FOULGER-FAUX Family Connection
1   GREGORY FAUX, son of GREGORY FAUX and MARY MILLER born 1726 Thetford died 9 December 1794 Thetford Norfolk
    married BRIDGET BURRELL (1728-1813) daughter of JOHN BURRELL and ELIZABETH EDWARDS 8 April 1766 St Peter's Church Thetford
    GREGORY and BRIDGET are buried in St Mary's Church Thetford
    Children of GREGORY and BRIDGET are:
2 i JOHN BURRELL FAUX, born 1769 Thetford died 1839 Thetford
  ii GREGORY FAUX, baptised 4 January 1780 St Cuthbert's Church Thetford
3 iii BENJAMIN FAUX, born1782 Thetford died 1874 Pakenham Suffolk


JOHN BURRELL FAUX, baptised 4 March 1769 St Cuthbert's Church Thetford died 14 November 1839 Thetford buried St Mary the Less Cemetery Thetford 
    married by licence with consent of her father SUSAN GODFREY BURGESS  4 October 1803 St Cuthbert's Church Thetford 
    SUSAN was born 1785 Mildenhall Suffolk buried 20 December 1847 St Mary's Church Watton Norfolk
    JOHN  was five times the Mayor of Thetford and Overseer of the poor at St Cuthbert's parish Thetford.
Children of JOHN and SUSAN are:
  i GREGORY FAUX, born 1804 died J/1846 Thetford married ELLEN COOKE 6 June 1837 St Nicholas Church Riddlesworth and Gasthorpe
    shown as an Attorney 1845 Thetford Directory
  ii JOHN BURRELL FAUX, born and baptised 21 July 1806 St Cuthbert Church Thetford died 25 December 1848 Ilford North Aylesford Kent
    buried St Mary's Church Thetford. (A plaque to JOHN can be found in this Church)
    married ANN PALMER  20 April 1837 Thetford 
    ANN was born 1812 Thetford buried 28 April 1864 St John the Baptist Church Garboldisham Norfolk
    JOHN shown as an Alderman and Bank Manager 1845 Thetford Directory
    JOHN and ANN had a daughter EMMA ANN FAUX, born 10 January baptised 8 February 1838 St Mary's Church Thetford died M/1896 Thetford
    married EDWARD CHARLES ANDERSON son of GEORGE ANDERSON and MARY ANN DOWSON 2 May 1866 St Peter's Church Thetford
    EDWARD was born 19 June 1838 Gravesend Kent died 4 July 1899 Weardale Durham
    a article on this couple was published in the April issue (No 88) of "Your Family Tree" magazine 26 February 2010
  iii SALLY FAUX, born 9 October 1807 baptised 4 February 1808 Thetford married WILLIAM WIGGINS 20 December 1832 Thetford
  iv CHARLES HARVEY WILLIAM FAUX, born 15 June baptised 1 August 1826 St Cuthbert Church Thetford died 16 December 1883 Dartford Kent


BENJAMIN FAUX, born 1782 died 9 October buried 13 October 1847 Pakenham St Mary Suffolk
    married ELIZABETH MANISTRE 4 November 1805 Pakenham 
    ELIZABETH was born 1785 Bury St Edmunds buried 30 March 1862 Pakenham St Mary Suffolk
Children of BENJAMIN and ELIZABETH are:
  i ELIZABETH FAUX, born 6 October baptised 25 October 1806 Ixworth, married JOHN SEAMAN 26 May 1837 Ixworth Suffolk
  ii THOMAS FAUX, baptised 19 February 1809 Great Barton Norfolk died J/1887 Epping Essex
    married ELIZABETH COE 28 October 1831 West Stow Suffolk
    they had a son BURRELL born 1842 Chigwell Essex died J/1905 Epping Essex and a grandson BURRELL (1888-1968)
  iii BENJAMIN FAUX, born 28 April 1811 Ixworth Suffolk died 30 March 1883 Potterspury Northamptonshire
    married LOUISA DAWES daughter of JOHN and CHARLOTTE DAWES 18 February 1839 St Nicholas Church Potterspury Northamptonshire
    LOUISA was born 14 May 1815 Potterspury Northamptonshire died 5 February 1874 Potterspury Northamptonshire
  iv JOSEPH FAUX, baptised 8 March 1813 Ixworth Suffolk died unknown
4 v GREGORY FAUX,  born 1815 Suffolk died 1892 Suffolk,
5 vi JOHN MAINSTRE FAUX, born 1819 Suffolk died 1896 Surrey.
  vii BURRELL FAUX, baptised 2 February 1823 Ixworth Suffolk died 22 August 1898 New Bradwell Buckinghamshire,
    married EMMA MATTHEWS daughter of JOHN MATTHEWS 28 February 1845 Bardwell Suffolk,
    EMMA was born 1822 Bardwell  died 12 July 1898 New Bradwell Buckinghamshire.
    they had 8 children including a daughter MARY HELDER FAUX born J/1845 Ixworth Suffolk died M/1913 Bedfordshire
    family moved to Potterspury Northamptonshire c1850
  viii MARY HELDER FAUX,  baptised 26 December 1825 Ixworth died M/1850 Thingoe, married WALTER CAUDWELL 24 November 1845 Ixworth


