Descendants of William Thomas Kill


                                                                                     First Generation

1 WILLIAM THOMAS KILL was born c1835 Fareham and died before August 1872   
  as THOMAS KILL married HANNAH DURRANT daughter of DAVID DURRANT and SARAH MONEY 19 September 1860 Fareham Hampshire
  HANNAH was baptised 28 April 1843 Southwick Hampshire died J/1895 Fareham.
  As ANNA KILL (Widow) married (2) WILLIAM MAYNARD son of WILLIAM MAYNARD 4 August 1872 Portsea Registry Office Portsmouth
  wedding witnesses WILLIAM DURRANT and ELIZA BURGGS
  WILLIAM was born M/1849 Fareham died D/1907 Fareham
    Children of WILLIAM and HANNAH are:


i THOMAS JAMES KILL, born 1861 Hampshire died 1942 Hampshire (THOMAS and JOHN are lodging with WILLIAM and HANNAH 1881 census)


ii JOHN KILL, born 1863 Hampshire died 1913 Hampshire

                                                                                  Second Generation



THOMAS JAMES KILL (WILLIAM THOMAS1)  born 31 January 1861 Fareham died 13 October 1942 at 20 Trinity Gardens Fareham.  

    married  EMMA SARAH CLARK  daughter of ROBERT CLARK and EMILY BASKETT  8 March 1882  in St. Peter & St Paul's Church Fareham
    EMMA  was born 2 February baptised 4 March 1860  West Street Fareham died 21 November 1951 at 20 Trinity Gardens Fareham.

Children of THOMAS and EMMA are:

4 i

FRANK KILL, born 1878 Fareham died 1959 Portsmouth.(born FRANK CLARK)



WILLIAM JOHN KILL, born  15 January 1883  Westhampnett Sussex died 15 June 1951 Portsmouth.

    married PRISCILLA GRACE BURCHETT daughter of GEORGE BURCHETT and SARAH ANN ROGERS J/1912 Westbourne Sussex
    PRISCILLA was born 20 July 1886 Hailsham Sussex died 22 March 1955 Portsmouth



ROBERT JAMES KILL, born 1885 Fareham died 1963 Portsmouth.

  iv CHARLES RICHARD KILL, born and died 1887 Fareham

HARRY GEORGE KILL, born  20 May 1889 at 62 West Street Fareham died 6 November Wales buried 9 November 1912 Gowerton Cemetery South Wales



ALICE LOUISE KILL, born 1890 Fareham died 1976 Scotland



THOMAS NICHOLAS KILL, born 1892 Fareham died 1952 Lincolnshire



EMILY ANNA  ELIZABETH KILL, born 1894 Fareham died 1973 London.



FREDERICK RICHARD KILL, born 1896 Fareham died 1977 Hampshire.

10 x

PERCY LEONARD KILL, born 1898 Fareham died 1948 Portsmouth.


HENRIETTA BESSIE KILL, born  8 February 1903 Fareham died 14 June 1994 Southsea Portsmouth.



JOHN KILL (WILLIAM THOMAS1) born D/1863 Fareham baptised 12 August 1864 Fareham  died S/1913 Fareham


married MARGARET CRAWLEY D/1885 Fareham


MARGARET was born 1865 Winchester Hampshire died D/1906 Fareham


Children of JOHN and MARGARET are:


ANNA CATHERINE KILL, born 1 January 1886 Fareham died M/1952 Hove Sussex


MARGARET EMMA KILL, born M/1888 Fareham died M/1962 Gosport


JOHN KILL, born 31 July 1889 Portsea died 18 October 1961 Fareham married EVA MARION KIBBEL D/1927 Fareham

11 iv

THOMAS JAMES KILL, born 1891 Fareham died 1959 Gosport


WILLIAM KILL, born 15 August 1892 Fareham died J/1953 Droxford Hampshire

  vi ELLEN KILL, born and died 1895 Fareham
  vii EDWARD WALTER KILL, born M/1897 Fareham died D/1898 Fareham
  viii VICTORIA MAY KILL, born 23 January 1901 Fareham died April 1989 Portsmouth married OWEN GEORGE WATERS M/1921 Fareham
    OWEN was born 6 December 1899 Fareham died D/1979 Hampshire
  ix MARY KILL, born and died 1903 Fareham

                                                                                Third Generation


FRANK KILL, (THOMAS JAMES 2,WILLIAM THOMAS1)  born 7 October 1878 Fareham died 11 February 1959 Portsmouth.(born FRANK CLARK)

