Fourth Generation


FRANCIS HENRY FOULGER, (Francis4,Francis3,Francis2,John1) baptised 19 February 1838 Alnwick died 9 November 1875 Alnwick Northumberland
    married LOUISA DELPIERRE M/1865 Newcastle upon Tyne
    LOUISA was born 1844 Belgium died 16 September 1885 Alnwick 
  Children of FRANCIS and LOUISA are:


i FRANCIS MARCELINE FOULGER, born 1865 Northumberland died 1916 Northumberland
  ii TRINETTE DESIREE FOULGER, baptised 8 September 1867 Alnwick died 13 May 1888 Alnwick
  iii LOUIS HENRY FOULGER, born 14 November baptised 5 December 1869 St Mary's R C Church Alnwick died 17 May 1902 Warkworth Northumberland
  iv SOPHIA LOUISE FOULGER, born 13 October 1871 Alnwick died 1 July 1873 Alnwick
  v MARGARET JEMIMA FOULGER, born 12 November baptised 1 December 1872 Alnwick died M/1928 Newcastle
    married JOSEPH WHEATLEY son of THOMAS WHEATLEY and JANE HUNTER S/1899 Newcastle 
    JOSEPH was born J/1875 Newcastle died J/1951 Newcastle
  vi MARY SOPHIA CATHERINE FOULGER, born M/1875 baptised 20 April 1875 Alnwick died 1941 Townhead Glasgow Scotland
    married ALEXANDER A CHAPMAN 1919 St Rollex Glasgow
    Child of MARY is:
  i ADA MARY FOULGER, born 8 August  baptised 11 September 1900 Newcastle upon Tyne as MARIA ADA FOULGER died after 3 April 1901


  JOHN FOULGER, (John4,John3,Francis2,John1) baptised 9 June 1833 Crostwick Norfolk died J/1913 Smallburgh Norfolk
    married MARY JANE KERRISON daughter of ROBERT KERRISON and HANNAH BEALS 13 January 1859  St John the Baptist Church Coltishall Norfolk
    MARY was born 1841 Coltishall Norfolk died M/1920 Smallburgh Norfolk
    Children of JOHN and MARY are:
  i SAMUEL JOHN FOULGER, born 26 April baptised 29 May 1859 Coltishall Norfolk died 27 February 1878 serving in the Royal Navy


ii LIONEL WALTER FOULGER, born 1861 Norfolk died 1940 Norfolk


iii HANNAH ELIZABETH FOULGER, born 1863 Norfolk died 1935 Norfolk
  iv SARAH KETURAH FOULGER, born S/1865 Bradfield Norfolk died J/1912 Norwich
    married ARTHUR EDWARD DIX son of GEORGE STEVENSON DIX and CHARLOTTE ROBERTS 1 February 1897 St Nicholas Church North Walsham Norfolk
    wedding witnesses JOHN and JESSIE FOULGER
  v LOUISA AHOLIBAMAH FOULGER, born S/1867 Bradfield died J/1938 Aylsham Norfolk (LOUISA'S middle name varies in documents)
29 vi JOSEPH HENRY FOULGER, born 1869 Bradfield died 1950 London
  vii WINIFRED GERTRUDE FOULGER, born M/1872 Bradfield died J/1961 Tonbridge Kent
    married THOMAS DOLBY son of ROBERT DOLBY and REBECCA HOSIER 31 October 1894 St Nicholas Church North Walsham
    wedding witnesses JOHN and JESSIE FOULGER
    THOMAS was born D/1867 London died after 3 April 1901


viii CHRISTMAS KERRISON FOULGER, born 1874 Norfolk died 1957 Suffolk
  ix EMMA JOSEPHINE JESSICA FOULGER, born 2 November 1878 Bradfield baptised 18 September 1885 St Nicholas Church North Walsham died J/1944 North Walsham
    married ARTHUR JACK SIMPSON J/1902 Smallburgh Norfolk


x CECIL MORDANT FOULGER, born 1881 Norfolk died 1946 Yorkshire
  xi ROBERT KERRISON ROBIN FOULGER, born 29 February 1884 Bradfield baptised 18 October 1885 St Nicholas Church North Walsham died 29 October 1914 Ypres Belgium


WILLIAM FOULGER, (John4,John3,Frances2,John1) baptised 30 November 1834 Crostwick Norfolk died M/1907 Norwich
    married HANNAH SOPHIA HODGE J/1859 Norwich Norfolk
    HANNAH was born 1837 Horstead Norfolk died J/1917 Norwich Norfolk (sometimes shown as SOPHIA)
    Children of WILLIAM and SOPHIA are:
  i HANNAH SOPHIA FOULGER, born 13 April 1860 Horstead baptised 2 April 1884 St Andrews Church Thorpe Norfolk died M/1950 Norwich
    married WILLIAM ALFRED COOPER son of WILLIAM ALFRED COOPER and JANE STILES 25 December 1888 Thorpe
    WILLIAM was born M/1864 Norwich died J/1942 Norwich
  ii MARTHA ELIZABETH FOULGER, born J/1862 Horstead Norfolk died M/1941 Bromley Kent
    married EDWARD MOUL son of JOSHUA MOUL and MARY ANN ASHER 18 May 1895 Chiselhurst Kent
    EDWARD was born J/1861 Dorset died J/1928 Bromley


iii HERBERT EDWARD FOULGER, born 1863 Norfolk died 1937 Yorkshire
  iv EDITH ELLEN FOULGER, born J/1867 Horstead  baptised 25 October 1883 Thorpe died after 3 April 1911 married ALFRED EDWIN DAY M/1889 Norwich
  v ETHEL MARY FOULGER, born J/1869 Horstead died after 3 April 1901


vi ARTHUR FOULGER, born 1871 Norfolk died 1914 Kent
  vii PERCY FOULGER, born 26 June 1874 Thorpe Hamlet Norwich Norfolk died J/1944 Chatham Kent
  viii WILLIAM FOULGER, born D/1876 Norwich Norfolk died after 3 April 1891