GREGORY FAUX, baptised 7 August 1815 Pakenham died D/1892 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk
    married D/1837 Thingoe Suffolk JANE FOULGER (1815-1889)
Children of GREGORY and JANE are:
  i BENJAMIN GEORGE FAUX, born 3 March 1838 Pakenham Suffolk died D/1921 Leeds,
    married CATHERINE BAINBRIDGE 29 December 1861 Hunslet Yorkshire (1831-1907)
  ii JULIA FAUX, born M/1841 Goldstone Hertfordshire died after 3 April 1871 married ROBERT SIMMONS D/1859 Goldstone
    shown as 3 months old in the 4 June 1841 census sometimes shown as JULIA ANN
  iii ALFRED FAUX, born J/1843 Pakenham died J/1918 Hunslet Yorkshire shown as FOUSE 1871 Census and FAUSE 1881 Census
    married JEMIMA SIMMONS S/1865 Thingoe (1841-1917) had a known 5 children.
  iv AMELIA ANNA FAUX, born S/1846 Pakenham died M/1916 Yorkshire
    married GEORGE MALLORY M/1868 Durham (1842-1888) married (2) ROBERT PAYNE M/1892 Durham (1855-1941)
  v JOHN BENJAMIN FAUX, born D/1847 Pakenham buried 12 August 1848 Pakenham St Mary Suffolk
  vi JOHN BENJAMIN FAUX, buried 12 July 1849 Pakenham St Mary aged 1 day
  vii GREGORY EDMUND FAUX, born S/1853 Pakenham died J/1919 London
    married CHRISTABELLA BISHOP J/1878 Thingoe (1855-1912) family moved to Hunslet Yorkshire
  viii JOSEPHINE JANE FAUX, born D/1857 Troston Suffolk died after 3 April 1901 married FREDERICK MELTON (1846-1909) S/1890 Thingoe
    JOSEPHINE and family staying with her father at Risbridge Essex 1891 census family shown as MILTON
    JOSEPHINE and FREDERICK are in Risbridge Union Workhouse Suffolk with their daughter SOPHIA JANE MELTON (1891-1940) 1901 census shown as paupers


JOHN MANISTRE FAUX, baptised 20 August 1819 Pakenham died 22 August 1896 Epsom Workhouse, buried 28 August 1896 Leatherhead Surrey..
    married 12 October 1839 Bury St Edmonds Suffolk  ANNA FOULGER (1816-1894)
Children of JOHN and ANNA are:
  i ELIZABETH PERTWEE FAUX, born J/1840 Pakenham Suffolk died M/1862 Ixworth Suffolk
6 ii BURRELL FAUX, born 1842 Ixworth Suffolk died 1910 Epsom Surrey (BURRELL uses the name WILLIAM FOULGER at different times, reason why not known)
  iii LOUISA FAUX, born J/1844 Pakenham died 1919 Hackney London
    married RICHARD EMBLETON (1842-1871) J/1865 Hackney married (2) WILLIAM JOHN SMITH S/1871 Hackney
  iv JOSEPH FAUX, born M/1847 Boston Suffolk died M/1868 Epping Essex.staying with GEORGE FOULGER 1851 census shown as Grandson
  v JOHN GREGORY FAUX, born M/1849 Pakenham died J/1929 Rochford Essex married ELIZA ANN DOLBY 23 May 1874 Rayleigh Essex (1855-1946)
  vi WALTER FAUX, baptised 1 June 1851 Pakenham buried 12 November 1851 Pakenham St Mary (shown as 8 months old)
  vi FANNY JANE FAUX, born S/1853 Chigwell Essex died J/1920 Thanet Kent, married REUBEN POTTER 22 June 1871 Hackney (1844-1917)
  vii FREDERICK FAUX, born 1860 Chigwell died S/1861 Chigwell Essex


