southwark
    FLORENCE was born D/1875 Southwark died D/1933 Shoreditch
    Children of JAMES and FLORENCE are:
  i FLORENCE RACHEL FOULGER, baptised 5 April 1896 Bermondsey died after 9 October 1923 (returned to England)
  ii JUSTINA FOULGER, baptised 31 October 1897 Bermondsey died S/1898 Bermondsey shown as JESSIE FOULGER
  iii GRACE BEATRICE FOULGER, baptised 15 October 1899 Bermondsey married PASQUALI VICARI J/1921 St George Hanover Square


iv JAMES HENRY FOULGER, born 1901 London died 1967 London
  v DAISY AGNES FOULGER, baptised 8 February 1905 Bermondsey married JAMES H KING J/1934 Hackney London
  vi CAROLINE MARGARET FOULGER, born 3 September 1906 Bermondsey died M/1977 Islington London
  vii ELLEN FOULGER, born 4 October 1908 Bermondsey died March 1999 Chelmsfoed Essex married WILLIAM F SHEARING S/1931 Shoreditch
  viii LILY ELIZABETH FOULGER, born M/1911 Bermondsey married HENRY G PICKARD S/1941 Shoreditch