JAMES FOULGER, (John4,John3,Francis2,John1) baptised 29 July 1838 All Saints Church Horstead died M/1915 Horstead Norfolk
    married MARY BOUGHTON S/1862 Horstead
    MARY was born 1836 Pulham Market Norfolk buried 3 April 1896 St John the Baptist Church Coltishall Norfolk
    Children of JAMES and MARY are:
  i MAY FOULGER, baptised 7 June 1863 St John the Baptist Church Coltishall died after 3 April 1911
    married GEORGE FREDERICK CHAMBERS son of GEORGE CHAMBERS 16 June 1888  St John the Baptist Church Coltishall
  ii ADA FOULGER, born M/1865 baptised 2 April 1865 St John the Baptist Church Coltishall died after 3 April 1891
    married WILLIAM FEEK son of WILLIAM FEEK and CHARLOTTE IVES M/1883 Norwich
  iii ALICE MARY FOULGER, baptised 2 December 1866 St John the Baptist Church Coltishall died after 3 April 1891


iv ERNEST GEORGE FOULGER, born 1870 Norfolk died 1933 London
14 HENRY FOULGER, (John4,John3,Francis2,John1) born J/1850 Horstead buried 8 June 1899 All Saints Church Horstead Norfolk
  married MARY ANN SLAPP J/1886 Horstead
  MARY was born S/1842 Swafield Norfolk died after 3 April 1911
  Child of HENRY and  Mary is:


JOHN HENRY FOULGER. born 1887 Norfolk died 1950 Norfolk


BENJAMIN FOULGER,(Hannah4,John3,Francis2,John1)
baptised 9 February 1835 All Saints Church Horstead buried 6 October 1871 St Andrew the Less Cambridge
married SUSANNA PEACHMAN daughter of JOHN and SARAH PEACHMAN 13 June 1859 St Andrew's Church Thorpe Norfolk
BENJAMIN shown from Burlingham St Peter and SUSANNA from this parish. SUSANNA age shown as 22
SUSANNA was baptised 24 April 1837 St Andrew's Church Thorpe buried 24 November 1909 Cambridge
Children of BENJAMIN and SUSANNAH are:



BENJAMIN FOULGER, born 1859 Norfolk died 1941 Cambridge


ELIZABETH FOULGER, baptised 21 October 1860 St Andrew's Church Burlingham Norfolk died after 3 April 1911 
married WILLIAM COOK MEAD M/1888 Cambridge
WILLIAM was born D/1850 Lee London died M/1932 Cambridge
iii HANNAH FOULGER, baptised 14 December 1862 St Andrew's Church Burlingham died M/1863 Burlingham
iv WILLY FOULGER, baptised 1 October 1866 St Andrew the Less Cambridge died D/1866 Cambridge
v ARTHUR JAMES FOULGER, born S/1867 baptised 8 November died D/1867 Cambridge shown as 5 months old



GEORGE PEACHMAN FOULGER, born 1868 Cambridge died after 1916
16 BENJAMIN GEORGE FOULGER, (William4,John3,Francis2,John1)
  born D/1853 Horstead baptised 1 January 1854 Horstead as GEORGE BENJAMIN FOULGER died M/1919 Castle Ward Northumberland
  married ANN FIRM daughter of THOMAS FIRM and SUSANNA TAYLOR 4 September 1879 Longbenton Northumberland
  ANN was born 29 August 1857 Darlaston Staffordshire died 18 June 1946 Chesterfield Derbyshire
  Children of BENJAMIN and ANN are:
  i THOMAS WILLIAM FOULGER, born 25 May 1880 Benton Northumberland died 21 December 1945 Northumberland
  ii BENJAMIN FOULGER, born J/1882 Benton died S/1913 Castle Ward Northumberland
  iii GEORGE FOULGER, born 11 May 1882 Benton died 3 January 1962 Newcastle upon Tyne
  iv MARGARET FOULGER, born 8 May 1883 Stannington Northumberland died after 5 September 1939 married LANCELOT GRAHAM STRONG J/1903 Castle Ward
38 v FREDERICK FOULGER, born 1885 Northumberland died 1954 Northumberland
  vi EMILY FOULGER, born 21 March 1887 Stannington died M/1982 Newcastle
  vii EDWARD FOULGER, born S/1889 Stannington died 6 October 1917 Bermondsey London
17 EMILY SARAH FOULGER, (William4,John3,Francis2,John1) born S/1855 baptised 14 October 1855 Horstead Norfolk died after 3 April 1891
  a EMILY SARAH FOULGER married  a JOSEPH MILLS  M/1892 Staines Middlesex ( not sure if correct EMILY.)
Child of EMILY is:



FREDERICK FOULGER, born 1875 Norfolk died 1968 London