BURRELL FAUX ,born 30 March baptised 8 May 1842 Ixworth Suffolk died 16 March 1910 Epsom Surrey
    married SUSAN COLLINS daughter of THOMAS and MARY COLLINS 2 August 1863 Chigwell Essex
    SUSAN was born 27 August 1843 Pear Tree Green Southampton Hampshire died 6 December 1932 Epsom shown as SUSAN FOULGER in the 1911 census
    COLLINS family moved from Hampshire to Surrey after SUSAN's birth and before the birth of her youngest brother WILLIAM in 1847
Children of BURRELL and SUSAN are:
7 i BURRELL FAUX, born 15 July 1864 Sydenham Kent died D/1926 Hastings Suffolk (see notes)
    as ROBERT FOULGER married ELLEN RACHEL SIMS daughter of DANIEL SIMS and ELIZABETH MARY MILGATE 16 May 1895 Registry Office Hastings.
    ELLEN was born 7 August 1870 Battle Sussex died S/1948 Hastings
  ii THOMAS FAUX, born 13 April 1866 Leatherhead died 13 October 1956 Surrey Mid E
    married AMY GORING daughter of JAMES GORING and ELIZA TYRRELL 7 April 1890 Fetcham Surrey
    AMY was born D/1867 Fetcham died 4 December 1929 Epsom Surrey
  iii JOHN FAUX, born 26 April 1868 Leatherhead died 4 May 1948 Epsom married MARY A WOOD 17 April 1899 Epsom (1876-1956)
  iv WILLIAM FAUX, born 20 May 1870 Leatherhead died S/1938 Surrey shown as WILLIAM FOULGER in the 1911 census
  v MARY ANN FAUX, born 24 December 1871 Leatherhead died M/1958 Surrey married GEORGE WILLIAM BASS 15 July 1901 Epsom (1873-1945)
  vi ANNIE LOUISE FAUX, born 17 May 1874 Leatherhead died 1 September 1878 Leatherhead
  vii STEPHEN FAUX, born 1 November baptised 31 December 1876 Leatherhead died J/1936 Surrey
    married ALICE KILLICK daughter of THOMAS LAWRENCE KILLICK  and KATE MURRELL BUTCHER 26 April 1910 Reigate Surrey (1882-1974)
    they had a son BURRELL THOMAS FAUX, born 31 August 1912 Surrey died M/1979 Surrey
  viii ROSE FAUX, born 25 May 1878 Leatherhead died J/1974 Surrey
    as ROSE FOULGER married ELI WILLIAM GEORGE CARTER  son of  ISAAC CARTER 10 May 1907 Ashtead Surrey (1875-1948)
    Father shown as BURRELL FOULGER a carpenter. a wedding witness her brother THOMAS FAUX
  ix ELIZA FAUX, born 2 April 1880 Leatherhead died 13 April 1882 Leatherhead, death reported by her brother THOMAS
  x JOSEPH FAUX, born 21 January 1882 Leatherhead died 17 December 1949 Ealing Middlesex
    married ANNIE ELIZABETH WINTER daughter of JAMES and CLARA WINTER 10 September 1904 Epsom (1882-1953)
    they had a son BURRELL JAMES FAUX,born 15 January 1909 Epsom died M/1968 Surrey
  xi NELLIE FAUX, born D/1883 Leatherhead died after 3 April 1911
  xii JANE FAUX, born 5 January 1886 Leatherhead  shown as JENNIE FOULGER in the 1911 census died after 5 September 1939
  xiii HENRY FAUX, born 11 December 1887 Leatherhead died 28 December 1888 Leatherhead
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