    married AMY MARY SMITH daughter of THOMAS SMITH and SARAH CAWTE D/1898 Fareham
    AMY was born 10 November 1877 Crofton Hampshire died D/1966 Gosport Hampshire
    Children of FRANK and AMY are:
  i EMILY SARAH A KILL, born M/1899 Fareham shown as ELIZABETH 1901 census married ALBERT E OAKES S/1919 Fareham
  ii THOMAS WILLIAM KILL, born 8 April 1901 Fareham died M/1982 Portsmouth married ELIZABETH LEWIS S/1929 Fareham
  iii FRANCES AMY KILL, born 26 March 1904 Fareham died November 1992 Portsmouth married ALBERT G WHITEAR D/1922 Fareham
12 iv ALICE ETHEL KILL, born 1907  Hampshire died after 1948 (shown as ETHEL ALICE KILL1911 census)
  v DOROTHY LOUISE KILL, born 3 December 1908 Crofton died January 2001 Hampshire
  vi IVY MAY KILL, born 29 March 1911 Crofton (shown as baby KILL 1911 census) died 2001 Hampshire married DENNIS GEORGE H DUNKLEY J/1929 Fareham
    DENNIS was born 3 October 1910 Kettering Northamptonshire died August 1987 Southampton Hampshire
  vii HILDA GRACE KILL, born 30 June 1914 Fareham died January 2005 Portsmouth married ARTHUR F HENDERSON S/1937 Gosport
  viii VICTOR FRANK KILL, born 30 June 1917 Fareham died March 1994 Hampshire
  ix BESSIE F KILL, born S/1917 Fareham


  ROBERT JAMES KILL (THOMAS JAMES 2, WILLIAM THOMAS1)  born 18 August 1884 at 62 West Street Fareham died 21 March 1963 Portsmouth

married ETHEL EMILY IRELAND  daughter of WILLIAM IRELAND and ELIZABETH HARRIET BATTS  5 June 1912 Hound Southampton (wedding witness his mother Emma)

    ETHEL was born 7 November 1884 Winchelsea Sussex died 4 April 1952 Portsmouth.

Children of ROBERT and ETHEL are:


LESLIE GEORGE KILL, born  20 May 1913 Portsmouth died April 1987 Portsmouth.


THELMA MARGERY KILL, born 26 February 1920 Southsea baptised 28 September 1924 St Paul's Church Southsea died 9 April 2014 Portsmouth

    married THOMAS HENRY BROOK son of SAM BROOK and ALICE DYSON 30 October 1943 St Luke's Church Portsea
    THOMAS was born 21 July 1917 Hemsworth Yorkshire died 3 October 1952 Portsmouth
    married (2) BASIL TAYLOR 14 October 1955 Portsmouth Registry Office
    BASIL was born 20 April 1918 Mansfield Shirebrook died 13 April 1967 Portsmouth.


  ALICE LOUISE KILL (THOMAS JAMES 2, WILLIAM THOMAS1)  born 3 May 1890 at 114 West Street Fareham died 19 August 1976 Glasgow Scotland.
    married CHARLES HUTCHINS  20 June 1910 Fareham


  THOMAS NICHOLAS KILL (THOMAS JAMES2, WILLIAM THOMAS1)  born 18 September 1892 Fareham died 24 June 1952 Scunthorpe Lincolnshire

married BETSY JEFFERYS in Grimsby  

    BETSY was born 5 May 1899 died 4 September 1970 Scunthorpe
    Children of THOMAS and BETSY are
13 i

BETSY LILIAN KILL, born 1920 Grimsby died 2012 Yorkshire



THOMAS KILL, born 8 May 1922 Grimsby died March 2000 Lincolnshire

14 iii

WILLIAM KILL, born 1924 Grimsby died 1993 Buckinghamshire


  EMILY ANNA  ELIZABETH KILL (THOMAS JAMES 2, WILLIAM THOMAS1)  born 12 August 1894 died J/1973 Chelsea London

married THOMAS GEORGE BEECH son of WILLIAM BEECH and SARAH SMITH M/1916 Portsmouth 

    THOMAS was born S/1884 Portsea died 31 August 1918 Somme France.buried Bagneux British Cemetery Gezaincourt France

Children of EMILY and THOMAS are:


THOMAS FREDRICK BEECH, born 20 May 1916 Portsmouth died S/1995 Portsmouth married IVY CONSTANCE M MANNING J/1946 Portsmouth


EMILY ADA  BEECH, born  25 June 1917 Portsmouth died January 2005 Norwich Norfolk


  FREDERICK RICHARD KILL (THOMAS JAMES 2, WILLIAM THOMAS1) born 29 May 1896 Fareham died J/1977 Hampshire

married ADA ELIZABETH BUXEY daughter of GEORGE BUXEY and CHARLOTTE ANN SMITH 4 August 1923 Fareham 

    ADA was born 24 June 1894 Tichfield Fareham died S/1986 Hampshire
    Child of FREDERICK and ADA is

FREDA MAY KILL, born and died J/1927 Fareham 


PERCY LEONARD KILL, (THOMAS JAMES 2,WILLIAM THOMAS1) born  28 March 1898 Fareham died  29 January 1948 Portsmouth.

    married KATHLEEN MAY D/1924 Fareham
    KATHLEEN was born 27 May 1899 died D/1970 Portsmouth
    Children of PERCY and KATHLEEN are:
15 i LEONARD FRANCIS KILL, born 1925 Fareham died 1997 Nottinghamshire
  ii EILEEN MAY KILL, born 27 July 1928 Fareham married ERNEST M SMITH 1949 Gosport