Fourth Generation


  WILLIAM JOSEPH HUTCHINS SABBERTON, (Elizabeth Hutchins 3, Joseph 2, Joseph1)
    born 1835 Portsea died 3 January Portsea buried  6 January 1865 Kingston Cemetery Portsmouth
    married LUCY HAMES daughter of GEORGE HAMES and HARRIET SILK 2 August 1857 St. Mary's Church Portsea. 
    LUCY HAMES was baptised 14 August 1836 Fareham Hampshire died after 3 April 1911.
    LUCY married (2) CHARLES HENRY SMITH 31 October 1870 St James Church Milton Portsmouth.
    CHARLES was born 1832 Gosport Hampshire died D/1912 Alverstoke Hampshire
Child of WILLIAM and LUCY is:


FRANCES ELIZA SABBERTON, born 1860 Portsea died 27 May 1935 Kingston Surrey
married HENRY EDWARD WAKELY son of WILLIAM WAKELY and JANE LANGER D/1880 Alverstoke Hampshire
HENRY was born S/1851 Fordingbridge Hampshire died 17 October 1928 Kingston Surrey
6   ELIZA HUTCHINS SABBERTON (Elizabeth Hutchins 3, Joseph 2, Joseph1)  born 10 April 1845 Portsea baptised 23 July 1848 St. Mary's Church Portsea
    died 2 September 1922 San Francisco buried Cypress Lawn Cemetery
    married PETER CLOGG son of RICHARD CLOGG and SUSAN GLANVILLE (no marriage record found)
    PETER was born 22 August 1854 Egg Buckland Devon England died 24 December 1916 San Francisco (ELIZA and PETER'S ages and when emigrated vary in different records)
    a ELIZA (31) and EDITH (10) CLOGG sail from London to New York 5 June 1886 on the ADRIATIC (not sure if correct couple)
  i EDITH MARY SABBERTON, born 10 October 1875 Portsea baptised 18 December 1881 Holy Trinity Church Portsea
    died 12 June 1936  Colma San Mateo County San Francisco  buried Cypress Lawn Cemetery
    EDITH married ALBERT THOMAS JEROME c1894 California
    ALBERT was born 12 June 1858 Portsea died 1 February 1937 Colma San Mateo County buried Cypress Lawn Cemetery
    (year born and year emigrated vary in different records)
    a ALBERT JEROME (31) sailed from Liverpool to New York aboard the FURNESSIA 14 June 1890
7   ANNIE HUTCHINS (William 3, Joseph 2, Joseph1) baptised  24 December 1848 St. Mary's Church Portsea died 1 February 1942 Manchester
    married JOSEPH NASMITH son of JOHN NASMITH and MARY STUBBS 5 June 1876 in The Register Office Portsea. 
    JOSEPH was born 22 April 1848  Manchester died 8 December 1904 Manchester. 
8   WILLIAM JOSEPH HUTCHINS (William 3, Joseph 2, Joseph1) baptised  4 September 1853 St.Thomasís Cathedral Portsmouth.
    died 5 December  North End Portsmouth buried 12 December 1926 Kingston Cemetery with his two wives.
    married (1) LAVINIA RICHARDS daughter of CHARLES EDWIN RICHARDS and REBECCA LIPSCOMB 7 March 1875 St.Thomas's Cathedral  Portsmouth
    LAVINIA was born D/1857 in Portsea died 6 March North End Portsmouth buried 9 March 1909 Kingston Cemetery Portsmouth.
    married (2) ALICE AUGUSTA NEWNHAM daughter of GEORGE NEWNHAM and MARY URRY 27 June 1910 St Bartholomew  Church Southsea.
    ALICE was born 1873 in Acton London died 13 February Southsea Portsmouth buried 17 February 1937 Kingston Cemetery Portsmouth.
    Child of WILLIAM and LAVINIA   is:
10 i WILLIAM CHARLES HUTCHINS, born 1880 Portsmouth died 1925 Portsmouth. 
9   JOHN HUTCHINS (William 3, Joseph 2, Joseph1)  born 13 May 1856 Landport Portsmouth.
    baptised  6 July 1856 St. Mary's Church Portsea died 18 April  Portsmouth buried 22 April 1922 Kingston Cemetery
    married MARY JOHNSON daughter of EDWARD THOMAS JOHNSON and ANN MARSHALL June 1877 St. Mary's Church Portsea, 
    MARY was born J/1855 Portsea died 23 March Portsea buried 29 March 1932 Kingston Cemetery Portsmouth with JOHN
    Children of JOHN  and MARY  are:
11 i ARTHUR JOHN HUTCHINS, born 1878 Portsmouth died 1948 Portsmouth. 
12 ii ANNIE VIOLET HUTCHINS, born 1880 Portsea died 1969 Derby.
13 iii CHARLES HUTCHINS, born 1885 Portsmouth died 1963 Portsmouth.